UPDATE: Joe Paterno Releases Statement… And, Well, It’s Awful


What? I knew nothing

Joe Paterno released a statement today. It was either written by Joe himself, or the worst PR person in the world.

A graduate assistant, who was later identified as current Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary, testified to a grand jury that he told Paterno what he saw former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky doing to a boy in the showers at Penn State in 2002– anal sex. Paterno testified that he was told Sandusky was "fondling or doing something of sexual nature" to the boy– an accusation that he forwarded along to the athletic director, Tim Curley, who is now facing perjury charges.

In his statement, however, Paterno says he wasn't given any details. Instead, he used the words "incident" and "inappropriate" to describe his understanding of what went on between Sandusky and the (estimated) 10-year-old boy.

He also says that he was "shocked" by the charges brought about… even though he was told in 2002 that Sandusky was doing something of a "sexual nature" to a young boy in the showers at Penn State.

Here is the statement in full, as obtained by Patriot-News

"If true, the nature and amount of charges made are very shocking to me and all Penn Staters. While I did what I was supposed to with the one charge brought to my attention, like anyone else involved I can't help but be deeply saddened these matters are alleged to have occurred.

"Sue and I have devoted our lives to helping young people reach their potential. The fact that someone we thought we knew might have harmed young people to this extent is deeply troubling. If this is true we were all fooled, along with scores of professionals trained in such things, and we grieve for the victims and their families. They are in our prayers.

"As my grand jury testimony stated, I was informed in 2002 by an assistant coach that he had witnessed an incident in the shower of our locker room facility. It was obvious that the witness was distraught over what he saw, but he at no time related to me the very specific actions contained in the Grand Jury report. Regardless, it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate involving Mr. Sandusky. As Coach Sandusky was retired from our coaching staff at that time, I referred the matter to university administrators.

"I understand that people are upset and angry, but let's be fair and let the legal process unfold. In the meantime I would ask all Penn Staters to continue to trust in what that name represents, continue to pursue their lives every day with high ideals and not let these events shake their beliefs nor who they are."


That is perhaps the most disconnected statement you will ever read.

A source tells the Patriot-News that Paterno will be a witness for the prosecution in the case against Sandusky.

UPDATE: Deadspin reports that as recently as 2009, Sandusky was running an overnight football camp for kids at a Penn State satellite campus. Oh. My.

[Related: Read the disturbing excerpts from the Jerry Sandusky grand jury presentment]

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79 Responses

  1. And now I’m being told that the Giants just beat the Patriots? Ugh, this is the worst thing anyone has ever told me. Excuse me, I’ve got to go report THIS to the authorities.

  2. How will we “spin” this? There’s not much to spin. Paterno didn’t pull a Jim Tressel. He told Jim Curley about it immediately. Why is this being ignored? Not Joe’s fault in any way. “Joe must go?” Fuck off.

  3. Sounds like a press release from a Catholic bishop about a priest.
    Frankly, Paterno’s shit doesn’t add up. The excuse that he contacted PSU officials about 2002 incident because Sandusky did NOT work of the school is nonsense.
    Its when the shit hits the fan you see who takes responsibility and who shirks it. Not to be sexist, but that is what being a man is all about.

  4. When an eyewitness tells you that he’s seen a child being molested, you don’t call the A.D.
    You call the D.A.

  5. He’s gotta resign. Stop with all the Joe did what he needed to BS. I bet ya he didn’t leave any of his younger relatives alone with the psycho.
    Damn shame that this got pushed under the rug for so many years. It’s a disgrace. Anyone that had knowledge of it deserves to be punished. Lucky it isn’t my kid. Just saying. He took advantage of kids that have close to nothing in life and ruined them. The guys is a scumbag and Paterno is just as bad for enabling him.

  6. His statements are damning. He failed to act and in failing, he, along with others with such Information, allowed this criminal to prey. The courts will deal with this now. Of you are reading this and have any such knowledge of similar incidents, no matter how lOng ago, you must tell the authorities. These sick sick ppl have no contrOl. They continue to harm and do damage. Send the anon tip. What ever. Dont cover it up.

  7. @jake, hahaha.
    As for JoePa, he can spin it all he wants but the fact remains: He should have called the police.

