Why Chris Pronger Needs Bed Rest

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If you’re like me – lanky and with an unhealthy obsession for Haribo gummy bears – then you probably raised an inquisitive eyebrow when you heard that Chris Pronger's eye needs bed rest. Well, thankfully, CB readers are awesome and we immediately had an eye doctor comment on the injury. 

I emailed the commenter, Dr. Raymond M. Cianni OD (Total Eye Care Centers), and he described Pronger’s injury, Hyphema, thusly:

When you get an impact to the front of the eye, the area between the cornea (clear) and iris (color) part of your eye can fill with blood. It's called a Hyphema (GSP had one a few fights ago for UFC fans). Absolute bed rest. You need to let the blood drain out so it doesn't clog the drainage channels and cause glaucoma. Think of shaking up a snow globe (every time you move your head/eye around).
Prognosis very good, but just time consuming.

Glaucoma is an increase in intraocular pressure (increased pressure in the eye). The cornea and iris meet at a point where fluid drains out. I explain it to patients like the gutter of a street (curb is cornea, the street is the iris). Fluid drains out via the gutter. Red blood cells are really big cells. So they very easily clog up the 'drainage canal,' which means the street floods, or in this case, the pressure can build very quickly. A quick prolonged spike in pressure can cause severe vision loss if not treated quickly. 
Bed rest (as recent as five years ago, most significant Hyphema's bought you a stay in the hospital) is crucial so that the blood can settle and be reabsorbed. He's also gonna be watched closely for a re-bleed– normally a daily follow up for a few days at least in my office). And with a shot like that, I'd be amazed if his cornea was completely clear and fine.. ..ie-I'd bet he has a nice sized corneal abrasion in addition to the hyphema which is no fun for him for sure..


So there’s that. Basically, Pronger’s eye is filled with blood, and moving it around could irreversible long-term damage. Stay in bed, Prongs! Stay in bed! 


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  1. And the haters say CrossingBroad offers nothing but TMZ-style posts. Well done, CB, well done (and Dr. Cianni).

  2. Don’t worry– next up we have a post up Evan Turner’s new puppy. Fair and balanced, baby. Fair and balanced.

  3. wow that’s scary, hopefully a few days rest and he will have no long term effects. great work you two.

  4. Corneal abrasions are the worst. I had multiple in my left eye about two years ago. There was nearly constant stinging when I was relaxing, let alone if a slight breeze made its way into my eye.

  5. In high school (circa ’87 or so), before the advent of the full-face paintaball mask, I had a random paintball shot explode on my lower orbital, just below/at the edge of the goggles I was wearing (think chemistry class flexible goggles – OLD style). The ball hit JUST below the edge of the goggles, and the force of the paintball exploding sent it up under my goggles and directly into one of my eyes (wtf). The guy who shot it was color-blind, massively, so he was wearing ski goggles to get better contrast; we were all decked out in full camo, face-paint, a couple guys even wore ghillie suits. So nobody was easy to spot. Dude stumbled out from behind a tree about 10′ from me, and I had just popped out from behind a tree. Dude looked down when he stumbled and I froze, when he looked up, he had no idea I was right in front of him. I moved to adjust aim and fire and he flinched and covered his face with his hands as he fired the round that hit me. Totally random. Absurd, even. The weather was cool (autumn) and the paintball was a little solid from the lower temperature. A piece of the gelatin from the ball, not the paint inside, lacerated my cornea. As I bellowed “MY EYE, MY EYE, I’M HIT” my awesome pals shot rounds at me until they figured out it was a serious injury (they all missed, lol). I ran to the garage and mirror/sink therein; blood or paint – impossible to immediately tell between the two – all over the side of my head, eye-socket. Head felt huge and in pain. Felt fuzzy, and purple (not synaesthetic, just how it felt). Slowly noticed my vision was fubar. Off to the hospital. A few weeks later, 100% vision returned. A decade later, had another foreign object strike my eyeball, dead-on in the iris. Traumatic iritis. That was gross – I got to watch the blood pool up behind my lens until I could only see sepia toned nothing. WTF. SAME EYE. A few months after that, back to mostly normal. Had to retrain my eye to read. A decade and a half after that, here I am, and my vision is still excellent compared to most, but now that eye has an issue: traumatic cateract. Can’t see with awesome perfection out of that eye any more. Light = hazy. Can see better from that eye in darkness where ambient light is less. When I saw Pronger get hit and start yelling I was transported back in time to those two injuries. WTF, THAT SUCKS. Get well soon, Pronger. I felt that pain the moment I saw it happen.

  6. Pronger would look even more badass wearing a good old-fashioned eyepatch under his visor as well… just sayin’.

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