The Flyers are Trying to Bury the Bruins… Quite Literally, it Seems

Flyers_bury_bruinsvia the Flyers

Well, this can't be much worse than last year's Tea Party.


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  1. The Flyers 2011 team slogan should be:
    “More dreams than the Eagles, More Hits than the Phillies!”

  2. I disagree…learn from your mistakes marketing department, let the team do the talking on the scoreboard. This is like the st. louis rams fans video “ram rules”

    I need a shower.

  3. people get paid for ideas like this?
    shoulda thrown some cardinals gear in there for good measure &/or possible a dead squirrel

  4. Philly fans drew first blood. So I plan to stick around and ruin your fun until an apology is offered to all Cards fans, especially Fred Bird.

  5. “Do the Flyers suck as badly as the Phillies?”
    I was going to come back with something witty but instead I’ll submit this…

    Shoot yourself St. Louis

  6. Hahahahah bury em they did indeed, and maybe exorcised a demon or more.
    Almost a shutout, Bryz commited to the Ben side but coulda flailed to Betsy’s as marchand’s shot was low enough. Glad to see Kimmo wake up for that awesome save in the 3rd after taking a nap on the 1st PK.
    And that Voracek spin around goal: SWEET.
    I like what I see so far, but can always use some polishing as the all the new teamates get more in synch with each other.
    I wanna see Briere on with Giroux and Jagr maybe for a PP or two. They’ll be the Excellent Eights hahahahah.

  7. PS WTF was with all the ceremony shyte? They should have taken care of that before 7pm. And it’s not like they didn’t have 3 fuckin months to hang that fuckin banner up. Those poor geezers too. I’m sure a few of them wanted to give up the ghost a while ago but they keep them hangin on so they can drag them out tonite. No respekt for the elderly.

  8. Clearly Ninja, you need to go suck Mr. Wizard’s balls some more. Then you just might learn about oxidation. If my iron balls were in my mouth, the lack of oxygen, plus the enzymes in my saliva would act as a sort of protective layer—almost like galvanization—thereby it would prevent any significant rust from forming on them.

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