Bieber_kingsPhoto courtesy LA Kings

God dammit– I knew it. I knew Mike Richards was going to quickly turn into zen west coast hipster guy. It just happened faster than I thought.

Early this morning, former One Eight thanked Justin Bieber for coming to the Staples Center to see the Kings:

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 12.50.35 PM


The Kings may be becoming a bit of an attraction in LA. In the absence of the NBA, Bill Simmons has hopped on board. Bieber is apparently on board. And I think we’re just one three-week long unbeaten streak away from Jack Nicholson sitting behind the glass and bitching at Richie to shoot more.

A year ago, Richards was “Philadelphia’s captain.” Now? Tweeting Biebs. 

What is it about Biebs?! Earlier this year, Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist sat courtside with Biebs. Then, the worst Tweeter in the world, Shane Victorino, jumped off of Biebs’ Tweet to wish Kim Kardashian a happy birthday. And now Richie. 


I’ll tell you why: Biebs is crushing at life right now, let’s be real clear about that. He’s mouthing Selena Gomez at Winnipeg Jets games, wooing chicks in Argentina, making stacks of cash, and attending sporting events. Yeah, you’d be him for a day. Don't lie.