UPDATE: Patrick Kaleta is an Incredibly Unlikable Human Being

Screen Shot 2011-11-03 at 9.40.11 AM

Here's video of the head butt via Puck Daddy:

You may remember his antics from the playoff series earlier this year.


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  1. doesn’t sean avery now play in the AHL…justice served. ice. cold. and like kaleta, he could be a talented overall good player but him being a bitch trumpets all of that, little room for strictly thug players in this league any more.

  2. Biggest pussy in the league. Tries to play that style and wears a visor. And then he’ll go after a guy like Voracek or Jagr and won’t answer the bell when Shelley or Rinaldo come along. Grade A pussy.

  3. He’s such a bitch. He gave Giroux a cheap shot/late hit, late in the 3rd too. Just a whiney little bitch.

  4. hahahahhaah omg RR you just made me lol … i wasnt a big fan of zherdev but that was bull shit last year ‘oh i was opening the door for my teammate coming off the ice’ BULL SHIT KALETA!! hes scum. and that late hit on G last night.. i tell myself ‘its hockey, hitting my man is part of the game’ but he was CLEARLY just dumping the puck and about to skate off to end his shift and kaleta takes him out. as if i needed another reason to hate him. such a dirty player.

  5. By far the dirtiest player in the NHL. nobody mentioned the fact that slashed Bryz full force in the back with a wind up over his head. How was that not called as a penalty. Cheapest loser in the league.
    As my buddy Ben and i like to say, Kuntletta

  6. Kaleta, what a piece of shit. Giroux whacked someone’s ankle or back-of-calf at the very end of the game last night – not sure who he caught with that. Kaleta needs a nice prolonged leave of absence from the roster/NHL.

  7. The Dipshyte Kaleta probably didn’t realize a different guys wearing 93 this year.

    And I think it was Kaleta who had his arm wrapped around Giroux’s head in 1p, almost trying to rip it off, and… no call.
    The refs just sucked, looking the other way on these calls but calling everything on the Flyers. No PP’s until the start of 3p and by then the Flyers were pooped.
    But THEY STILL WON! Hahahahahah Buffaloo sucks shyte! And they’re all big pussies.

  8. And the refs are epic pussies for letting just about everything that just about every team who plays against the Flyers does go unpenalized – the double-standard is glaringly obvious. Nothing to see there, business as usual. Cunts.

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