So, What Caused the Eagles’ Sideline Dustup on Sunday?

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What the hell is wrong with people?

I was all about the Jim Washburn-Marty Mornhinweg dustup. After all, the Eagles have been lifeless all season, so a little bit of passion showed that at least someone cared.

The immediate speculation as to what caused the skirmish was that Washburn took exception to Mornhinweg’s (I seriously hate spelling his name– going with Marty from here on out) failure to utilize the league’s best running back. 

That wasn’t the case– the showdown allegedly occurred following a three and out in which the Eagles ran the ball twice. 

Howard Eskin then reported that it was over play-calling, in general, and likely the Eagles’ consistent failure to sustain any sort of useful drive. Washburn, never shy about his feelings, pushed back on Marty.

Well, it turns out that's not the case, either. 

So, why did two frumpy men yell and push on the Eagles’ sideline Sunday afternoon? They bumped each other, allegedly.

From Jonathan Tamari and Jeff McLane (who knows a thing or two about off-the-field skirmishes): []

The sideline spat between offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and defensive line coach Jim Washburn was set off by a bump on the sideline, according to an Eagles source.

Mornhinweg bumped into Washburn at one point Sunday night, and the fiery defensive line coach took exception. Mornhinweg wouldn't back down, and the two had to be separated by team personnel, the source said.


A bump? Even meatheads at Cavanaugh's give you a one-time pass on such invasions of personal space. We couldn't shake this one off, guys? Perhaps a "don't do that again, fatty"? No? Just yelling and pushing in front of 70,000? Seems reasonable.

So there you have it– Marty bumped Jim… Even the Eagles’ spats are pathetic.


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  1. Umm…perhaps the “inside source” is trying to trivialize the dust up and attribute it to something other than disagreement over play selection? Damage control, plain and simple. They want us to believe that Reid still has control of this team, but that ship has sailed….

  2. This reeks of something the Eagles came up with 2 days after the fact and then “leaked” to writers of their choice.

  3. Wow kyle you believe this? And how long have you been warching this team? I agree with the above…damage control

  4. Save it, Scott. You were into the dust up because it was juicy sideline gossip and something to TMZ over…not because it means that “someone cares.” What a crock..
    I liked hearing about the ugly incident because it is yet another harbinger of the death knell that is the remaining moments on Andy’s tenure. At least I can admit why I liked to hear about the teenage style gossip.

  5. I still believe that it was over playcalling and Mornhingweg’s refusal to run the football. I refuse to believe that this was because Washburn bumped into him on the sideline.
    If that is really the case then I want them both fired right now. That’s completely unprofessional and inexcusable to act like that at their level. They are NFL coaches. N F FUCKING L COACHES!!! That’s some third grade shit. “He pushed me, he started it…” Fuckin’ childish.
    I think they’re trying to sweep that shit under the rug but if this is how they’re rationalizing it, then they’re moron’s because at least the first reasoning that surfaced had merit. This just makes them seem even worse.
    I. Hate. This. Team.

  6. LIES! It’s got to be because Marty is a fucking idiot and refuses to use one of the best RB’s in the game, leaving it up to one of the lesser QB’s in the game to make perfect passes in tough coverage, when he can’t. I’d like to think it was because Washburn called him a big Fracking moron. Yeah, that’s what it had to be.

  7. Whichever version of the story is true, this team is a big piece of shit.
    Playcalling = shitty team with stupid coaches
    Oops I Bumped Into You = shitty team with stupid coaches
    Fuck this team.

  8. Agree with all the comments that this is spin. Pure spin out of the Eagles PR department. But if this really was the case, it’s just another reason Andy needs to go. A shoving match over where you’re standing on the sideline is 6th grade stuff. But we all know that’s not what really happened…

  9. Was asante samuel found in the locker room monday morning yelling for Washburn and Morninweg (yes thats not correct spelling i don’t care to look it up)

  10. Man, this is spin of the highest order. No way do I believe the pablum coming from the mouths of Eagles flacks.

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  12. Come on Kyle your smarter then that bro you kno somebody covering shit up somebody needs to ask d gunn he knows,the deal he was right there fuck Eskin fucking douche nozzle

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