UPDATE: Is THIS The Flyers’ Winter Classic Jersey?

Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 12.33.09 PM

UPDATE: Adam Pardes of The Checking Line has a source who says these are, in fact, the real jerseys.

We know nothing anymore about the Flyers’ Winter Classic jerseys. Nothing! But when these sweaters popped up on Puck Daddy this afternoon, it was hard to ignore their apparent legitimacy.

A Puck Daddy reader sent a link to this eBay posting from Bleacher Bum Collectibles, a seller with a pristine rating of almost 10,000 (very high on eBay). The jersey is being sold at $150 price point, much higher (and more realistic) than the roughly $50 Chinese knockoff jerseys that are all over the internet. 

Puck Daddy’s take:

If it's a fake, it's a damn good one: The Reebok tags and stitching; the NHL logos; the writing on the inside collar (which makes sense given how Reebok has been playing around with the inside collar, like the piano keys for the Predators jerseys).

These were listed by the seller on Nov. 9; considering their unveiling is on Black Friday, there are obviously jerseys that have been produced. Another view:


That Black Friday date is based on some conjecture, past jersey unveils (Flyers current orange sweaters), timing of HBO 24/7 preview show, and the fact that it’s one of the biggest online retail days of the year.

Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 12.38.55 PM

PD also points out, however, that the Winter Classic patch is on the shoulder, not the chest, a design element that was only done out of necessity for last year's Caps jerseys. Every other team has worn it on the chest. But perhaps that is to accommodate the rather large captains' patches that are rumored to appear on the jerseys.

The jersey is almost a hybrid between this leak and this leak… I’m not sure if that helps confirm them or just points toward a clever knockoff taking cues from both designs. We’ll keep poking around and see what we can find.

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20 Responses

  1. i hate the sleeve stripes. not a fan. i think this is fake. cant imagine someone okaying those stripes, they look, well, fake. can anyone confirm that the date from previous winter classics was on the back inside collar like seen above? thats easy to replicate but still might make these more legitimate. ive never seen that before on the winter classic jerseys from the 2010.

  2. This isn’t it either.
    Waiting this long to release them is a great marketing ploy though. If the teams involved and location were the worst kept secret, this may be the best.
    Is it December 31 yet? I’m ready for some Legion of Doom (still have hope for Renberg) and other Flyers legends!!
    Let’s Go Flyers!!

  3. This is 100 % fake, you can tell by the underside of the tag. not the Reebok sewn tag but the smaller size tag…trust me I am an expert on knock off chink merchandise

  4. I know there is a crazy lucrative market for knock off stuff… but Christ… you would think these Flyers Winter Classic jerseys are the Holy Grail?! Were there this many knock offs for the other Winter Classic games? It just seems nuts. Just wait until Black Friday.

  5. “The Reebok tags and stitching; the NHL logos; the writing on the inside collar…”
    I’d just point out that the $40 knockoffs at all of the local flea markets have all of the above so I don’t know what any of that proves. They even go to the trouble of putting a $200+ price on the Reebok tag.

  6. You know Kyle you referenced the Predators in this post. Why do I think I will never be able to see that word or that team and not think of that perverted monster Sandusky?

  7. Why do we care so much about one uniform for one game? I mean, enough with the posts already on a jersey that’s only being created to rip people off for one day of relevance.

  8. Other than the thick white and the thin black stripes, which should be reversed to thick black with thin white stripes, plus shytecanning the lace-up collar—the Flyers never had them since 1967, why should they start now?—I like it. They should also have the keystone for the C & A’s and (fuck what the rest of the world thinks) the black lettering on white block for the names.

  9. The Professore called again for the immediate adoption of emergency regulatory and registration provisions that have been proposed by the League repeatedly over the past four years. The draft legislation includes a new provision—”Juliet’s Law”—imposing fines or imprisonment for failure to report the presence of either poisons or daggers within 100 feet of an unaccompanied minor.

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