Hip Hop is Dead

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You have spoken!

Last month, when new Sixers CEO Adam Aron announced NewSixersOwner.com, a site launched to solicit fan feedback, we encouraged you to submit this letter, which asked for the demise of Hip Hop. Well, along with what I’m sure were many others, your voice… it was heard: [Rich Hoffman for Philly.com]

Seeing as how there is no actual basketball to talk about during the NBA lockout, this qualifies as big Sixers news. After receiving hundreds of communications from fans, nearly all of them advocating the end of a symbol of a different era, the team's new ownership will announce today that the never-beloved mascot has been put out to pasture, literally.

To spare the sensibilities of the one or two children who weren't scared to death by the rabbit, the team will say that Hip Hop fell in love, married and moved away to start a family. Apparently, it either was that or announce that they were going to boil him in a pot on a really big stove in a remake of "Fatal Attraction."


Score one for Hoffman, who may have just died a little inside after being forced to write that. Of course, I would have just asked to borrow Homer’s gun and shot H2 in a blaze of glory at center court whenever basketball does return… but the love story angle works, too– just ask Taylor Swift.

According to Hoffman, 6,500 responses were received (not a lot, at all, when you think about it), and many had to do with the demise of Hip Hop.

The new mascot will be a joint effort between Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the Raymond Entertainment Group, owned by the Phanatic’s former best friend, David Raymond.

Oh happy day.

Pat yourselves on the back, folks. Thanks to your efforts, Hip Hop is no more and Rich Hoffman is writing Fatal Attraction-mascot jokes on Tuesdays. Double word score!

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16 Responses

  1. Just one more person to the un-employment line.
    I hope you people are happy with yourselves.
    Beez Nutz

  2. yeah let’s save a horrible mascot bc we’re afraid of the guy wearing the costume not being able to feed himself.. wahhhh

  3. @Dan – in a city with hundreds of thousands (a rough GUESStimate) of sports fans…. They, the Sixers brass, received 6500 letters of how to fix the franchise. 6500. Thats ridiculous. And it is because nodoby in this city actually cares about the Sixers…. especially hip hop for that matter. The team has done nothing in the past ten years accept give overrated players insane contracts. While they made a run in 01 they still had no shot at a title and let’s not forget they play in the Eastern conference which has been a joke for years riddled with sub par teams for the majority of the time… Well that’s the NBA in general. Nobody cares about that crap.

  4. you guys are all a bunch of haters. The Sixers and the NBA are great and I’m sure once they turn it around you’ll all be singing a different tune (if that ever happens), just like you all probably did with the Phillies. That being said, thank God Hip Hop is gone.

  5. Good to see Matt Geiger is still following the Sixers and concerned with us haters. But it appears he’s still unhappy they chose Hip Hop as a mascot over his creation…’Financial Drain’, a seven foot tall, blood sucking leech attached to this franchise. Too bad because I heard this idea has been a big hit in the locker room over the past decade and a whole bunch of guys are still auditioning for the job.

  6. Mascots are not supposed to be fake-muscular with an “I’m cooler than you” attitude. Screw you and good riddance, Hip Hop!
    Bringing back the harmless, fan-friendly, always happy Big Shot would show the Sixers care about their (several thousand) fans.

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