Your Monday Morning Roundup: Prolonging the Agony

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 8.30.00 AMSo, that happened

A classic Don’t Fire Me game. There’s almost no better way to describe it:

Eagles and Andy Reid enter the Mead New whatever that stadium is called and hang on for a hard fought win against a good divisional opponent on the road. The game not only temporarily puts the pitchforks away, but it also keeps the Eagles' season hanging on by the tiniest of threads. It’s the start of a late-season push that will likely see the birds go 4-3, giving ownership just enough reason to not fire Andy Reid.

Any we’re supposed to be excited, why?

Within minutes of the clock hitting zero, Postgame Live emailers told Gregg Murphy that they thought the Eagles were going to play for the NFC Championship… R. Diddy slunked into his chair with his head in hands– no, no, no.

It’s not happening. Everything written here and here still holds true. The season is not saved. The Eagles are not going to the playoffs. And it would be best for all of us if they kept losing and Andy Reid was fired at season’s end. 

You could almost predict an Eagles win last night. Our Adam Reigner sort of did yesterday morning. As Chris Collinsworth pointed out, it was a trap game for the Giants, who were facing a down-and-out, depleted Eagles team. It took Eli Manning temporarily turning into Eli Manning, Chocolate Tebow’s fourth quarter drive, and a game-saving play by the most likable guy on the team, Jason Babin, for the Eagles to pull out the victory (remember, they blew a 10-0 lead and were on the verge of bending for a 90-yard fourth quarter drive).

Still, some folks will believe this was just the first of an 11-game, on our way to the Super Bowl! streak. It’s not. Next week, the New England Patriots come to town.


A couple of quick notes:

– The only consistently good player on the Eagles is LeSean McCoy. Get the It’s Always Shady in Philadelphia shirt from Philly Phaithful right here. Even better, a portion of the proceeds will go to fighting cancer.

– Did you watch last night’s game at Drinker’s, complete with $1 hot dogs and cheap beer? You should have. Click here for locations and specials.

Vance Worley will be signing autographs at the Deptford Mall on December 4th. Get details and tickets here.

Flyers-Penguins tickets start at $58. Get them here.


The roundup:

– DeSean Jackson left the stadium in a walking boot (picture). It appears to be precautionary. He says he hurt it in the fourth quarter after making a seven-yard catch.

– Speaking of the fourth quarter, Philly Sports Daily has a complete breakdown of the Eagles’ 18-play drive.

– The Phillies acquired Ty Wigginton. Ruben Amaro has officially cornered the market on aging white guys.

– Sandusky's charity is folding.

– Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee rips DeSean Jackson for taunting the Giants (video):

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 8.13.36 AM
Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 8.13.36 AM

Again, he’s the kicker.

– Dr. J’s I need cash, Holmes auction brought the former great over $3 million. A portion will go to charity.

– Major League Baseball may begin testing for HGH.

– Lou Williams and DeSean Jackson are rapping together, the end of the world nears:

– NBC continues to plow ahead with their cross-promotional opportunities. Together with the NHL, they’re going to co-sponsor of a Thanksgiving Day Parade float to promote Friday’s “Thanksgiving Showdown” between the Bruins and Red Wings. And, slowly, the allure of the Winter Classic dies with each gimmick game the NHL comes up with.

Eli Manning face and Erin Andrews all wet.

Cullen Jenkins hit on D.J. Ware.

Landon Donovan scored another big goal to win the MLS Cup for the Galaxy.

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36 Responses

  1. Couldn’t be more disappointed about last night. Now, my distaste for the Giants has reached a whole new level.
    Oh, what does it matter if a kicker classifies a wideout or any other player, for that matter, as a punk? What would it matter if Scobe was the wire holder for the coach’s electronics? Would it matter if he was on the ground’s crew?

  2. funny how all you white people want to call jackson names and then when he makes the big punt return the bar goes crazy and you all jump back on his dick…

  3. I can assure you race has nothing to do with it. He was acting like a straight up thug pulling that stunt last night. And it’s not only white people saying that, believe me. He’s lucky he’s got more talent in his entire body than most people do in one finger.

  4. You really gonna defend Desean after that? It was the epitome of a punk move. I also couldn’t give a shit if Scobee is the kicker or not. He was right. How much money you think Desean cost himself with that? Because I guarantee every other team is gonna say “why should we pay you big money for your big plays if you are just gonna do something stupid to have it called back?”
    Also… Erin Andrews. Mmmm mmm mmmm.

  5. Still don’t understand the disdain towards Jackson, from Eagles’s fans and the public in general. All he’s done in the last 5 years is be the best Eagles receiver since Mike Quick, provide us with highlight after highlight, regularly embarrass New York, Washington, and Dallas(Possibly the most endearing things you can do for Eagles fans), and been a fine human being off the field. The occasional taunting penalty shouldn’t be nearly enough to outweigh the staggering number of positives he’s brought in 4 seasons, all with a rookie contract. Sure $600k is crazy to any of us, but that’s peanuts for a #1 receiver(Yeah yeah Maclin, blah blah blah, call me when he stops dropping would-be clutch passes in the 4th quarter).
    So he’s fighting over his contract, has dipshit Drew Rosenhaus as an agent, and dances and brags after making big plays. This is apparently enough for him to be labeled a “thug”, a “punk”, and according to many anonymous commenters across the internets, a “monkey”.

