The Flyers Broke Their Regular Season Ratings Record on CSN Last Night

The Phillies flushed their season down the drain. The Eagles are the football equivalent of a Jennifer Aniston flick (lots of pity laughs, but mostly just sad). So what do we do? Watch the Flyers… in large numbers.

CSN said in a press release that the Flyers delivered a 5.1 local rating (155,000 households) last night, making it the most watched Flyers regular season game in Comcast SportsNet’s history.


Last night’s Flyers 5-4 victory was #1 in male demos with M18-49 posting a 4.93 HH rating and M25-54 a 5.04 rating. 

“Flyers Postgame Live” also posted strong numbers with a 2.5 HH rating (76,000 HHs). The program was also #1 in M18-49 & M25-54 demos delivering 2.73 and 2.55 ratings respectively. “Flyers Pregame Live” delivered a 1.6 HH rating (49,000 HHs) for the first home game of the season.


It’s obvious that between the acquisitions of Bryzgalov and Jagr, and all the offseason news (good or bad), the Flyers’ popularity is continuing to grow.

Now, to put that in some perspective, the Phillies averaged a 9.1 local rating (276,000 households) on CSN this season, according to the Sports Business Journal. And their peak audience on CSN hovers around 500,000 households.

The Eagles… well, just because they stink doesn’t mean we’re not watching: they turned in a 27.5 rating last week on FOX against the 49ers (haven’t seen this Sunday’s numbers anywhere).

Baby steps, Flyers fans. Baby steps.

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11 Responses

  1. Winning helps. Thought it was a great game with plenty of back and forth action. Glad to see players with pop in their skates as these guys can really fly on the ice. Can only get better!

  2. There is also nothing else to watch during the summer except baseball/Phillies. The Flyers have a lot more to compete against.

  3. Back and forth, right. They got lucky winning that game with the amount of D-zone turnovers and pathetic zone-clearing attempts at even strength. Scary considered how much their defense is being touted this year. I suspect the clearing/turnover problem is still due to in part a lot on Matt Carle’s watch.
    BTW I watched the game on NHL GameCenter Live but I had to watch the TSN (away) feed as the CSN feed was poor quality. Conspiracy? However, TSN’s announcers were pretty good and the intermission show was entertaining; Darren Dutchyshen alone must have did his parts with a 5th of scotch under his belt. And there was no mention of the HFC booing.
    And PS, Laddie, to celebrate the home opener, I crystinned a set of Florida-made Flyers Tervis Tumblers with some Lehigh Valley (Sam Adams) Oktoberfest Bräu heheheh

  4. The Flyers have a golden opportunity here. The Cup parades in the 70’s had just as many people as the Phils parade in 08. This CAN be a hockey town again.
    With the Phils’ heartbreak, the Eagles a laughingstock, and no Sixers at all, the Flyers can take over (to an extent). If they play well all year, people will follow since they have nothing else to be excited about. If they turn that into a deep run, and somehow win it, hockey will cement itself in this city once again. The Sixers might as well not come back if that happens.
    IBM- While there were times where the Flyers looked flat/disinterested, they are a group who has not played much together, and they have beaten the defending Cup champion AND runner up in the first 3 games. (Oh, by the way, the other win was the first shutout since April 2010). That’s pretty impressive. And they don’t need to be playing their best hockey of the year now, but in April-June. It’s exciting to see the team jelling this well, this early. They seem hungry.

  5. Does every sports story have to be compared to the “equivalent” [movie] [relationship] [pop culture] reference? Gettin old.

  6. I’m just saying I see the same problem as last year with clearing and d-zone turnovers proving costly, especially in the post-season where the opponnent has more motivation to capitalise on such mistakes. And it seems like the same guy(s) being the cause. It should be nipped in the bud before it gets to be a habit further in the season.
    Shyte, I’ve been more enthusiastic than anyone here about there 3-0 season start, even when everyone was still in mourning about the Phillies and Eagles:
    And I’m still scratchin my head why Laddie can’t get his head out of his Phillies/Eagles-pittying arse to talk more Flyers. He should have had a short write-up about the shutout resurection, plus maybe something about Betts being rejected by the Hab-nots after being put on waivers:

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