Relax, Jose Reyes Most Likely Wasn’t in Philly to Meet with the Phillies

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Let’s speculate!

Yes, Jose Reyes was in Philadelphia yesterday. No, he wasn’t meeting with the Phillies. Probably.

According to some folks on the Tweets, Reyes was seen in and around the city, an assertion confirmed by our friend Dan Gross of

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Never mind that odd reality– the obvious jump to conclusion is that Reyes was meeting with the Big Poker himself, Ruben Amaro. But not so fast, says Jayson Stark:

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If that’s not enough, David Murphy received word from the highest of cheeses, who told him that Reyes was not meeting with the Phils:

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Apparently, Reyes knocked up a woman in Philadelphia (guessing it’s not the only city), and he was in town visiting. Seems reasonable. But I’m not convinced that the Phillies aren’t interested in him. 

Think about this for a second: Last year at this time, Cliff Lee was a pipe dream. Two years ago, trading for Roy Halladay was outside the realm of possibility. Ruben has a knack for doing the improbable. What’s more (and what makes more sense), the Phillies need a shortstop (if Jimmy walks), preferably a fast one who gets on base, hits for average, and is a bonafide top-of-the-order hitter. In a vacuum, devoid of douchiness and a fruity GQ spreads, Reyes makes perfect sense for the Phillies. He might be too expensive… but then again, are we really sure about that, either?

If the Phillies were meeting with Reyes, would they tell anyone? No, of course not. The only reason they were able to land Lee last winter was because Ruben and Scott Proefrock operated with the stealthiness of SEAL Team Six. The last thing Big Poker is going to do is broadcast his hot stove stunts.

UPDATE: Stark just tweeted that Phillies officials said "not a guy for us," "absolutely nuts," "such bull." Translation: Deal done by Friday.


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  1. I bet the previously mention Six Pack bet on this fact. Jose Reyes will be Big Pokers next move.
    Also I love anytime a SEAL Team Six reference can be used. Warms my heart with Patriotism.

  2. Where’s your coverage of the Syracuse (and ESPN) scandal? Or you don’t hate them like you hate Penn State?

  3. I don’t know if it was yesterday or not, but the Phils have met/will meet with Reyes. If they didn’t, RAJ wouldn’t be doing his job. You have a position to fill, you explore ALL options, no matter how small the chances of signing the guy might be.

  4. For God’s sake, please don’t sign the over-hyped, oft-injured, clubhouse cancer Jose Reyes. I don’t want him or Rollins. I actually like Japanese import Hiroyuki Nakajima, if they can get him for the right price.

  5. Do you think Reyes is a clubhouse cancer, or the clubhouse was the cancer that spread to Reyes? I’m pretty sure it might be the latter. In the Phils clubhouse, I don’t think he’d be allowed to pull that diva shit like he did (and seemed to be welcomed) in NY. I think the rest of the Phils would let him know real quick how it’s done.
    I still highly doubt the deal gets done, but I wouldn’t be opposed.

  6. One of the main knocks on Rollins is that he is getting old and has become a bit injury prone. Reyes is young and injury prone. Just imagine what he will be like in 3 years. I’m not paying a guy 100 million who can’t ever put together a full season. Sign Rollins to a shorter deal or look for other alternatives…

  7. I’m all for signing him, when he’s healthy he’s arguably the best shortstop in the game. 5 years guaranteed with a 6 year option that brings it to $100 million. Doubt he would go for it but I wouldn’t mind that deal.

  8. Id rather have the injury prone 28 year old who bats .330 and steals bases than the 33 year old injury prone SS that bats .265

  9. Rather have Reyes than Papplefuck any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Sorry I just dont harbor the hatred for him that most people around here do – the guy’s performance is what we want J-Roll’s to be, except J-Roll with never hit like this guy can. Period

  10. “Id rather have the injury prone 28 year old who bats .330 and steals bases than the 33 year old injury prone SS that bats .265” bingo

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