  8. Imagine you’re 70+ years old, still coach college football, and after being reported something, proceed to report it to your superiors, one having control of the university police, expecting they handle it accordingly, so you can focus your aging mind on the only thing keeping you alive. Then this. Now imagine your a loser condemning someone with no due process via the Internet, calling a football legend, and incredible philanthropist, a child molester, cuz you think you’re funny.
    Maybe we should be condemning the sick F who F’d little boys, and not the person who may or may not have known the whole facts, but still did what he thought was right.

  9. So Sandusky is arrested, and the AD and the VP are accused of perjury. And everyone is focusing on Paterno. Interesting.

  10. Joe pa did what he had to do. He took the information he had to his superiors. It is not his fault that they failed to move on that information. Any any of you dumbasses on here saying joe should go can go fuck themselves.

  11. JOEPa needs to go hes a scumbag, the way he has thrown arrest of players throughout the years under the rug because he runs the police up there…total scummer

  12. A bit from Mike Wise’s article in the Washington Post:
    “Paterno wasn’t charged, but if Sandusky is guilty, Paterno would be guilty — just as Penn State’s athletic director and a university vice president, who were charged with perjury and failure to report suspected child abuse on Saturday, would be guilty. They would all be party to a worse crime than any crooked, pay-for-play booster at Miami, Ohio State or even SMU ever committed: guilty of protecting a program before a child.”

  13. It’s amazing how unspeakable these alleged acts are, especially considering Sandusky’s charity, its mission, and how he likely abused that.
    It’s also amazing how people are making this situation about Paterno and not Sandusky. Paterno probably did pass the buck ultimately. Can you imagine how hard it would be to reconcile such allegations against who was probably a close personal friend? Paterno and Sandusky spent may years together. It’s hard to imagine what such a situation would be like.
    Also, one of the more disturbing things about this is that one of Sandusky’s alleged incidents was referred to the Attorney General Gricar and he did not pursue charges. Really? What is that all about? People are complaining that Paternondid not contact the police, yet the ATTORNEY GENERAL didn’t even pursue charges. Unless a greater coverup is a play here, the problem does not start and end with Paterno.

  14. I’m a fan, but fuck him. He knew his former assistant was a child molester and didn’t call the police himself. Everyone who was even suspicious of that fact, and didn’t report it to legal authorities needs to be shitcanned immediately.

  15. Those of you sticking up for Joe Pa can go fuck yourself, if someone comes to you and says they saw a guy ass raping a little boy you don’t wait a day then call the AD you get a bat and fuck the guy up, I don’t care if you’re 106. They all need to go and they shouldn’t play the rest of their games this season, fuck joe pa!!!!

  16. Anybody who thinks that the A.D. is Joe Paterno’s superior is sorely misguided.
    That is technically the case, but in reality, Paterno has all of the power.
    And as a father and grandfather — you know,a human being — Paterno didn’t bother to follow up on this?

  17. Sandusky should be killed in the most painful of fashions. And as much as I used to respect Joe P. He’s now lower than scum to me. He should step down immediately. My son is ten. If I had caught that shit going on in the shower the guy would not have had the capability to ever do that to a child again. Literally. And Joe P. sits on his throne for all of these years ALLOWING this human garbage to put himself in direct contact with children for years after hearing about the shower incident, under “the watchful eye” of Penn State as well as Joe P. All parties should be investigated and charged in this case.

  18. All these Joe P. Apologists posting here sound like a bunch of dumb asses. He had the power to do something and didn’t do it. Imagine if your child was in that situation.

  19. He’s won 2 national championships so it’s okay that his assistant raped children. Joe is going down in flames and taking his program with him. A very deserving end considering everything that was ignored and brushed aside. Goodbye PSU and blind Paterno supporters.

  20. Idiots…time and a place for making jokes. When kids are being raped isn’t one of them. Go lick a window you fucking jackasses

  21. I’m gonna start out by saying I think JoePa should step down. And I’m one who said he can go out on his own terms, whenever he wants. That’s not the case now, just for appearances sake Joe has to step down.
    I’m not going to blame him as much as you guys who think he’s just as complicit. He told the AD AND Schultz, who was the head of the University Police. Unlike most schools, PSU’s police department is an actual, recognized police department. Just like Philly PD, or Downingtown, Lancaster, Norristown, etc. So he DID go to the police. He did what he needed to at the time.
    That being said, you HAVE to follow up. You can’t just let it go as “well, I told them.” Even if he is a close friend, you still have to go further. And allowing him to continue to run his “charity” program and have kids stay overnight after these allegations? That’s inexcusable, and Joe could have put a stop to it.
    I won’t let this be all I remember you for, Joe. But it’s big enough that you have to step down, immediately.

