Your Monday Morning Roundup: Season Saved Edition

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I tuned to talk radio while driving last night. It was about four hours after the Eagles game had concluded and I was somewhere between nice win, still some things to work on, but any road win is great and the Redskins are terrible and with even an adequate quarterback would have won 35-20

I was leaning much closer to the latter.

Apparently, not everyone – at least not the talk radio callers – share that view. There was much discussion about the Eagles being the best team in the NFC East, running the table from here on out, a “huge” win, etc. etc. etc… I’m sorry– did I miss something? The Eagles beat the Redskins in what was the regular season football equivalent of Game 5 of the NLDS. A loss would have ended the season (perhaps with Michael Vick blowing up his Achilles in a show a solidarity with the baseball team), and a win wasn’t to be cause for celebration– just relief. 

That’s what we have: relief. Yes, Virginia, there will still be a football season… after this two week black hole in Philly sports.

Rex Grossman is awful, I don’t need to tell you that. And while the Eagles defense took advantage of their opportunities, the offense failed to score any points in the second half. Had the Eagles been playing a team with capable wide receivers, a human quarterback, and a non-Kyle Shanahan offense, they would have lost the game. So let’s all just pump the brakes before buying our playoff tickets– the Eagles are 2-4 and lucked their way into a seven-point win against the Redskins. They still have a long, long way to go.

Also worth mentioning: Pan Am on ABC is awful. Ms. CB and I have tried for four weeks now, and as best we can tell, this is the plot:_________.

Nothing happens. Ever.

A group of bubble gum cute (but not slutty enough to be interesting) flight attendants travel the globe with the same pair of too young and debonair to be flying international flights pilots. Two of the flight attendants are free spirits, one thinks she’s Katherine Hepburn, one is a spy (really), and the pilots are borderline drunks. They run around in front of a green screen for 55 minutes, cry, hug… annnnd scene. That’s it. Thanks, ABC.


A Couple of quick notes:

– Our friends at Drinker’s have awesome Eagles and Flyers specials. Get $1 hot dogs and $6 pitchers every Sunday until 8 PM. And during Flyers games, get $1 hot dogs and $3 Jager shots. 

– Philly Phaithful is quickly selling through their brand-new line of Flyers t-shirts, including their Bryz, Jagr, Timonen, and Broad Street Broad shirts. Get them right here.

John Mayberry Jr. will be signing autographs tomorrow night at BC Sports in the King of Prussia Mall from 6-7:30. Get details here.


The roundup:

– Mike Richards returned. I was there

– Adam Reigner applies for the defensive consultant position.

– Bill Lyon, legend, writes about Shady McCoy.

McCoy punches Andy Reid in the gut, Vick almost kills a cheerleader.

– Here’s the new Flyers Chemistry video being played at games. 

Mayor Nutter wants the lockout to end.

– The Philadelphia Soul are having tryouts this Saturday. Details:

What: Philadelphia Soul Tryouts

When: Saturday October 22nd, registration begins at 8 am,stretching begins at 9 am

Where: Philadelphia Eagles' NovaCare Complex


– A new site, Ajungo, allows you to find other fans at sporting events and share photos with others in attendance.  

– I don't like him even a little bit, but Crashburn Alley has a good take on the Phillies' bullpen, saying that spending a ton of money on a "big name" closer isn't worth it.

– Philly Sports History is reliving the 1911 World Series… in real-time!

– Our old friend Steve Whyno on Kurt Coleman's ridiculous day.

– The Girls of the SEC Playboy was released and it is good. Also, NSFW.

– Darryl Tapp is accused of a dirty play and Asanta Samuel is a “tough motherfucker.”

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20 Responses

  1. One of the major themes of the Eagles season thus far, and one that should not be left out of any discussion, is the air of “Really? Did that just fucking happen?” If you google up “Number of times a ball has deflected off a defensive lineman’s helmet and was intercepted,” you might find that number to be counted on one hand. Yet, there it was on Sunday. Off the helmet and into the defender’s hands goes a ball thrown by Mike Vick.
    Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, this Eagles team is good. Very good. They’re also the most unlucky bunch in sports. If this was a baseball season, we’d all sit back, toast to a silly loss and say “This type of thing is unsustainable.” And, I know, football is a LOT shorter of a season. That’s not to worry. At some point, this team will put together a game where they don’t suffer some randomness going against them. We will simply sit back and enjoy the easy victory.
    Stop worrying. Don’t panic.

