Today Marks The Beginning of “Integrity Awareness Week” at Penn State

Integrity_awareness_week_penn_statePhoto via Penn State student (@RBecklerPSU)

This continues to spin into the realm of unfortunate things. And sadness.

Mostly sadness.

Today, November 7, marks the beginning of Penn State’s Smeal College of Business “Integrity Awareness Week.”

From The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student newspaper: [written on Friday]

Starting Monday, the Smeal for Life committee will hold its second annual Integrity Awareness Week to promote the three pillars of the Smeal College of Business — integrity, professionalism and caring.



Desai (graduate-business administration) said the pillars and the honor code show that members of the Smeal community “wouldn’t do anything unprofessional and would follow the moral standards of their college.”

“Smeal has been leading this initiative to promote integrity, professionalism and caring in the Penn State community,” Desai said.


I have no connection to Penn State. None. But it’s hard not to feel bad for the students, professors, coaches, administrators, and every other decent person in Happy Valley who has to deal with this negative light cast on the school… all because some weirdo liked to touch little boys, and some administrators didn’t have the guts to call police.

The business school’s “Integrity Awareness Week” and the “Sandusky Blitz” ice cream (which has now been removed from the menu at the Penn State Creamery) are just two unfortunate ironies.

Now, in something that is not so much ironic as it is maddening, Jerry Sandusky worked out in the Penn State locker room. Last week. [Yahoo!]

Embattled former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky continued to be a presence around the Penn State football program up to his arrest Saturday on child molestation charges, including working out multiple times in the team’s weight room just last week, according to multiple sources within the football program.

The sources, who asked to remain unnamed due to the nature of the scandal, said they saw Sandusky working out in the Lasch Football Building last week.


That was nine years after he was seen having sex with a boy in the showers… in the same building.


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  1. Maybe all the people that graduated from there will stop acting like a damn cult!
    …all joking aside though, I hope that Sandusky gets castrated, tarred and feathered in a public square for this. It makes me sick.

  2. Kyle, I am sorry but please stop with the Penn State postings. Everyone is well aware of what happened and its disgusting. I know its our state university, but at this point its that big of a story that its all over the news. People can watch the news if they want more on this. Its a fucked up story. Please do what the news doesnt provide us, in depth info on Philadelphia sports. Every post today has been about this fucking Penn State scandal. You do realize the Eagles, who people care much more about than Penn State that read this blog, have yet again a HUGE game tonight and you havent had one post about that? Let this Penn State story play out, otherwise give it a rest. I dont give a shit about him outside of his house and I dont give a shit what special week it is at PSU. In fact, why are you giving a creep attention like this? Stick to news Philly fans want to hear. LETS FUCKING GO BIRDS!

  3. I agree with shady. no one actually cares about this scandal as much as you think. the eagles are much bigger news to me. im going to stop reading this blog if i see another thing about this psu scandal. all i care about today is the eagles game. and keeping pace in the division. so pumped for the game.

  4. I was waiting. Fact of the matter is, there’s very little “bloggity material” on game days, especially nine hours before game, and this is the biggest psuedo local sports story in months. And I’m also fairly certain this story above wasn’t posted anywhere else (yet). We’ll have some Eagles stuff soon, though.

  5. yeah seriously please stop with all the psu postings. the last 3 have been so unnecessary. yo kyle do you know the eagles are playing tonight?

  6. Good, i was trying to make others agree and freak out haha I just want some eagles info because tonights another big game. like the story is so sickening I dont want to hear everything haha

  7. i meant i wasn’t trying to make others freak out and totally agree** just my opinion

  8. The story just hit headline article status on E!spn so it’s as relevant as Tim Tebow now.
    Birds by 21 tonight. It’s Buddy Ryan night, Cutler is softer then a wet napkin, and Forte will be rendered useless early.

  9. Look out for the happy valley cult Kyle, they’ve been known to masquerade as Eagles fans. “Big Game” tonight? Giants are 6-2 who you kiddin?

  10. what lesean mccoy said was 100% how i feel as well. any update on cuddyer? unidiction? what happens if the bears focus on mccoy and vick exposes them? stuff like that. i know a 67 year old man raped 10 year boys and i dont want to be reminded of it over and over again. but i guess thats what the media is for/their job

  11. no. no update on cuddyer, trust me, if there was anything good we’d pass along. adam has nice eagles post coming up shortly. unidiction later. six pack tonight. cool?

  12. ok MM, its a huge game because every game the eagles play is huge from here on out. are you a giants fan? because the way the eagles are playing now, the giants are going to get train wrecked and then only be one game up with 6 games left, and the giants have the hardest schedule to finish the season. getting scared? because that was an insecure comment from a giants fan.

  13. @ MM- That doesn’t mean shit if the Iggles beat them next Sunday night then they’re 6-3 to the Iggles 5-4.
    One game at a time, one play at a time. Every game and every play from here on out is huge. Gotta get that wildcard at least. All they have to do is get in.
    NOBODY wants to see this Eagles team on the other side of the field in the playoffs.

  14. Pragmatist here, GO BIRDS! probably shoulda been going since september though… The giants are playing pretty well though, amazing that they can play so well with a quarterback that has down syndrome.

  15. Go Birds.
    Sorry this story interests me a lot about PSU. It would not otherwise interest me so much, except for the fact that the cult and JoePa have hinted that they are morally superior to other schools because of their morality and lack of NCAA violations. and I’m not a huge PSU hater.
    no one is perfect.

  16. As a current Smeal student, seeing the two subjects together as a joke pissed me off. My integrity should not come into question because of a man I never met/ or had anything to do with the (business) school. But unfortunately people love to use one person’s actions to make assumptions about an entire group.

  17. It’s called juxtapositional irony, PSU Mike, and it’s no reflection on the student body. Get over it. When bad things happen to organizations you’re affiliated with, the media tend to report on it. Nobody’s questioning YOUR integrity.

  18. I go to Penn State and every time some idiot like Joe Pa or Spanier says anything about it i want to throw up. They all need to be fired now and get the fuck away from my school forever.
    P.S. I hope Sandusky gets raped in prison every day until he dies of AIDS.

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