Your Friday Afternoon Roundup: Squirrels, Stark, Mike Richards, Marlins Light Show

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My nervous energy has reached horrifying levels. I just took a 40-minute shower and for the first time in roughly eight years, I went out of order, washing my face before my hair. Then I put jeans and flip flops on – that’s it, just jeans and flip flops – and walked out of my room. It’s 64 degrees in here. So, yeah, writing anything interesting is out of the question. Here are a few afternoon who’s its and what’s its galore.

– That’s Johari Rollins taking a swing at FOX Philly’s squirrel.

– Another Jayson Stark must-read: []

For Halladay, this is a moment his entire career has been leading him toward. This was why he asked the Blue Jays to trade him — to this team. This was why the Phillies dared to make the trade that brought him to their town.

So this is his time. This is his night.

“That’s the reason he was brought up here,” said Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, “to come out and be The Man — be Doc and perform a little surgery.”


– The NY Times on the squirrel. Pretty funny, actually: [NY Times]

Wednesday, a squirrel paid another visit. It was difficult to tell whether this was the same squirrel; unlike players, rodents don’t wear names on their backs. This time, Skip Schumaker stood at bat in the fifth with the Cardinals holding a 3-2 lead. The count was 1-1 when the squirrel bolted from the St. Louis dugout and crossed the plate shortly after Oswalt’s pitch.

“Not sure that’s covered in the rule book, varmints running on the field,” the commentator Bob Brenly said on TBS.

The pitch was called a ball by home plate umpire Angel Hernandez. Oswalt gestured as if he wanted a no-pitch. “I was wondering what size animal it needed to be” for a do-over, Oswalt explained. “I got distracted. I didn’t really know that would be a pitch. If it ran up the guy’s leg, would he have called the pitch for a strike? It’s hard to say.”


– Ridiculously, CBS cameras captured video of a squirrel entering CBP today:

– Mike Richards, in his first game with the Kings, scored the game-tying goal against the Rangers.

– There will be a giant screen outside of City Hall for the Occupy Philly folks for tonight’s game. Really.

Finally, you saw the Marlins’ new logo (I like it), but wait until you see their home run fountain. That’s right, a home run fountain. After the jump.

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  1. I know you’re a blogger and all but you should shower more than once every 8 years, that’s just disgusting.

  2. Richie not only scored the game tying goal but assisted on the GWG in OT. It’s his first season outing not in the orange and black. Cut Kyle some slack, John. We can’t all go cold turkey. I, personally, put him on my fantasy team and am happy I did so. Plus, it was against the RANGERS. Can’t we applaud that?

  3. Love the fact that JRoll used “Wifey”.
    At least a lot of people will not have to see the “fountain” go off. Just ’cause you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. By August Miami attendance will be back at 10,000.

  4. I like that HR Fountain. Reminds me of some trippy Busby Berkeley production except with fish instead of a sexy wet Esther Williams

    And Jimmy’s wifey also has a first name with a ‘J’? So did she trademark her name too, something like J-Rollette™? Hahahahahah

  5. I’m back bitches! Despite that Little PUSS Kyle Scott trying to censor me and block my posts.
    What a freaking tool!
    How is the game going?
    Shame on you Kyle Pussy Scott!

  6. Good night you little bitches. Enjoy watching the cards win their 11th championship.
    Better luck next year bitches. Suck it!

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