  2. Fully aware I have ZERO room to talk in terms of such things due to my uniform articles, but the Philly Sports History project with the 1911 is a shining example of the difference between “geek” and “nerd.”
    Geek: recapping the 1911 World Series game-by-game. Nerd: recapping the 1911 World Series as if it were happening in real time.
    Cool in its own way due to how enthusiastic the writers are about it, but whenever there’s an argument about what constitutes “geek(dom)” and “nerd(dom?)” this may be the golden example. I guess that comes off as mean, and that’s unintentional. Just because it’s a ridiculous project (in a good way – really) doesn’t make it bad. Again, I know I have no room to talk.
    Also — Nerd: evaluating such things at great length in the comments at a Philadelphia sports website after a one line link/plug on an unrelated article.

  3. Typical of Philly sports radio callers. Every team is either winning it all, or the coach needs to be fired and rebuild. Never an in between, even though thats where most teams fall.

  4. Although I’m eagerly anticipating the firing of Reid, credit where credit is due, yesterday was one of the better coached games of the Reid regime. I’ve seen MANY games where, while protecting a small lead with little time left on the clock, pass plays are being called. The offense goes 3 and out, while running 30-45 seconds off the clock. A nice (and rare) pre-bye week win for the Birds.

  5. still have a lot of work looks like Juan has taught the defense how to tackle finally… Got to keep the petal down and get ready for cowgirls week.

  6. On Saturday night CSN showed an interview w Chris Cooley, where he gave his opinion on why the Eagles d has struggled. Now I’ve never see a player touch a question like that with a ten foot pole BEFORE a game. But that dumb redneck tried to analyze how the Eagles “spacing” wasn’t right, etc, etc. Well Cletus, how was their spacing when Nnamdi BLEW YOU UP??!!

  7. Kyle is spot on with his feeling about this win. It doesn’t leave me feeling like Eagles turned the corner and are now ready to rip off 4 straight W’s. Outside of Shady and Vick making some big runs, the offense looked suspect yesterday. Granted the Redskins have a solid defense but the Eagles CONTINUE to struggle in the red-zone. They should have blown that game wide open, but instead they had to settle for field goals and allowed to the Redskins to stay in the game.
    And even with Rex throwing 4 picks, the skins still were in the game at the end. Again the defense allowed 13 unanswered points and another long 4th quarter TD drive (which was engineered by John Beck, seriously, John Beck).
    The LB’s and Safeties still are less than average, and as Kyle points out, the Redskins play calling played into the Eagles strengths instead of their weaknesses. There is NO reason for any team to only run the ball 12 times against the Birds.
    Anyone who thinks this team is good enough to win the Super Bowl is insane. I bleed green, and I love the Eagles, but this team has glaring holes with no viable options to correct any of them on the roster. The NFC East is a joke of a conference this year and even at 2-4 the Eagles are still alive.
    The sad thing is 9-7 may win the divison and let them sneak into the playoffs this year. But what good does that do us? Maybe win a Wild Card Rd game and then get smoked in the Divisonal Rd? Then we just pushed our draft pick back into the 2nd half of the draft again, and most importantly the Eagles will be in a position to KEEP Andy Fucking Reid instead of fire him.

  8. Season saved? I’m not so sure about that. The hopeless cynic in me suggests yesterday might well have been nothing more than your traditional dead cat bounce, and reality, wearing spurs will kick us all in the rear after the bye when the Cowboys come calling.
    Let’s be real here, all the Birds did was take advantage of a team that was more error prone than they were for a change, and even then, the outcome was STILL in doubt right on up to the very last minute of the game. Unacceptable! Considering all the gifts Rex Grossman gave us, we should’ve won by at least two touchdowns. This team hasn’t played a complete sixty minutes since opening weekend, and pushing around a band of stumblebums like the Deadskins doesn’t completely mask our own odors.
    Sorry, but I’m not convinced the season is saved, only that the Birds have gotten a stay of execution. Nothing more.

  9. “Also worth mentioning: Pan Am on ABC is awful. Ms. CB and I have tried for four weeks now”
    So you’re fapping to the stewardess show now, eh Boyo? You sunk to a new alltime low. Although, if it was on HBO with a healthy dose of TnA, then it’d be almost worth it.
    And I can’t wait to see the full spread of this auburn redhead: I hope she didn’t shave her firefighter’s patch off hahahahahah

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