Where in the Hell is Mikael Renberg?

Unfortunately, not in the same place as Scott Hartnell.

Earlier today, Eric Lindros told Fan 590 in Toronto that he and the Flyers are having trouble tracking down Renberg to play in the Alumni game at the Winter Classic. According to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, the right side of the Legion of Doom is a commentator and also in school. Paul Holmgren confirmed that he hasn’t heard back from One Nine: [ESPN.com]

“I did finally talk to Renberg, but I also had a hard time getting a hold of him,” said Holmgren. “Mikael is in school. I think he’s trying to get a degree in physical therapy, and he’s also doing some Swedish TV during the world juniors.”  

The world juniors are in Edmonton and Calgary this year, and Renberg was hoping to try and fly to Philly for the alumni game Dec. 31, but Holmgren still had not heard back. 


This is near-kidnap status. Renberg needs to be here to, you know, make our holiday just marginally better. 

What the hell is he talking about?! Just play. That line blasted apart my hockey hymen (and probably most of yours, too), they need to rekindle the flame, even if it for just one last New Year's Eve fling.

Other news: Holmgren told LeBrun that the Flyers also plan to reunite the LCB Line: Reggie Leach, Bobby Clarke, and Bill Barber (who has presumably gotten over the gun shot wound Keith Primeau and other members of the Flyers delivered when he was fired for incompetance).



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  1. I found him. He’s right there. RIGHT THERE in that picture. Aint got shit on Waldo.

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