Was JVR a Healthy Scratch Last Night or Did the Daily News Swing and Miss?

We all like JVR. From all accounts – both public and private – he’s a good guy and will probably be very successful here. He's strong, shows great promise, and seemingly has a good attitude.


But he was given a Kevin Kolbian extension this summer – six years, $25 million – based, at least in part, on his beastly playoff performance last season (seven goals in 11 games). That’s a small sample size– again, the Kolb thing.

So when this Frank Seravalli report popped up in today’s Daily News… well, it raised a few eyebrows: [Philly.com]

Then, van Riemsdyk was scratched from the lineup without explanation.

According to a team source, speaking to the Daily News last night on a condition of anonymity, Flyers coach Peter Laviolette was "especially critical" of van Riemsdyk's performance on Wednesday night – despite the fact that he scored a highlight-reel goal against the Sabres – and called him out during a team meeting.

Officially, the Flyers said van Riemsdyk is "day-to-day" with a nondescript "lower-body injury."


Now, let’s take this with a grain of salt. That’s not to question Franklin's integrity, but we should keep in mind that one of Seravalli’s sources once had the Flyers on the verge of making a franchise-shaping offer to Steven Stamkos:

Screen Shot 2011-11-04 at 3.34.24 PM

Stamkos would instantaneously vault the Flyers back into the Stanley Cup contender category. So, is it a pipedream? Or closer to reality? We'll know on Friday.

Call me crazy. But my sources aren't.*


It was a pipedream. And the sources may have been crazy. The Flyers never made Stamkos an offer.

However, as Seravalli points out, van Riemsdyk’s “injury” is described as… you guessed it: lower-body. Nothing more. Some think he hurt “it” (perhaps his hip) late in the game against Buffalo. But, this afternoon, Paul Holmgren and Peter Laviolette told reporters that the report was wrong:

Screen Shot 2011-11-04 at 3.38.16 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-04 at 3.38.16 PM

Once again, Carchidi is the cold water on Seravalli’s grammatical boner. Seravalli never Tweeted those comments from the coach and GM, but did, in spectacularly passive fashion, Tweet Lavs' extraordinarily passive "good hockey player" endorsement of JVR.

It’s entirely possible Homer and Lavs are lying (they do that quite a bit), and it’s also entirely possible that Seravalli’s source is completely full of shit. I’d say it’s 50-50. Either way, though, it’s interesting. JVR has five goals so far (pretty good), but he hasn’t looked anything like the playoff version of himself that gave Homer confidence to bring a gun to the left side of the locker room and wipe out partiers row. If JVR was, in fact, a healthy scratch last night – like he was on several occasions last year – it’s not a good sign.

Something to keep an eye on.

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16 Responses

  1. Franklin, this isn’t f’ing Star Magazine in the grocery aisle trying to sell magazines with an anonymous source saying justin beiber is pregnant. People just want to hear accurate stories. You making up shit to get your name out there is only hurting your rep.

  2. yea this is interesting alright. can wrap my head around a JBR – Lavy spat. Seems improbable. JVR seems entirely too reasonable and level-headed to get himself into shit with Lavy, especially having witnessed what that did to previous teams (09-10). But then again 25 mil is a lot of green.

  3. if lavy did in fact scratch him without any injury etc it would be just to get him going and my guess if that was the case that JVR breaks out and scores buckets of goals over the next several games.

  4. Seravalli is trying to shed some light on what’s going on in the locker room, so don’t plan on anyone from the Flyers going on record to corroborate his story.
    Who knows the truth, but I don’t think Giroux would warm up and then be pulled from the lineup.

  5. I really doubt this story. I’m also not sure how Lavy’s statement on JVR was passive. What more was he supposed to say?
    And btw, JVR is questionable for tomorrow’s game because of an injury. So I think the source was completely wrong.

  6. This is exactly what players hate about Philly press. A soon as there isn’t a scandal in the locker someone will create one. Did any one think that since there was no morning skate that he didn’t realize he couldn’t really skate with what ever lingering injury it is. Jeez these writers need to stop pulling stories out of their ass out of boredom.

  7. Ya know, Ashley is right! In a fashion, it’s shyte like this that eventuelly brought on Richie’s Exodus from the team.
    I don’t care what bennafitts these publications provide to the public, but I say boycott them until they clean up their preverted act. They’re just trying to complete with Boyo-bloggers like Laddie, so the more juicy the read, the better the hit count to sell those ads (and make the real $$$). I thought making shyte up was a big no-no with journallism, on par with playgerism. So why should sports reporters be held to a lesser standard than other types of journallists. I they want to make up shyte, then they should write a blog.
    However, I need to stand up for Laddie here, I don’t think he ever intentionly concockted a bald-faced lie for any kind of jig that wasn’t obvious for all to see that it was done in jest. (Hopefully all of any were done in jest.)
    Although, I do have to take him to task for his teasing of Shane’s post-season public apeerances and social media activitties. Oh, he’ll try to justify it as him simply being butt-hurt by Shane’s lack of any kind of outward signs of felling bad and sad at the all-too-quick exit in this year’s post-season by the Phillies. Even though Laddie may be deseeving his own head with this notion, he should be over it by now, like any normal human. But to me—and again it may not be an act that he’s doing conshieously—he’s really got an axe to grind with Shane because in partickuler Shane dissed Laddie and his blog in one or two of his tweets*. So he’s pretty much seeking revenge by only dishing out negative coverage of Shane’s exploits and endeavours.
    Let it go Mama’s Boyo, life’s to short to hold a grudge like this. It’ll only make your life much shorter, and more pathetic qualitattively-wise. And you know what that Confewshieuss say about seeking revenge (it’s a well known ancient Chinese secret):
    “Ah-so, Befoewa you undewatake twrip of wrevenge, dig two hoewa to burwie body in—one foewa wrevenger and one foewa wrevengee.”
    That guy was real smart too, so you should heed his advice. Hahahahahah
    “Slappy Clown”, need I say more?:
    and earlier:

  8. Newt Gingrich, for example, pitched the claim that eliminating the estate tax that applies only to the biggest multimillion dollar estates–a large tax cut applicable only to the uberrich silver-spoon kids who do nothing to earn the largesse–will cause all kinds of wondrous economic changes. See “To create Jobs, abolish the death tax now” (The Newt Gingrich Letter).

  9. In coaching these leaders I often hear the same thing said again and again: “They are going to have to understand that I am going to be a missional leader now. I’m not going to be in the hospital or at their homes holding their hands like I used to.” Half of me wants you cheer, “Hurray!” when I hear that. The other half cringes in fear that the baby may be getting tossed out with the bath water.

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