Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Scandal and Hot Stove Edition

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Papelbon signing: I don’t. That’s nothing against Papelbon as a pitcher (I’d actually take him over Madson), nor is it based on the fact that he’s kind of douchey. I just don’t like shelling out the largest contract ever to a relief pitcher. So far this offseason (and knowing Rube, there’s still much to be done), the Phillies have added another aging player who strikes out a lot and doled out a massive contract to a closer, the most unpredictable position in baseball. Those are probably exactly the two things the Phillies didn’t need to do this winter. But I’ll withhold judgement until the Big Poker reveals his hand.

Paterno firing: Yes, he should have. Now, whether that’s because he knew too much and didn’t do anything, or because the university dragged its feet for three days and forced themselves into a position where they had to fire Paterno, I’m not sure. If – huge if Sandusky’s attorney is telling the truth – that the boy McQueary saw in the shower denies being raped – it means that, at least in this one instance, Paterno was accurate when he said he didn’t believe a rape happened. Again, huge if, but it is worth noting. And if that is the case, Paterno may – stress, may – have been unjustly removed. But again – big disclaimer here – my gut tells me he knew much more than what’s out there.

DeSean Jackson: He’s overrated. His on-field play has dropped off fairly significantly from last year (catches, touchdowns, and receptions over 50 yards– all down), he pissed off Andy Reid enough to get benched, and now may be broke. Ugh.

Crossing Broads: We’ll call this the blondes next door edition. I love me some Ali Gorman. She instantly livens up any newscast with her perky smile, sharp intellect, and good evening, Philadelphia tops. Nadine, on the other hand, is shown here just two weeks after giving birth. Mama! She’s the anti-hockey wife: a modest, take-home-to-mom, um, mom. Here she is on FOX Philly earlier this year promoting the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival (annnnd she cares for others!). However, Gorman still takes the cake here– she brings something to the table on a regular basis with her health reports and she’s an R.N. — I think I got me a fever, Nurse Gorman!

Crossing Bros: Is it just me or has Ruben Amaro morphed into Dean Pritchard from Old School

Screen Shot 2011-11-15 at 12.16.03 PM

I just don’t want to see this trend to continue. Next thing you know, Amaro is drunk with power and using his position to castoff young talent for his own immediate gain. Oh, wait… Yeah, I like Giroux’s flow.

TV performance: SNL’s take on the Penn State scandal was excellent, but Iceman Bob Costas nailed that Sandusky interview last night. Nailed it! Hell, I’d vote for Bob for president. Seriously.


This week Drinker’s Challenge: Guess correctly the number of receiving yards DeSean Jackson has on Sunday night. Winner gets a prize from Drinker’s. Enter after the jump.



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  1. I’m surprised anyone is still watching SNL. It’s never been the same since the days of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players of the ’70s. RIP John, Gilda, and O’Donoghue.
    Maybe they should go back to doing all the they did back in the old days before going live. Shyte, we were all high on blow back then… maybe that’s why it seemed so funny in those days.

  2. My aunt lives in the same apartment building as Ali Gorman and apparently she is a complete cunt.

  3. You should change this blog to with all of the bitching going on lately. We gave Papelbon 2 million more per year than Madson. Get over it.

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