  22. JT, could you please tell me where he went to the police? Perhaps, i misread everything, but from what I saw, JoePa only contacted Curley and Schultz, and did not contact

  23. that guy
    Schultz was the head of the University Police department. I could be wrong, but I would make that akin to the crime happening in Philly, and instead of calling 911, you tell Charles Ramsey instead. You should be able to trust that the head of the police would handle the situation. Once they didn’t, though, like I said, you have to go further. But it seems the DA may even be involved in the cover up, so going further may not have done any good. But you have to try.

  24. I went to a PSU football camp in the summer of 98 when I was a senior in HS & remember Sandusky stopping in a middle of a drill to gaze at a group of young daycare kids who were roped together. He looked & said I’ll see you in a couple years boys! He’s sick

  25. JT by not doing more Paterno allowed Sandusky to hurt more children. He is partially responsible for this. You don’t just tell the AD and wash your hands like Pontius Pilate. He allowed Sandusky to remain on his staff and abuse his position of power. All the good he has done is now going to be forgotten. It also makes you wonder what else was ignored and allowed to go on during his time with the program. If it was his grandchild being raped in a shower would he have just reported it and forgotten about it?

  26. Schultz was not the head of the university police department.
    That police department has its own hierarchy.
    He just oversaw the university police — he oversaw a lot of things. And apparently, saw nothing.

  27. Jim
    You don’t know how much he knew. From all accounts, he knew about ONE incident and reported it. Maybe he didn’t know this was as widespread an issue (whether that’s naive or not is beside the point) as it turned out to be. Like I said, he should have done more, pursued it further. But everyone is on here saying JoePa is as bad or worse than Sandusky, Curley or Schultz, and I’m saying that’s not fair. He SHOULD step down, he didn’t do enough, but you can’t put him on the same level as the other guys.
    He heard about it. He quickly reported it to the AD AND the head of the police department. He SHOULD have gone further, but it’s not like he actively covered it up. The prosecution in this case is not scared of going after anybody and everybody, and they have not indicted JoePa. That should say something.

  28. its funny how all the Joe Pa haters are out in full force. they make it sound like Joe was the one raping the boys. No one on here knows all the details, so to make the judgements you are all making is hilarious, your focus should be on Sandusky until ALL the info is divulged. have some respect for a man who up to this point has given you NO OTHER REASON NOT TO.

  29. PSU apologists, please please stop it. A 10 year old boy was raped. That is the incident that involves Paterno. Nobody is saying Paterno should be arrested. What we are saying is that more boys were then raped after this 10 year old boy. You sound like the citizens in the towns surrouding Auschwitz and Dachau at the end of WWII. We are human beings and natural law at a certain point supercedes civil and criminal law. Have you all at any time considered that Sandusky’s behavior was a dark secret at PSU for LONG time? What comes with the moral high ground that Paterno has placed himself, and you sycophants have placed him on for the last 40 years, is moral behavior. There is no other way to look at this and you do yourselves or your school any favors by apologizgin for any of these people or excusing their behavior in any way. JUST STOP IT NOW. PLEASE

  30. How many incidents of a ten year old boy being raped does he need to know about before he considers it a problem JT? He allowed a MONSTER to continue running his camps and abuse more kids after reporting this “incident”. Ever hear the the quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”? Well in this case he just did slightly more than nothing and forgot about it. Paterno is morally responsible for each subsequent victim. I hope he is completely disgraced by this and that each person involved in covering up this burn completely

  31. no one is excusing any behavior, but your character assasination on a man who is not being brought up on any charges and has done more for more people than any one of the people posting on this site is absurd. as i said have some respect and dont jump to conclusions until all the facts are out there. crush sandusky all you want but seriously, to compare Joe Pa to a Nazi??? who sounds delusional here.

  32. JT, he did not tell the head of PSUPD, he told the person who oversees PSUPD. Its not like telling Charles Ramsey in Philly, its like telling Mayor Nutter.
    No one here has said JoePa molested little boys and was serious. What the “JoePa Haters in full force” are saying is that as a man who characterized himself and his program as morally superior to most other programs in the country, how does he not take the moral responsibility to notify the police directly? its the responsibility of anyone with humanity. Its also deeper than Miami and OhioState because we have actual people suffering, children suffering. What I am saying is everyone from Joe Paterno all the way to the President should be forced to resign from this clutsterfuck. I e-mailed Duane Milne my state rep demanding the government take action if the school won’t, and I suggest anyone who thinks the same way should do the same.

