The Penn State Creamery is Probably Going to Want to Remove The “Sandusky Blitz” From its Menu

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 1.39.45 PM
Perhaps not surprisingly, it does have some protein in it.

As of Sunday afternoon, it's still live on site. Tick tock, tick tock.

H/T to (@TheSchoolPhilly), must follow for Penn State people

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12 Responses

  1. did you just make a joke about a dude ejaculating in a child’s mouth, kyle ? Is that the inference or did i miss something? wtf?

  2. Has anyone ever noticed that Kyle Scott only ever makes negative posts about Penn State on his blog? That’s one thing. If he has a problem with Penn State, I guess that’s his problem.
    Now does anyone notice that Kyle Scott is using a tasteless post joking about the sexual abuse of children to take jabs at Penn State? Isn’t it also in part to drive traffic to his site (a.k.a. PROFIT)? Isn’t that going too far?
    It certainly is.

  3. Yeah, Slappy Clown, “Oh the Humanity!” You’re just like all those big defense corporations profitting from war! Take that, you preverted dreg on society.
    Lighten the FUCK up, Nickie. Did it ever occur to you that Laddie was making fun of the other people who might have looked the other way when they knew that there was even a smigeon of the prospect that the coach was a kiddie diddler, and sane people would still understand he was condemning that AND the diddling coach?
    Besides, Slappy Boyo went to Vanillanova, a Catholic school, and we all know they’re all a bunch of altar-boy molestors too. So let Laddie have his brief moment of supereeority while he lives in his incurable dissillusion.

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