Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack

As always, this segment is sponsored by our friends from Drinker’s Philadelphia, where you can get $1 hot dogs during all Eagles and Flyers games. And really cheap drinks. Always.

Pissed off at: D-Jac is Rod Tidwell before Tidwell’s wife smacked him around in Jerry Maguire’s place the summer before his contract year. Up until that point, Tidwell felt he was entitled to a new contract. He refused to change his ways, despite Jerry’s unhealthily-long shower speech to the Tidwell and his swinging dong. Eventually, Tidwell got it and realized that he had to change his ways, do his job, and let the chips fall where they may. The whole thing culminated in him catching the winning touchdown pass on Monday Night Football, getting knocked out for a few (something that would now force him to take a myriad tests before getting anywhere near the field again), and earning the respect of Glenn Fry, who presumably gave him a new contract shortly thereafter*.

*Bill Simmons has one of my all-time favorite suspended disbelief posts ever in his mailbag. He calculated that it would be impossible for Jerry to have a change of heart, jet home, and deliver his “you complete me” speech to Renee Zellweger in front of the “I hate men” group.

Anyway, DeSean never had that beachside convo with his wife. Hell, he doesn’t have a wife. The you have to earn it memo never reached him. He’s never changed, never grown up. He’s still an immature kid who puts himself way in front of the team, and that’s not going to get him a huge contract… with anyone. I’ll take DeSean here. Plus, Andy is dead to me.

Flyers Winter Classic Jerseys: Pass. The Flyers would have had to release a sky blue or the Tony the Tiger jersey to not get a positive response here. Still, some of you seem unhappy with the somewhat uninspired design.

Eagles or, um, Eagles: Wait, what? A friend’s son plays for the Marsh Creek Eagles Pop Warner football team. They just won the Eastern Regional playoffs – smoking NY and DC in the process (always fun) – and will now play in the Pop Warner National Championships at Disney’s Wide World of Sports on Thursday. 

They need some money. The trip is costing them upwards of $40,000.

Here’s the PayPal link to contribute (I donated $25 to start). Every little bit counts, and they are a qualified 501c, so all donations are tax deductible, too.

The Eagles won their regional final 32-0 this weekend. Here’s a link to the league site for additional details. Our man Gavin “The Hammer” Tabasso ripped off a couple of huge runs last week, seen here and here. He’s a white man’s Shady McCoy… who actually gets to touch the ball.

Please take a few second to check out the links and donate what you can. Thanks!

Crossing Broads: Our friends over at Puck Daddy have a post up today about the removal of Paulina Gretzky’s provocative Twitter account (COED Magazine aggregated all of her TwitPics), so we decided to throw her up against the wall another fun-loving daughter. Since the surname is relevant, Paulina’s adversary will be Nicki Meyer, the volleyball-playing daughter of Urban Meyer who is as attainably cute as Paulina is whory. It’s a cute vs. hot showdown. I go cute. What says you?

Murph v. Miss: Miss (here’s why), unless they’re playing Words with Friends, in which case I’ll go Bob Costas.

Sixers: Neither– I’m more excited than I was last year because perhaps the in-game experience won’t completely suck with Adam Aron running things. The Sixers still need a lot of on-court help, however.


Today’s Drinker’s Challenge: Correctly predict the next Major League player to be acquired (traded or free agent) by the Phillies this offseason. The player has to have previous Major League experience. If it’s a multi-player trade, the “bigger name” player will prevail. Winner gets a prize to Drinker’s Philadelphia establishments. Enter after the jump. 


15 Responses

  1. Somehow, at somepoint, it became ok to ask other people to help (lazy parents) financially support thier kid’s hobbies. Don’t have kids if you can’t pay for thier trips. Thats part of the deal. Good luck to the little Eagles, i wish you all full boats to an SEC school, sounds like you’ll need em.

  2. M2- I’m not sure most people budget for $40,000 trips for an improbably trip to Florida. Back off, jeez.

  3. The Tidwell/ Jackson comparison doesn’t work. Tidwell had done nothing and wanted a payday. D-Jax had quietly done his job and over-performed for two years before asking to get paid.

  4. @JC.. are you really defending DeSean Jackson?
    He has 2 Td’s this year??
    If it werent for the Giants punting the ball to him, he would be awful in the return game as well.

  5. MM…having a $40,000 trip pop up on you out of nowhere that you can’t necessarily afford means their parents are lazy? It could just mean they don’t have the money for it. We’re in a recession, right? Not everyone was born with a trust fund, right? They’re ASKING for donations because the opposite is they don’t get to go. Nobody’s forcing you to pay for their trip either through PayPal or through tax money, so don’t be a dick.

  6. The Eagles created the Desean situation when they refused to pay him. You’d be ticked too if your incompetent coworker was making 400% of your salary. When Rueben signed Cliff Lee one of the first guys he talked to was Halladay. He knew Cliff making more money could be an issue so he addressed it immediately. The Eagles ignored the situation and now they’re paying for it.

  7. @Chris, $40g’s is most certainly the cost for the entire team to go moron. If you broke it down by kid it’s not that much money. I grew up in Port Richmond cuz, no trust fund here. When my kids had to go to Lake Placid or Long Island for hockey tourney’s i footed the bill, or, i borrowed the money and paid it off as i went. Point is, why does every parent nowadays need to put thier hand out? Bad Credit? Who’s fault is that? Where does it end? where’s the dignity and personal responsibility? Take care of your own personal responsibility’s first.

  8. Is there a time limit on the drinkers challenge? I wanna wait to see where Ed Wade lands before making my prediction.

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  10. Where’s your coverage of the Syracuse (and ESPN) scandal? Or you don’t hate them like you hate Penn State?

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