  33. Say goodbye to Paterno mcline. He’s going down and so is his legacy. Go read the 23 page indictment before you talk about facts.

  34. Jim
    Stop nitpicking. I bring up legitimate points, and you respond with “how is it not a problem?” Obviously it was a fucking problem, I said he may not have known how WIDESPREAD a problem it was.
    Tell me- if you found out one of your close friends/co-workers had killed someone- would you automatically assume they were a serial killer? Or, having known them for decades, would you give them the benefit of the doubt that it was a one time thing?
    Again, I’m not saying JoePa acted as a saint here. I’ve said in all my posts he needs to step down. But saying he is just as bad as the three charged or that he is (how the FUCK do you come to this point, Andy?!) a Nazi is wrong when you don’t have all the facts.

  35. Do you actually hear yourself JT? Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no benefit of the doubt. This isn’t someone stealing twenty dollars from your wallet. I don’t care if Joe PA knew how widespread it was. He knew it happened and that is enough. I just read the indictment. He reported it to his superior and that was it. Read each page very carefully. This superior was aware of previous allegations against Sandusky and did nothing, so not much happened when Joe reported it as “inappropriate behavior” as opposed to fucking a ten year old boy in the ass.

  36. Do you hear YOURSELF, Jim?
    I said JoePa was wrong. I said he should step down. So are YOU saying that he IS just as bad as Sandusky, Curley or Schultz? Because they are the people ACTUALLY CHARGED WITH A CRIME. So saying JoePa is just as bad, when the PEOPLE WHO INVESTIGATED THE CASE (see: they know more than you or I about the case) have not charged him with a crime. I’m glad you think you know everything that happened because you read the report- why don’t you call the investigators, tell them they don’t know how to do their job, then call the DA and tell them to file charges against JoePa because you know better than anyone else what actually happened.
    What do you think I’m saying? I said Joe was wrong. I just have an issue with everyone saying Joe is just as bad as the others. Are you really saying that’s not true?
    “Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no benefit of the doubt.” That’s very easy to say when you aren’t connected to anyone in the case. When it’s a good friend who you’ve known for decades there will ALWAYS be a benefit of the doubt. It’s human nature.

  37. I don’t follow Penn State, nor do I give a good god damn about Paterno or anything…But why is everyone hoping he gets linked to this? Thats all it is, is people wanting to see another famous person go down in flames. I read the same report and statement everyone else read, and theres no fucking reason to suspect him of covering anything up. He told who he needed to tell and moved on.
    His only fault was that he wasn’t as adamant about following up, but again, how do we know the extent of what he knew? I know one thing as an outside observer; I’m not an 800 year old man with 800 year old man problems, coaching a division 1 football team who is the face of an entire school, whos longtime friend’s sanity, morality and character were called into question. I don’t paint his situation black and white and I don’t assume to know what went through his mind. More so, I’m not rooting for him to be linked to this somehow, just so me as a fan can relish in the demise of a sports legend.

  38. Thank you, Pete. Incredibly well said. Too many people on high horses talking like they are perfect, and yet they need other people to suffer to re-affirm just how good of people they think they are.

  39. I’m not perfect JT. I’ve just never raped a child or allowed one to be raped. The only reason Joe PA isn’t being charged is because he’s an old man and a legend. He is just as guilty as the AD in his sin of omission. You constantly trying to justify and absolve him of any wrong doing because he wasn’t charged is ridiculous. This goes to show that all his rhetoric about doing things the right way is complete and utter bullshit. He has kicked players off the team for lesser offenses yet when one of his close friends sexually assaults a child all he does is tell the AD it was “inappropriate behavior”. Nothing wrong with that. Just doing his job right? I’ve heard that excuse before…can’t think of where though

  40. And for the record the assistant who witnessed Sandusky doing this is just as culpable as everyone else. Paterno and the entire administration were aware of this behavior as it was reported in the late 1990s to PSU at which point Sandusky shockingly retired a year later after thought to be Joe’s successor.

