Another Eagle Criticizes Fans, Apologizes

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Jesus, will someone please get a PR guy in the Eagles’ locker room to tell the players that if they don’t have anything nice to say about the fans, then they shouldn't say anything at all?

I know that's a simplistic concept, for some, but how is it that hard to understand? Jason KelceJason Avant. Now Casey Matthews (notice, none of those guys are that good?).

Yesterday, Matthews told our boy Tim McManus of Philly Sports Daily the following: [audio here]

“No. I don’t think anyone will ever understand these fans. When we win they love you but when we lose it gets rough. That’s just how it is here. It’s like that in some other places, but not to this extent. Hey, just win and keep them happy.”

So you’re not exactly feeling warm and fuzzy towards Eagles nation…

“Some of them but not running off the field after a loss — not those fans. They think they know me,” Matthews said tersely.


Ugh. Face and palm… Face and palm. 

First, how does he even know about “other places?" This is his first NFL gig. Second, this is a script from the Mike Schmidt how to further piss of fans playbook. It's not about losing, per say. People don’t hate the Sixers (we may be indifferent, but don’t hate). They overachieved, and we appreciated that. Even if they had just “achieved,” we would have been cool with that, too. What we don’t like is underachieving, underappreciating, self-entitled rookies who got drafted two rounds higher because of their brother's hair and who can’t avoid stepping in their own shit… like seemingly half of the Eagles have done this year.

Today, it appears a PR guy did get a hold of Matthews, who took to his Twitter to apologize:

Setting the record straight, I appreciate the passion and loyalty that ALL Eagle Fans have. I'm just saying it's tough to hear boos at home. And I understand why you guys are all frustrated. We've been in a slump but we will get this thing rolling and give you something to cheer 4. But we need the support from the whole #EaglesNation and finish strong.


Nail on head… Nail on head. Give us something to cheer 4— that’s how it works, bro.  Until you do, shut up and play. Or sit. Whatever. And stop with this stuff:

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Good read by Timmy Mac over at Philly Sports Daily, much more to the story than just those quotes.


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  1. this just further shows me that this team is currently filled to capacity with overpaid assholes who only care about themselves

  2. Casey Who? Is that clown still on the active roster? I thought he was put on IR for having a terminally limp dick.

  3. How are you gonna talk shit about Avant not being good? At least he is catching the fucking ball. Dude had one horrible game against buffalo but other than that he has been a reliable slot receiver for us.

  4. Some host on the Fanatic a few weeks ago made the point that Buddy Ryan’s Eagles teams never won a playoff game but we LOVE them. Why? Because they busted their asses, unlike this current crew that sleeps through most of the game. These guys are like Nuke Laloosh- million dollar talent and five cent heads.

  5. every sports team, every city, every player has a bandwagon fans. to say that about one city is completely inaccurate. it applies everywere

  6. These players just make it easier and easier for me to give up on this team (and hate them…yes HATE)!
    Hey idiot, I pay $2800 for season tickets come March exclusive of playoff tickets. Come Christmas time, I buy as gifts for other people and receive as gifts approximately $900 to $1100 in Eagles swag. This past Sunday I spent at least $100 in the stadium on food and beverages, programs, game day pins, etc.
    Guess what I’m not spending my money on or asking for as gifts this December?
    Come March, if Andy isn’t gone, some schmuck on the waiting list will be happy for a season or two until he realizes what he got himself into.
    I’m done with these assholes.

  7. Who cares! Casey Matthews is a zero talent pussy who will be out of the league in 2 years

  8. CFL linebacker at best. Wouldn’t have been drafted if his brother wasn’t so good. Insert Brett Lindros syndrome.

  9. Actually his brother clay isn’t as good this year since the nfl started testing for hgh

  10. man god wtf, Navarro Bowman would be looking nice in eagles green if they drafted him over that undersized DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim.

  11. Andy and about half of this team has to go. Get Sandusky in here as defensive coordinator to fix this defense.

  12. I’ve never seen a football game anywhere but Philly but wtf makes it so different? No other stadium cheers when a team plays way below its potential and loses, right? Staying quiet is lame. At least let em know you don’t appreciate paying money to watch thier shit effort.

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