Pronger’s Eye, Hartnell Down, Jagr’s Moves, and Bryz is Found

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I hate myself for that headline.

I’m not sure if Chris Pronger’s eye looks better or worse than expected. There’s no massive swollen area engulfing the eye, but there are three separate cut areas flanking a yellowish scar. Not good.

Here’s what he had to say to reporters in between the first and second periods: [video here]

Q: Were you scared, Chris?

“Yeah…usually when your head goes numb, it’s a sign of something wrong. I couldn’t see so I really didn’t know what was going on.”

Q: How is your vision right now?

“Well, I can see you. I see a large shape. Some would say transparent and some would say translucent. I don’t know, you pick. It’s not bad. It’s still a little blurry because of the eye drops and things that I have to take to relieve some of the swelling and pressure.”

Q: How do you feel about wearing a visor and will you wear one the rest of your career?

“We are getting a little ahead of ourselves. I’ve got to get back on the ice first.”

Q: What is your stance on visors?

“You don’t want to know my stance. That’s for another day.”


Then there was just a whole bunch of snark and the normal, now borderline creepy banter with Tim Panaccio. 

The obvious takeaway here is his reluctance to wear (or discuss) a visor. Paul Holmgren made it fairly clear earlier this week that he thought Pronger would wear one when he comes back. Sounds like Pronger is going to put up a little bit of a fight. So, thus begins the how many games will Chris Pronger wear a visor for? pool. I guess two.

The Flyers won, 5-1 (how’s that for burying the lede?).

Jaromir Jagr continues to dominate. He scored two more goals last night, giving him five goals and seven points in his last four games. His Dirty Duo™ buddy, Claude Giroux, tied a career-high with his four point night. And where’s Scott Hartnell? Down. Not once (goal):

Screen Shot 2011-10-30 at 10.16.48 AM

But twice (crashing into Bryz on Jokinen):

Screen Shot 2011-10-30 at 10.27.13 AM

And at the Public House post-game:

Screen Shot 2011-10-30 at 10.30.14 AM

This is all something Mike Richards enjoys very much:

Screen Shot 2011-10-30 at 10.31.11 AMEasy, Mike. Don't you have a pop star to Tweet or something?

Harts slide into Bryz cost Ilya a shutout. Bryz: [video here]

Q: You could have had a shutout if [Scott] Hartnell hadn't body-checked you.

"He tried to help. He tried to intercept the pass or what. It was fresh ice, he slipped and accidentally bumped me. It doesn't matter shutout or not, we won the game is most important." 


Got to watch out for that fresh ice, Scott.

Finally – thankfully – Bryz found his way out of the woods. Rather quickly, I might add:

Q: Did you just kind of clear your mind a little bit?

"Believe it or not I just spent a couple of days in the steam room. I know I can do all the things….I did it before. Sometimes you need to turn the switch on in your head. It doesn't mean you have to work the next two years to get in shape. You have to build to play. You need to fix your head and turn the switch on and go on." 

Q: Are you out of the woods now?

"Yeah, it seems like. I found the way very quick, huh? It was the iPhone compass."


Steve Jobs: game-changer.

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  1. Nice effort on both ends of the ice last night, hope that it keeps up. Eagles could use Hartnell at fullback on goalline situations. He’s a body-mover.

  2. Whatever Bryzzy did to mentally prep for that game… KEEP DOING IT FOR F*CK’S SAKE!
    Actually, his team rescued him out of the woods last night, like they should have been doing all along. (F*ck iCompasses and Steve Jobs was a giant doosh. What a moron for a suppossed man of science and technology to treat his cancer like a hippie—more like a moron from the middle ages when they thought that blood-letting will cure everything. He could have had the cancer treated early and had the tumor cut-out like his real doctors told him, but he was too chickenshyte to do it. It just shows how selfish he always was. Now his kids don’t have a dad, and his girls won’t have him to walk them down the aisle on their wedding days.)
    And I’m more worried about Pronger’s actual eyeball/pupil than the eyelid/socket. Did you see how dialated it was? I hope that’s because of the drops. Where’s the CB eye doctor when you need him?
    And you left the part out of his interview where Pronger said the visor will be left up to Dr. Goldman’s decision, assuming he’s cleared to play before he’s 100% recovered. I say he’ll wear a visor until the Dr says he’s fully recovered. And after that?… But let’s be honest. What are the odds that something like this will happen to him again? Almost 16 years in the NHL and this was the first time for him.
    I still say Pronger’s real boss, Mrs. Lauren Pronger, will have the ultimate say, though.

  3. Do you have the interview when they were talking about a visor and sun glasses with Pronger and the last bit some one says “so does Ray Charles” and they cut off?

  4. Sorry guys-MIA for a day (and still trying to wake up today for patients after scoring tickets to that thing of beauty called the Eagles Cowgirls game last night).
    You are correct! One of the treatments for a Hyphema is to dilate the pupil and keep that thing dilated (while on steroids). Good pick up!

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