  41. Once again, Jim, you know more than the investigators do, right?
    JoePa knew about it- hell, he watched Sandusky with- at minimum- 4 of those boys! Just because the investigators didn’t find this to be true- I know it is because I read the report and I’m biased against Penn State and would LOVE to see them go down in flames! But I’m telling the truth, and you can’t challenge it, so there!
    You sound like a child when you jump to assumptions instead of dealing with the FACTS of the case, which led the INVESTIGATORS (again, spent hours, months, years? on this case, and you’ve spent, what, 3 hours, maybe, this morning?) to conclude that Joe did nothing criminal. But we should listen to you, because you obviously know better just by… knowing.
    Since I can tell we’ll no longer go anywhere with this, I’m done. You come up with something better than your own assumptions, maybe I’ll respond. Until then… good day.

  42. A bunch of people talking about things they don’t know about as if they were there. Let all of the facts be presented, hope that the system gets the truth, and then hope that punishments (if necessary) are appropriate. All this arguing isn’t going to change anything that HAS happened, and won’t effect anything that WILL happen.

  43. Wave bye bye to Joe JT. He’s done. Everything he has ever done means nothing in light of this and you know it. You and your three or four friends (those you would give the benefit of the doubt to if told they were raping kids because “gosh I’ve known them forever !” can preach about not being charged and that’s fine. You know as well as I do, that his name and all of PSU are now mud in the publics eye and will stay that way for a very long time.

  44. I agree with Nick’s comment above, “It’s also amazing how people are making this situation about Paterno and not Sandusky. Paterno probably did pass the buck ultimately.”
    Joe Paterno relayed the incident to his immediate superior days following the graduate assistant’s initial report. THAT is the protocol. He was assured by Curley that the situation would be addressed and, in my opinion, wholeheartedly believed that to be the case, after decades of working with the University and with those who seemingly held the PSU code of conduct close to heart. The graduate asst was called in to meet with Schultz and Curley (to whom Paterno reported the incident), a meeting at which Paterno was notably absent. Curley later informed Paterno the school had revoked Sandusky’s access and had addressed the situation with The Second Mile. They CLEARLY kept Paterno out of the whole debacle as much as possible, knowing full well Paterno would either make waves, or become the poster child for the downfall of the University, which they were obviously trying to avoid.
    Yes, Paterno could have pushed the issue – but for all we know (and what I believe), he thought what he did was enough; he put the power in the school’s hands and trusted in the university he worked so hard to help build. And, he knew of ONE incident. But what about the police, the janitors who witnessed a similar incident, other coaches who later recalled their “suspicions” and even parents (especially the parent of Victim #6, I believe, who confronted Sandusky on a phone call)? Why didn’t they report their findings? Why is no one blaming them?

  45. We are… kid rapers we are…kid rapers, State Penn University what a joke. kill em all and let god have his way with them. 10 seconds after that assistant told Paterno what was going on he should have been on the phone to the police, and he should have confronted that piece of shit directly, six months after nothing happened he shoulda been going to the staties on his own. he’s a father and a grandfather!!!!! what a grotesque human being jesus christ of happy Valley turned out to be.

  46. @Sasha, you’re exactly whats wrong with this country and an example of how things like this go on so long without notice. The guy worked for him so he had the obligation professionaly to dig into it fyrther. BTW – The proper protocol was to take a baseball bat and bash his skull in. Thats actually what McQuery should have done. You PSU apologists have no idea how ridiculous you sound, assholes.

  47. @ MM
    You say Sasha is what is wrong with this country and yet in your previous post you said “kill em all and let god have his way with them.”
    How dare she want to go by the facts of the case as reported? (by the way, the presser by the prosecution today, the DA said “Joe Paterno did everything he should have in this case”… soooo, yeah.
    And yet you advocate, when a crime is committed, “killing em all” when you don’t have proof of everyone’s guilt.
    Which person is what is wrong with this country, again?

  48. After 12 years of Catholic School, I decided to go to Penn State to get away from these child sex abuse scandals. Now this happens my senior year. I am so embarrassed and ashamed that the most disgusting and disturbing of crimes has tarnished both my school and my religion. Sad day in Happy Valley. Everyone involved must go.

  49. @JT – yes take all the people who abuse children or have knowledge of abused children and do nothing about above the minmum to stop it, kill em all and let god have his way with them. Joe Pa and Sasha are pieces of shit and you’re agreeing with them, what’s that make you JT?

  50. It makes me a piece of shit in MM’s eyes. And let me tell you- that’s the worst damn thing I’ve ever felt in my life. You don’t have to worry about killing me, MM, I’m gonna kill myself cause you think I’m a piece of shit.
    Please, if you’re going to call out people who make legitimate points- on EITHER side- also bring points to back up your argument. Otherwise you just look like an idiot. I’d rather be a piece of shit in an idiot’s eyes than an idiot in any educated person’s eyes.

