UPDATE: Is THIS The Flyers’ Winter Classic Jersey?

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 10.16.20 AM

UPDATE: Frank Seravalli told Puck Daddy he has a source who says these aren't the designs. Of course, Frank's source also said the Flyers were going to make an offer to Steven Stamkos and that JVR was a healthy scratch on Thursday.

Icethetics made their own mockup based on rumors and other discussion. It looks a lot like this one.

Is it? I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore when it comes to the Flyers Winter Classic jerseys. Nobody thought they were going to look like these (except for all the people who bought them). Everyone thought they were going to look like these— but they're probably not. And, now, TheOrangeUpdate.com is convinced that they're going to look like what you see above.

Citing sources “involved with the design and production” of the sweaters, The Orange Update says this mockup most closely mimics what we will see unveiled as the Flyers Winter Classic jersey, which will go on-sale to the public on Black Friday*, according to The Orange Update.

*That date makes sense. Three years ago, the Flyers debuted their current orange jerseys on this day and knocked it out of the park on NHL.com sales. And on Black Friday, November 25, HBO will air a 12-minute 24/7 preview. So the stars do align for a Black Friday unveiling.

The folks from The Orange Update believe these to be the jerseys, based on the presence of this sweatshirt being sold at The Well:

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 10.17.09 AM

They break it down thusly: [TheOrangeUpdate.com]

The lace-up collars are definitely a part of the design (FINALLY, as seen on the sweatshirt in addition to being a confirmed feature in our design). The Winter Classic patch will sit on the right front shoulder, as it has for every other jersey used in previous Winter Classics. 

The only feature in our design that we are not 100% confident about is the placement of the "vintage" white stripe that goes along the bottom of the jersey. 


To be clear, this is not an official design of any sort. Rather, it’s their mockup, based on details from the sweatshirt and features “confirmed” by their sources. I have been told by several folks that the jerseys will feature lace-up collars, so that part seems to work. The color scheme (cream and orange) matches the Winter Classic logo— so that works, too. I don’t like the Captain’s patch, though (if that is in fact the design)– it’s overkill and not needed.

Anyway, there you have it. The Orange Update has more mockups and details, so be sure to check that out. Take every Winter Classic jersey post with a grain of salt (but this is certainly the most logical design we’ve seen).


20 Responses

  1. ewwwww whats the the keystone under the A??? i get itttt we’re in pennsylvania… but its ugly. it sticks out like a sore thumb.

  2. This is probably my favorite one so far. Although I agree that the keystone patch clutters the upper part of the jersey.

  3. These are definitely the best ones yet. I love the drawstrings. As for the keystone… I don’t mind it, but I agree with Steve that it clutters the upper portion of the jersey.

  4. The keystone patch is awesome. For a team that doesn’t have much variation in the history of their uniforms it’s great to see something that stands out and has a little personality. I’ll be SO glad if the finals get the lace-up necks too.

  5. Come on, the keystone will only be on three. Right?
    I dunno why everybody creams over the laces. It’s not a Flyers thing in me mind like it is for older teams with the tradition (or for newer teams trying to pretend that they have some sort of tradition). Except for former teammate Carts, Flyers have their own tradition without the need for lacey things. And they’re as useless as teats on bulls.
    Agreed with Steve the last one you posted was better, but they could work on either that one or this some more.

  6. I dig the keyston, it doesn’t look bad and it’s only on 3 of them…very excited that it’ll have laces.

  7. these are the best so far- the laces look hot and i like the orange and cream. i’d rock it.

  8. Yeah the more I look at it I think they need to get the black shoulders of the previous premature design back, or some other kind of additional black somewhere on them, cause there’s too much orange and cream (even if the breezers will be black). Everybody will be going, “Look at the Orange Creamsicals! They look like wussies in those things!”

  9. I was told at Sat’s game (which was AWESOME!) by a Fan Gear employee that Black Friday is definitely the day for the jersey. I also got the hoodie version of what’s shown above. It looks great!

  10. How much do you want to bet that the Flyers are leaking these to gauge the public’s reaction?
    Either that or someone is furiously scribbling designs on napkins at the Penrose Diner while their cheesesteak Farmer’s Omelette and scrapple get cold.

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