Howard Eskin and John Bolaris Throw Twitter Punches

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 11.28.31 AMBolaris Halloween photo courtesy HughE Dillon, who has more Halloween goodness here

Everybody is fighting. Les Bowen and Jeff McLane are fighting. Flyers beat writers are fighting with the Flyers about not even fighting with their goalie, then fighting with pseudo-beat bloggers about writers Tweeting about fighting with the team (you follow that, right?). And now, perhaps most entertaining of all (OK, well nothing is more entertaining than Les Bowen punching Jeff McLane), Howard Eskin fighting with… John Bolaris.

I love me a good J-Bo story.

Here’s the deal. On Saturday, Eskin – never afraid to take shots – Tweeted:

What's worse than snow in October is watching @Fox29 report on it. First report comes from allentown because its more dramatic. We r in PHL!


He’s 100% correct, but let’s face it: all news organizations do this, and we did get snow in October. That is story.

Bolaris – never one to back down from a fight – fired back last night:

Hey Tweeps understand Howard Eskin tweeted that FOX29 hyped the storm, that we had to go to Allentown to find snow. also does Eskin realize that, Lehigh valley, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester is in our viewing area. Does Eskin realize that was fcst. Does Eskin realize we don't hype storms we try to prepare people for a storm. Does Eskin realize how many thousands of people lost power. We FOX29 try our very best to help you out, and we go through pains and always the extra mile to help you get through severe weather. I might not take myself so seriously ..But I do take WEATHER SERIOUSLY !! Perhaps Eskin is annoyed that I tweet about sports. Eskin does work hard, trust me he does, but please Howard boy don't stick your nose in where it doesn't belong. Peace out



Bolaris kept going:

Everyone thank you for your responses..Love you guys…well most of ya. Well anyway Eskin will be riding his little Bicycle to San Fran, another bet that he lost, so I guess we won't hear or see him 4 a few yrs


Then, in response to a sarcastic Tweet from Spike Eskin (Howard's son), Bolaris replied thusly:

@SpikeEskin yeah I know Tell Howie not to throw stones..not nice, esp when he's dead wrong


And here's Eskin with the parting shot:

@SpikeEskin wont waste my time [on hypothetical fight between the two]. Never questioned his screwing up PHL forecast Just how 29 covered. Sensitive since he blew past storms. 


Ah yes, the classic he’s too unimportant for me to waste my time on Tweet, a staple of successful internet battles.

I love media feuds– just gobble them right up (turkey pun, yo).

Of course, J-Bo was a bit more gentle in his Tweet to former CBS 3 anchor turned object of Larry Mendte’s affection, Alycia Lane, who will be involved in an upcoming court case against Mendte. Bolaris called her name out loud

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 11.23.29 AM

One more time, John.

  Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 11.23.39 AM

There we go. 🙂




I actually like both of these guys (usually). They're often ridiculous and hilarious, but they're feisty and stand up for themselves. There's something to be said for that.

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18 Responses

  1. John bolaris is a little bitch and a perfect example of why ppl over 30 don’t belong on social networking sites

  2. John Bolaris tweeting “peace out” seems as socially awkward as someone’s drunk mom grinding cock on the dancefloor at a wedding reception.

  3. I’ve seen Bolaris short little ass around a few times, he’s always with the hot ass, dressed to the nines, riding in his black Benz convertible. So what he likes hookers, makes me like him even more. Sometimes you want your D sucked without all the gibberish.
    Then there’s Eskin our hebrew hero wearing a furcoat, platform shoes tossing Reid’s salad on the sidelines. Getting peoples wives killed with his flowers, nice! What’s a spikeeskin Kyle? because you’re boys with him he’s relevant? When the two of them get to San fran they should both jump off the GG do us all a favor.

  4. This particular entry is like reading a Chris Chase article. Thanks for the non-news, rumor mill, TMZ update.

  5. I hate Howard Eskin. He’s a pompous ass that believes he’s qualified to comment on things he doesn’t fully grasp. Like weather, and mostly sports. There’s a real reason why Charlie hates him. And Charlie rarely hates anyone.

  6. Thank god I am not from Philadelphia where people seem to care about people who do the weather on the local news channels.

  7. Eskin is an ass – as always – but was on point with his tweet. But Bolaris couldn’t be a bigger douche if that was what he was trying for. The worst part is, he THINKS he’s some urban hip guy – and he’s not. I am sure he has a hand full of fans, but the majority of this city hates him. Most won’t say it (or tweet it to him) and the ones that do (like @fakejohnbolaris) are hysterical and speak for the masses.

  8. Howard Eskin (along with WIP) is the epicenter of the “outside world’s”perception of everything that is wrong with sports in Philadelphia.
    Because he was the only game in town for so long, his negativity tainted (that’s right, I said taint) the whole fan base’s view. Then WIP came along and adapted his “style,” such as it is.
    I thought he was going away.

  9. I have to side with Eskin here. Bolaris is a creep and a fraud. He walks around town like his shit don’t stink. I had the news on the 3 nights before the storm came and Bolaris gets on there every 5 minutes to tell you what “could” happen and to stay tuned so people leave his channel on. I know it works in most cases, because people fail to realize they try to hype it up every 5 minutes, then 7 commercials later, you finally get the storm news. Bolaris thinks he’s some kind of Philly icon, he’s a weatherman damn it!!!! He gets paid to be wrong 75% of the time. I wish I could be in triple figures for being wrong. Where’s Damon Feldman at? I smell a celebrity boxing match!!!! If that happens, Eskin must wear fur and his headband (ear warmers) he wears on the sidelines, he wears it like a chick and messes his hair up on purpose because he’s around Football players. Eskin will whoop Bolaris in a head to head war of words, and he might even whoop Bolaris in a fight (only because he hasn’t gotten laid in about 33 years and Bolaris is all mellowed out on Sexual PED’s)—-WHO YOU GOT?

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