  51. I cant believe that some of you feel that because he told the correct authorities at the college that this is all he needed to do..I agree to a point but when he seen this went no where then he should have went above and beyond the call of duty..WHAT if this would have been your child?? You would have been ok with the fact that it stopped with the authorities at the university..If so you are sick also..BS JoePa you were just as wrong as the other sick people who let this go on..Joe Needs to go..

  52. It’s disgusting how ANYONE can offend JP for his lack of action against what happened to this little boy. If I’d witnessed this sick perverted act upon a ten year old, I would had rush in and bashed his fucking head against the wall. JP should be thrown out just like that pervert Sandusky! These sick fucks should be let loose in a prison where they can be gang raped and sodomized, and then, left to die in their own filth on the ground. These are the worst pieces of scum there is, those that take advantage of innocent little kids. Fuck Joe, Sandusky and anyone else who was involved in this coverup.

  53. Joe Pa is guilty as the day is long. Nothing ever happens on that campus or decision made with out him knowing all about it. For him to say he didn’t understand his graduate assistant about what he saw because he used language like indecent and something about some sexual act in the shower? Come on people? He was told in detail the next day and waited another day to go tell the president and AD to sweep it under the rug. Then the guy is allowed to retire with honors and the players carried him off the field in his last game in 2004. 2 years after he was seen committing this crime in the locker room shower????? This act is 100 times worse then SMU alumni giving players money. They received the death penalty and so should Penn ST. The NCAA needs to step in and lay the hammer down! The right thing to do is forfeit the rest of there games and take away every win from 2002 to present. Joe should of been fired and escorted off campus, booked and charged for child abuse. Penn St should do away with there football program for 5 years or better yet all together for allowing this to happen and continue to happen in there athletic department. What a bunch of sick sick folks these Penn St fans have picked as there legend. Coach Joe Pervert~What a disgusting human being.

  54. Funny how people will go nuts on either side of this tragedy. Say what you will, there’s no defending the indefensible. The Board of Trustees, when the issue was FINALLY put in their lap, so that they could make a proper and timely decision, they acted responsibly, contrary to those who said “It’s not my job”, looked the other way, or attempted to hide the truth, for YEARS.
    Seriously, how does the report of “Hey coach, Jerry’s sodomzing young boys in the shower”, get watered down to “Ah, there may have been inappropriate behavior, fondling, possibly of a sexual nature”, to “Horse play in the showers”, to “Inappropriate but perhaps a bit sexual” to “Not very serious”????! The higher the story goes, the more it seems to allegedly have been watered down. The AD, VP and Pres. of the University obviously don’t have their collective stories straight (lies are often tough to get a grasp of, especially when you have to retell them over and over).
    If Mike McQueary’s testimony was as graphic as it was some 9 years after witnessing the assault, it had to be both serious and scarring. Do you really think that he’d with hold this type of information when relating it to Joe Pa, really, REALLY?! My guess is that when everything comes out, and it probably will, we’ll find that someone, anyone, in this series of missteps, should have acted appropriately a Looooooooooooooooong time ago. The longer you let something horrific go, the worse that it usually becomes. The Board of Trustees decision wasn’t universally popular, but it was the right thing to do. Some people who support, defend, or apologize for poor behavior, can’t even see this situation for what it is. Those whom are students and rioted will be facing charges in the future as well. After the riots that occurred in downtown State College, as recently as the 1990’s, they have lots of cameras, that probably got a lot of the illegal activities on tape. This story is going to be around for too long in some respects, maybe not long enough in others, since this saga is one not to ever be forgotten, or repeated either.

  55. Joepa is a disgrace to mankind Period! He is a disgusting arrogant SOB. He knew and all of the coach’s knew. The Board of Trusties failed by not ending the football program Immediately. Instead they hire a interim coach who has been there for over 30 years and you want me to believe he knew nothing. What a joke of an institution. There new name should be PERVERT ST! You guys make me sick to my stomic!!!! If it were my 10 year old son I would come after and beat Joepa till he took his last breath. Rot in Hell you sorry son bitch!

  56. No one knows all the facts in this case at the moment but yet you treat Joe Pa like a piece of trash. Joe Pa has done more for young people than anyone of you will every do in a life time.
    Wake up people, keep your mouth shut until all the facts are presented.
    Joe Pa got screwed by Penn State U…..

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