China Made More Knockoff Winter Classic Jerseys

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 3.02.27 PM
Of course they did.

As we told you last week, the supposed but unconfirmed Flyers Winter Classic jerseys are probably not real, and perhaps as a way to fast-track that assertion, some presumed Chinese knockoffs showed up on the interwebtuals this week.

From (a name that just reeks of authenticity) we find this Wayne Simmonds sweater, complete with logo, name, Winter Classic patch, and this sure-to-be-real slogan! (!!!!!)

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 3.04.01 PM

I bet, Scoob.

Price? $45.

Ironically, is one of many sites that sold the I got raped by a pumpkin jersey that we see draped over many folks at The Well. Look:

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 3.04.39 PM

There’s only one Winter Classic, TJ. How can both be the jersey the player wears on the ice?!?! (!!!)

Because they're fake. That's how.

China: if you can’t beat ‘em, just make shit up!

H/T to (@mvptommyd)

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13 Responses

  1. Thanks for the H/T. I have been looking out for it because eventually they were going to get the news about the rumored jersey. Sites like these are why our jobs are being shipped overseas.

  2. Why are you complaining. Because of licensing we have had nothing but the “Stock” Flyers Jerseys for years. Snider (and maybe for good reason) has protected the logo and is afraid to try anything outside the box. At least these are a little different. For $45 they are worth it……even if not “REAL!”

  3. Fuck China.
    Junk at places like Wal-Mart is cheap because its junk and built/assembled by kids and women in near-slavery work-bondage conditions.
    China is proof that you get what you pay for. Was it realllly cheap? Was it bought at Wal-Mart? THEN ITS JUNK. STOP BUYING JUNK FROM CHINA.

  4. hahaha, LOL, Dpettine17!!!
    I believe the correct term is “Renegade Official Counterfeit Authentic Replicas.”

  5. @ Robert – so…you want more make believe fake Flyers jerseys? “Stock” Flyers Jerseys…by which I assume you mean the ones that they actually wear.
    You have one of those Blue Flyers Jerseys don’t you….customized with 88 “Robert”

  6. So, it’s ok to buy a $300 authentic jersey from Modells, at the WFC or whatever, but not ok to buy a $45 knockoff because it’s made in China? Where do you think the legit authentics are made?
    HINT: It’s not USA!
    Ps. They’re not just selling these Winter Classic jerseys…some of their other jerseys, NFL or NHL are decent. If I have a choice in buying a $45 knockoff that’s virtually identical to the legit thing thats being sold at a ridiculous markup to pay both the leagues licensing fees and to feed the reebok machine, my money is on the knockoff.

  7. To those saying $45 bucks is worth it: it’s that cheap because the quality is that bad! I’ve seen jerseys of this quality ALL over fans at WFC. Just look at the first picture. Look how simmonds’ name isn’t even centered.

  8. These shitters are horrible. My friends 45 dollar jersey has an off-centered nameplate and the 7 is a little higher than the 1. Not worth a penny.

  9. ive gotten 2 eagles jerseys and a phillies jersey from Look the same to me and for 250 dollars less or whatever it is Im not complaining. Havent had any problems with them.

  10. What’s wrong with buying a knockoff from born trade or some other Chinese site, if you’re just going to spill beer and wiz on it anyway? I don’t have the skill to scream and heckle and not make a mess of myself.
    Best of both worlds. Who cares if the second letter is a cm lower than the third.
    Get the sand out of your vagina, boys.

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