Scott Paterno May Organize Press Conference For Dad

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Uh oh. Scott Paterno has gone rogue.

Responding on his Twitter to the New York Times report which says Penn State is planning Joe Paterno’s exit, Scott had this to say: 

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Then, in response to questions about his father holding his own press conference, Scott told reporters that he was “working on [making it happen].”

This is spiraling out of control in fantastic fashion. 

The school’s president may be dickless. Paterno may be helpless. But, Scott, a lawyer and (aspiring?) politico, plays by nobody’s rules– this could get wild.

Meanwhile, the scene builds outside Joe's house: [photo via Justin Pizzi of NBC 10]

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This is approaching O.J. levels. I'm half-expecting to see Joe Pa fleeing on the Turnpike in a white Bronco (the role of A.C. Cowlings being played by son Scott).


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  1. yeah, Kyle, a little off topic, but which Mad Men episodes did you watch when you mentioned the un-attractive secretary? I’m confused. I don’t watch the show that much but every time I do, there is usually a relatively good looking bird flitting around the office. You weren’t talking about that old lady that filled in for a while, were you?

  2. Somebody has to tell Spanier that he has no choice but to resign, and the sooner the better for everyone involved, right? There has to be SOMEONE with balls enough around him to say it. I mean, this is getting to the point of unnecessarily ridiculous, all because Graham wants to keep every shred of anything he can. It’s deplorable and horrific.
    That said, JoePa should go rogue and hold his own news conference. And unless he can say- and prove- that Spanier, Curley and Schultz forced him to keep quiet about the issue, he needs to resign at said presser.

  3. OK here’s how I would finish this out If I were JoePa and Spanier.
    1) Spanier announce his resignation for failing to do enough in the situation to help those boys. In the meantime everyone from from assistant football AD’s to the president who may or may not be involved resign as well to “clean house.” Announce no word from JoePa, yet.
    2) Next day for JoePa, hold press conference, prepared statement that comes off saying how regretful he was and he should have acted and failed, blah blah blah. Announce his retirement which will be at the conclusion of the NCAA season so he can finish.
    3) quietly tell football staff that everyone is gone by end of season, completely cleaning house.
    4) have interim president appointed by the board that PSU will do everything in its power to help in the investigation, announce separation of all ties to sandusky, curley, schultz, etc. Road to continuing making penn state great or somthing to that effect.
    This is how you do damage control

  4. that guy: I like.
    Just one change: an off-the-cuff apology from Joe, not some damned statement.

  5. I think Joe Pa did the right thing. He told the right authorities and you don’t know what went on behind the scenes. He may have wanted to do more was forced. You are all forgetting that JoePa is from a different generation. Things were done differently. I’m sure he trusted that what he was doing was right.

  6. joe pa wasn’t in the shower, it was the Sandusky blitz package that got me. stop treating this guy like he did something wrong.

  7. Lisa if you think he did the right thing you’re a fucking moron. The right thing is to 1st confront your “friend” about these allegations and see if he’ll tell you the truth, which he won’t but you know he’s lying because he was caught red handed by that ginger fuck McQueery, so then you proceed to beat the living shit out of him and call the cops. Thats how a real MAN handles this situation, regardless of age or generation. No more bullshit excuses, and Spanier you’re next. I want my tuition money back, and if I get another phone call asking me to donate money to my Alma Mater I ripping my phone off the hook, driving to PSU, and smashing Spanier in the face with it. I still bleed blue and white, but these incompetant retards we call “higher up” need to git!

  8. You think he did the right thing? The right authorities were the police! Especially when he saw that the school admins he told were doing nothing. It’s obscene and no excuse. And no one will convince me that Joe Pa is forced to do anything at that school. He knew it was wrong and turned a blind eye once we whispered down the lane. Obscene. They should all be fired.

  9. If we could only slather the facts in peanut butter Scott would bring us back the truth within the hour

  10. I don’t see why people care this much if he resigns.
    -He got to 409 and got the wins record.
    -He outlasted Bowden so no one will EVER break said record.
    -He hasn’t been the actual head coach in YEARS.
    -He doesn’t go on recruiting trips.
    -He’s nothing more then a figurehead.
    Not to mention, Urban Meyer and a new regime may be the only thing that could save the school from going completely under. The civil lawsuits from the victims will be enormous.
    The sooner they start to address this the sooner they can begin to recover from it.

  11. Scott : Pizza :: CB Commenters : Fat people jokes/unoriginal humor
    (Except for JOEL. That made me laugh. Analogies are almost always great.)

  12. The eagles should sign Scott to play D Tackle. No way Forte gashes the Birds D like he did last night, if Heavy-Set Scott was plugging the middle.

  13. Joe Pa says don’t worry, Ki-Jana Carter and Kerry Collins will get it done Saturday against Nebraska…

  14. I spent a little time with Scott while at Penn State. I didn’t get to know him well, but I certainly got to see enough of him to know that he is going to take full advantage of his opportunity to be in the spotlight. Not that he’s a bad guy or that he’s glad this happened, but his whole situation is tailor made for him. And he is wholly unprepared to handle it in the way it should be handled.

  15. Not sure why everybody is going for Paterno’s head on this one.
    Seems the people he reported it to and followed up with according to the indictment should be the heads on plates….not Paterno.
    But alas, all you witch hunters will get what you want…his resignation.
    I hope he holds a press conference off campus and throws everybody under the bus on this one in regards to PSU officials, DA Gricar, Shreffler, Joe Miller, etc.
    Read the indictment…there were over a dozen people that knew about this and did nothing but go along with the cover up.
    And maybe JoePa was told to keep his mouth shut about it and they were taking care of it in house otherwise he would be relieved of his duties. Ever think of that?
    But again, you all want Paterno’s head on a platter and that’s what you’ll get.
    Read the indictment. I think it will change your witch hunt mentality.

  16. dino7,
    not likely. no one short of the board of trustees could tell JoePa what to do. Because, well, he was JoePa.

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