Flyers Exploit Lightning’s Trap, TV Execs Get Pissy

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Looks like the Flyers shook up the snow globe of hockey insecurities.

Last night, Greg Wyshynski (Puck Daddy) Tweeted the following:

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Hmm. Seems standing around doesn’t make for good television. Which doesn't make for good ratings. Which doesn’t make lots of money. Which doesn’t make Gary Bettman a happy man.

That text presumably came from someone at Comcast owned Versus also owns the Flyers soon to be NBC Sports Network watch Rock Center Mondays at 10! mega conglomerate. Basically, they don’t like the Lightning’s 1-3-1 trapping style, and the Flyers showed what could happen when teams counter with extreme measures.

Think of it like a sports video game: Almost every game, even nowadays, has some glitch, some money play that when ran correctly, yields a consistent result. Most of the time, whether it be online or against friends, you’ll steer clear of exploiting that glitch because it makes for shoddy, unrealistic gameplay. But, there will always be that ultra-competitive asshole (looks in mirror– me) who will use this to his advantage. That was the Flyers on Wednesday night. I’m fairly certain that had the ref not blown the whistle, Braydon Coburn would have sat in his own zone and daydreamed about Nadine until the conclusion of the first period.

The Flyers exploited the glitch which allows the Lightning to play their boring style of hockey. 

TV execs don’t want a league where teams can sit back in a trap and slow the pace of the game down to a snail's, well, pace. This is what happened to hockey a decade ago, and now that the sport has finally rebounded from its lockout, allowing the sort of passive forecheck played by the lightning (or the type of counter applied by the Flyers) makes for disastrous TV. Sure, we liked it because it was funny. But that would get old after a while, especially if you’re not a fan of either team.

You can bet this will all be discussed at the upcoming GM meetings.

Oh, hey, speaking of the Flyers, they’re on their annual male-bonding, tree of trust team building excursion. And Craig Berube caught a really big fish:

Photo via the Flyers.

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  1. If they’re gonna stand there with all 5 skaters in between the blue lines then the hell with them, play keep away. Stupid ass scheme.

  2. Ahhh, Jewfish, aka ‘Goliath Grouper’ – that’s a small one, too – they can get up to 8.5′ long. BIG FISH, BIG BEER.

  3. Great call by Lavs! Just wished they did this a decade ago against the Devils. Still hate everything about that team to this day!

  4. There on a boat, therefore off the island, that’s alot of fucking grouper sandwichs. Guy Boucher is a douchebag and that fucking mysterious scar story is getting old. There’s only room for 1 scarface in Florida.

  5. Are TV executives really responding to this? Kudos, it would be the first time they responded to a November NHL game.

  6. Jerry- the picture was sent out by the Flyers PR department. You may also notice the 700 level posted a picture yesterday that was 14 months old. And posted on Crossing Broad in September, 2010.

  7. Jerry – if Kyle is so far behind in his posting, why do you read his blog? Just to criticize him? Go back to the 700level if it’s so much better, just saying…

  8. LOL at Jerry – maybe you should stop comparing blogs like a corporate plant and just read them, eh?
    Who, aside from yourself, gives a ripe shit who posted which pic first and where or why? Did the pic win a giant cash-prize? Do you work for Righthaven? (LOL, Righthaven just got stampeded by a Federal Court ruling that has effectively ended their idiotic copyright trolling business model)
    Neither site is raking in millions of dollars via ad revenue, and neither site is winning a Pulitzer for National Sports Blogging…and there are no Nobel Peace Prizes to be won by either site.
    You appear to be complaining for no good reason. Go away or stop complaining. Pick one.

  9. the captials did this last year in the playoffs im pretty sure. i know the caps did it before so i wouldnt say lavs in genius. plus, it didnt even work. they fucking lost

  10. Fuck those high-up powers-that-be! If Lavvie doesn’t want them going into the 131 trap then that’s the way it’s gonna be.
    I say the best way to have an anti-131 rule—instead of what everyone’s suggesting, requiring an 8 second (or so) clock forcing the offense over the red line (like the NBA)—instead of doing that, do this: iffin 8 seconds there’s no forechecker (on the team w/o possesion) within a stick’s length (refs discretion) of the puck carrier of the team with possesion in their own d-zone, then the play is called dead and there’s a faceoff in the opposite neutral zone dot. There must be a puck carrier for the team in possesion to start the clock, and if he passes the puck anywhere or moves over his blue line the count is reset.
    Anyway, that is a jewfish, AKA an Atlantic goliath grouper, and I’ve seen bigger than that, though I don’t fish no more in a long while.
    Did you know there’s a Jewfish, Florida. It’s on Key Largo (island) south of North Key Largo (town) and north of Key Largo (town); actually it’s right there on US 1 when it reaches the island heading south.
    Hey Slappy Laddie, did you ever have grouper cheeks:
    I love me some grouper cheeks. Almost as good as pigs’ trotters (crubeens):

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