Not So Fast on That Ryan Madson Thing

It looks like the local and national scriputals are suffering from a case of premature speculation, and, ew, it’s all over the city’s news stories.

Last night, many writers said that a four-year, $44 million agreement had been reached between the Phillies and Ryan Madson. reported that the Big Poker (Ruben Amaro, not Kane Kalas) was simply waiting for David Montgomery to approve.*

*I’d imagine that if this was the case, the response would have been something like: What are you fucking crazy? $44 million to a reliever? I’m not an open checkbook here. How much of that is going to appease his wife? 10, 12 million? Fuck!

Anyway, we don’t think that exchange ever took place because, according to Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies and Madson never reached a deal (an assertion that echoes what Jim Salisbury said on CSN last night).

Rosenthal continues:

The Phillies, who also had been talking with the top free-agent closer, Jonathan Papelbon, are reconsidering their options, sources said.


Last night, Salisbury thought Papelbon may be the Phillies' number one option. Oh boy.

Breathe easy, Sarah, hubby may not be sticking around much longer. And if the price was going to be $44 million… I may be OK with that.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Rollins Tweeted a picture of young J-Roll™: [from last night]

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 4.42.27 PM



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  1. I’m off the Rolling bandwagon. He’s a jackass, and his constant “subtle” twitter musings distancing himself from the Phillies are doing nothing but making it so that I won’t shed a tear with his departure.

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