  6. So tell me… if the Eagles had lost that game, would you still be defending what Jackson did? I doubt it.
    If you can’t understand disdain from fans who tolerate the showboating until it COSTS THE TEAM, then I don’t know what to tell you. Fans will let you do ANYTHING until it hurts the team’s chances. It’s two weeks in a row (of a lost season) that Desean does something stupid that costs the team. Again, if you can’t understand the disdain, I can’t help you.
    “Chase Utley syndrome in full effect”- tell me, please. How many times has Chase Utley missed a meeting? How many times has Chase Utley showboated during a game?
    Zero to both? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  7. Exactly. He just shouldn’t have done it. Yes he is a huge force on this team. But when somebody does something completely stupid that could harm the team’s progress in the long run, he’s gonna be called out on it. If we had lost last night the level of outrage would be astronomical.
    And I definitely meant to type he’s got more talent in one finger than most people do in their entire body, not the other way around. It’s early.

  8. I love watching the Eagles defense play like it did last night. That slo-mo gif of Jenkins hit doesn’t do it justice- the hit is MUCH nastier at regular speed.

  9. Dwayne – Almost as bad as people bashing Jackson because he is black, is you defending Jackson purely becuase he is black. Get a clue and stop being so ignorant.

  10. New category for Eagles games:
    The Polishing the Turd game.
    Season still lost, but somehow team pulls out a win by looking competent and downright dominating in some respects. Had such dominance been displayed earlier, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

  11. Jackson is the Allen Iverson of the Eagles.
    He’s a diva. He’s a head-case. He lays down on plays he isn’t involved in.
    But the guy is talented. You give him the ball, and 80% of the time he’s going to do something that make defenders look silly.
    Bottom line is that the Eagles are a better team with him and his theatrics. We can snarl all we want – but imagine releasing him and he signs with the Giants. Paired with Cruz. It would be a nightmare for Eagles fans for the next 4 years.

  12. “And it would be best for all of us if they kept losing and Andy Reid was fired at season’s end.”
    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be frustrated, even angry, with the Eagles’ lackluster performance thus far this season, but the notion that Eagles fans should root for the demise of their franchise seems unproductive. At least on the surface, when the argument becomes “support the Giants” and when the only response to a gritty win against a divisional rival is snarky disappointment, there seems to be something wrong. When the defense at last shows progress and the offense engineers an 18-play, 9 minute, game-winning fourth quarter drive, there should be more of a reaction other than unflinching pessimism.
    Despite the preseason hype and lofty expectations, the 4-6 record marked by inconsistent play on both sides of the ball is not too surprising, given the wave of new coaching and player personnel during an abbreviated offseason. While the Eagles’ playoff hopes remain decidedly slim to none, I don’t see the use of sitting sad-sack for the rest of the season, hoping the Eagles continue to fail. I think by the end of the season if the defense reverts back to early-season form and the offense remains stagnant, then by all means, the Eagles should make serious personnel changes. But if I’m not mistaken, they made some significant changes last year, too. And I’m sure this time next year, there will be a similar post demanding more changes. To quote a famous poem, there is no joy in Mudville. For Philadelphia, it appears there never will be any joy. But at least the new-look Eagles will be sporting kelly green.

  13. I dont understand why people dont see the impact jacson has on the entire team. He brings the i dont give a **** about you im gonna do my thing and that is what this team needs. and @J.T. “Chase Utley syndrome in full effect” is that chase utley can do no wrong eventhough hes been steadyly declining for 4 years, but its always going to be Ryan Howards fault for the Phillies loses. He gets paid to much, but dont loook at Ulteys salary. He strikes out too much, hes not clutch, but dont look at what Utley has been doing for the last 4 years.

  14. I’m rooting for the demise of this coaching staff, not the franchise. We’ll see what they’re made of when Belichick rolls into town next week.

  15. @David33e… I’m sorry, I thought we were talking about the Eagles. My mistake.
    And I don’t know if you realized or not but “Chase Utley can do no wrong” doesn’t really hold true anymore. Any intelligent fan who watches the games understands he is clearly declining, and is not as valuable to the team as he used to be. The difference between him and Howard is that it does SEEM that Utley is giving the effort all the time, while Howard has yet to make one damn adjustment in his major league career.
    So, while Utley has declined and is not the player he used to be, that should not excuse the $25M a year clean up hitter from being expected to do his damn job.

  16. Jason, we don’t know that “Dwayne” is actually a black guy…just so you know.
    And also, I would hope that Jackson has more talent in his entire body than most people have in a single finger…and if you meant that DJack has more talent in his finger than most have in their entire body, I will just disagree patently with you there…
    He is a 170 lb. water bug type wide out who can catch the ball a little…this is NOT a great talent. He is gifted. Greatly talented? Meh?

