Yeah, We’re Doing a Live Streaming Radio Show

For a while now, many of you have asked if we were in any way partnered with the fine folks at Buzz on Broad. The answer has always been “no,” despite the obvious name similarity. In fact, like most other blogs, we viewed (view) them as competition. However, in this world of independent websites and the like, forming a mutually beneficial partnership can often improve the quality of both sites’ offerings.

That’s what we aim to do here.

We got to thinking: maybe there is an opportunity to work together. Buzz on Broad covers sports in a much different way than we do, providing credentialed reports and blogs posts on the entire Philly sports scene. They got their start when their founder, Drew Cohen, hosted frequent live radio shows and podcasts with a myriad professional athlete guests. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve dipped our toe into the podcast realm, too, speaking with beat reporters, Grantland writers, and, yes, even Chase Utley. But producing a weekly podcast is no easy task. There’s more editing than one might think, plus the logistics of recording it, finding a hosting site, and preparing so we don’t sound like total assholes. Drew incurred similar issues in hosting his show (time issues– not sounding like an asshole).

Enter Broad Street Radio.

We (myself and Drew) have decided to combine forces to produce a … ready for this … live show twice per week, tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. We won’t talk about sports in a sports talk radio way, but we also won’t ramble on like most long, drawn-out podcasts. Instead, the flow will be similar to Jagr's PTI meets Outside the Lines meets the Daily Show. We’ll talk about recent games, news, and stats, but also about the larger issues surrounding individual topics. And we’ll always do it sans filter, with snark and humor. We’re also going to have many guests, including local athletes, media members and personalities.

Oh yeah, you can call in, too.

So there you have it: Broad Street Radio, a live-streaming radio show hosted by myself and Drew Cohen. Our first show – live – will be today at 2:30 PM. Make sure to tune in, we think you’ll enjoy it… or just take pleasure in listening to us go up in flames.

We’ll remind you when we’re broadcasting, but be sure to follow Broad Street Radio on Facebook and Twitter

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11 Responses

  1. LOL “Phil From Mt. Airy”
    hopefully it really is your dumb ass.
    Kyle what is the phone number to call in ???
    Beez Nutz

  2. I have a theory that Phil from Mt. Airy is secretly on the payroll at 610/94 because as soon as I hear his clown voice that’s what I change the radio to.

  3. Number will be posted when we go live today. May not take many calls during first show, depending on how it goes.

  4. Dude yes. This is going to be sweet. I listened to Drew a lot when he first started Buzz On Broad, and he is excellent. With him and you together, that’s a dynamic duo right there. Looking forward to it, Kyle!

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