Flyers Winter Classic T-Shirts Confirm Jersey Details

Whelp, the jerseys haven’t been released yet, but in true NHL fashion some more details are coming out… and they seem to confirm parts of previous unconfirmed leaks.

You are looking at the Flyers Winter Classic player t-shirts (shirseys, if you will). The pics are via Brian (@Woj_Flyers), who received them at his store, Schuylkill Valley Sports. The t-shirts most certainly confirm the Keystone State badge for captains’ patches, and – I’m guessing – black numbers, which weren’t seen on this mockup, but seem to make sense on this one posted by Puck Daddy last week.

Still no word on jersey release– my gut says Black Friday. Brian says SVP has Pronger, van Riemsdyk, Giroux, Jagr, and Bryzgalov player t-shirts in-stock.

Flyers_winter_classic_t_shirt2The white line is just a shadow of sorts

[Read more about the Winter Classic]

H/T to (@DXFlyers)

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12 Responses

  1. No shit Sean, he put that up last week, this is confirming the leak. If you knew how to read you would be able to see that in the title.

  2. That link has numbers and letters and patches Ben not just the jersey, good job though. Don’t worry I can read, how would I be able to type if I didn’t?

  3. Not sure if this is just the way the picture was taken but notice how the Flyers emblem on the t-shirt is slightly curved upwards at the bottom wing coming off of the “P.” This is different from the crest on the “supposed leaked” jersey. It is also different than the crest on the current jerseys that the Flyers wear now. If these are in fact the official Winter Classic t-shirts, wouldn’t the “leaked jersey” have the same crest on the front of it as well, which it does not (at least not in any picture I have seen). Not saying that the “leaked jersey” isn’t the one they will be wearing on Jan 2nd; just pointing out something I noticed.

  4. Enough with the Flyers jersey tangent……zzzzzzzzzzzz…..I can’t think of a single reason why you feel we need an update so damn frequently. Talk about diluting the frequency of quality posts worth reading….

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