  17. “Chase Utley syndrome in full effect is that chase utley can do no wrong eventhough hes been steadyly declining for 4 years, but its always going to be Ryan Howards fault for the Phillies loses.”
    Umm the difference is Utley is declining due to age while Jackson is costing his team with his stupid on and off the field antics. Does that make sense?

  18. @Dwayne
    Race has nothing to do with it. Desean acting like a fucking retard does. Don’t bring it down with bullshit. I’m also not “jumping on his dick.” He’s a retard(DeSean).

  19. Hey Ryan Howards Crutch i am willing to bet all i have and all i ever have that if Jackson was standing in front of you at the supermarket you would start giggling like a little school girl begging him to sign an autograph for your “kid” thats not there knowing you want it for you. you people are so full of shit it is pathetic.
    when dude brought the food for the family a few weeks ago you all were on his dick hard talking about how they need to pay him he is a great guy blah blah blah now the dude gets to involved in the moment of the game you assholes want to cut him

  20. “So tell me… if the Eagles had lost that game, would you still be defending what Jackson did?”
    You mean like the other games they’ve lost while he acted the same way? YES. The fact that the play was even wiped out is utter horseshit. A dead ball penalty coincides with a live ball penalty and they wipe out the play. I’ve never heard of such a thing, and from what I’ve read, neither has anyone else who’s ever followed football in the slightest. Do you hold the excessive celebration from last year’s Tetley tea dive against Dallas against him even though the play was still live when they threw the flag? It almost feels like they’re improvising penalties on the spot to deal with him.
    The man has more than delivered his share in his 4 years here. This isn’t Freddie Mitchell who ran off at the mouth despite any lack of football ability whatsoever. It’s not T.O. with his staggering numbers and tendency to rip locker rooms apart, as well as throwing everyone not named T.O. under the bus. This is a receiver that’s been torching defenses as long as he’s been in the league, with any QB throwing to him (all of which he publicly endorsed BTW), and doing it for less money than most any playmaker in the league.
    And as for the non-gameday stuff, I’m still waiting to hear about all these “off the field” antics I keep hearing everyone talk about. Barring the drama over the contract, I’ve yet to hear one bad thing he’s done outside the context of football. If you’re okay with Mike Vick in midnight green with all the atrocities he’s committed in his lifetime so long as he plays at a high level, then you damn well better be okay with a top 10 WR who’s cocky and bitter about his contract.
    Stop scapegoating DeSean Jackson. In case you haven’t been following along, he’s not the reason the Eagles are 4-6. He didn’t get torched in the 4th quarter week in and week out. Aside from the fumbled punt return against Chicago, he’s been about what you’d expect on the field.

  21. the eagles loss 6 games this year so one penalty is not the make or break for this team so save me that bullshit.
    if if if
    if he didnt get a penalty all you miserable fucks would be chuckling it up around the water cooler in your offices hanging from the kids nuts.
    so save the bullshit, you assholes were probably on McNabbs side when he ran owens out of town then stepped up to get Westbrook money because Westbrook was represented by a family friend and made comments saying he needed Haynesworth to win and hadn’t played a down with him.

  22. bigmyc, yeah I meant the other way around, I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I clarified myself a few posts down. I’d argue that Jackson is a bit more than you’re making him out to be. He is one of the greatest assets that this team has had in years. But whether he is extremely talented or a “170 lb. water bug type wide out who can catch the ball a little” is beside the point. It doesn’t justify him making an ass out of himself and the team.

  23. @J.T. let me know when deseans costs the eagles a game. he brings swagger to this team that was clearly missing against the cards

  24. @David33e
    PERFECT! Thank you for bringing up EXACTLY what I was going to in your second sentence! The swagger that was “clearly missing” against the Cards. And why was it missing? Because Desean missed a meeting! His own fault.
    And if their swagger was “clearly missing” you are implying it hurt them… which could be construed as costing them the game. So, you want me to let you know when it does… it did, 8 days ago.

  25. The Eagles remind me of that boy who keeps giving you false hope… at first after you meet things were great (Eagles win first game of season)and then slowly things start getting worse. He becomes an asshole and starts doing shitty things and treating you like shit. But then again he gives you some false hope, then you catch him out one night doing extra curricular activites with someone else. So once again you say you are done with that asshole, but only to get some more false hope…… The Eagles need to make up their minds. Either they suck or they are good. The mind games need to stop.

  26. I prefer to call what happened last night “The Dead Cat Bounce”. This has the look and, more importantly, the stench of a familiar nightmare where the Eagles, after stumbling like a drunk into late November, go into one of their patented late season winning streaks where they look like world beaters, fight their way into the playoffs, only to choke like dogs and lose in the first round, something that would ensure yet another season of Andy Reid, something we absolutely do NOT want.

  27. I don’t often hand out “honorable mentions,” but, speaking of putting two things together with some impact, Jeff Danziger deserves a free drink for this devastating bit of cheap humor. And I say “cheap humor” with the greatest respect, because it’s not often a cartoonist can crack you up and still make a coherent point.

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