Audio: Beaver County Times Reporter on WIP

Mark Madden, who has been described by some as a blow hard from Pittsburgh, was on the WIP afternoon show today with Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano.

He talked about the “pimping out boys” rumor and his theory, which says that if Penn State were to fire Mike McQueary, there would be nothing stopping him from speaking to the media– and telling them exactly what he told Joe Paterno and others from the school.

Listen to the audio after the jump.


Audio courtesy WIP

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7 Responses

  1. This Madden sounds like a know-nothing. Shame on the lame WIP broadcasters for patronizing him. The state is more interested in prosecuting Sandusky than the Penn State administrators, who have been disgraced and fired. A prosecution of the administrators would be costly and hard to prove (what people knew and at what point). His “rumor” that Sandusky was a pimp is outlandish. Madden admits freely that he did no reporting on this matter.
    Other than the PR disaster, Penn State’s principal concern is all the civil litigation that will come (there are likely dozens of victims). Penn State provided a venue and enabled Sandusky by not reporting his crimes. The judgments against the university could be in the hundreds of millions, and they can’t hide behind charitable immunity in this case.

  2. I had to live in that shithole town (Pittsburgh) for two years and listen to that pompous ass talk on a daily basis because they only have one respectable radio station, I finally move back to Philly and hearing his voice again brings back horrible feelings. This has already been a horrible week being a Philly sports fan and Penn State fan. Madden calls himself the “super genius” a moniker he does not come close to living up to. Thanks Kyle, for the rush of negative emotions.

  3. I’ve known Mark for years, he can be a bit over zealous from time to time; but he is a very knowledgable writer. I think it is amazing he wrote about this in April and it was discounted. Shame on PSU.

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