Your Morning Carts: I Went to the Flyers Game in a Private Suite with a Harem of Girls and was Sad Edition

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 12.12.38 PM
Sadly, no pictures of Carts on the town (yet), but, thanks to CSN's nonstop coverage of Jeff Carter's suite, we do have some fun screen grabs (I say every time CSN feels the need to show the CSN Philly Online Coach, they just show stock footage of Carts looking sad in his suite).

Carts was joined by several friends, including one who traveled with him to Canada this summer, one who had a mustache and a beer gut, and a bunch of girls. It's like an episode of Entourage gone horribly wrong.

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 12.45.53 PM

Thanks to (@BrettLaverty) for this one

More screenshots are after the jump. The last two seem to show Carts using his white iPhone to calculate the tip for the suite (we're guessing here that he rented and paid for the box, but not sure). Normally, injured players would sit in the press box. Not Carts– party suite.

Also, Flyers 9, Blue Jackets and their unfortunate existence 2.

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 12.12.31 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 12.12.31 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 12.12.31 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 12.12.31 PM

How much is this setting me back?!


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  1. Why wasn’t he in the press box? Just didn’t look good with all the chicks behind him in sleeveless outfits..How many sleeveless girls do you see at the WFC during a hockey game… Its cold in there..He used his injury as a reason to get together with his old friends..glad he is gone. That guy has no drive at all.

  2. Once again, weirdo Kyle trying to tarnish a dudes name because “Carts” acts like a normal guy and likes to hang out with his friends. Not really sure how his personal life appeals to you or anyone on the internet.

  3. Tom the guy has tons of drive. You look at this poor excuse of journalism (I’m assuming that’s what this is supposed to be) and cast judgement on Jeff? This wasn’t a “party suite”. What in the world is wrong with getting together with friends when you are in town and not playing?? Stop judging and continue being a fan.

  4. Why Lilja still allowed on the ice…I’d rather bring Sami Kapanen out of retirement and play defense than have that bum skate another shift for the orange and black!

  5. Isn’t that blonde chick the one he used to undress with his eyes in the pre-game warm-ups last year?

  6. looks like he removed the line about the “token black guy” in the first pic. Guess he came to his senses that he was being racist. I hope the actual guy ends up taking action for Kyle calling him that.

  7. Are you serious Joe B? If you’re gonna get bent out of shape for that remark you better stop reading this site. or anything for that matter. also stop watching TV. and listening to music.

  8. Airbalac,
    A close resemblense but probably not. Here’s the Swedish Puck Bunny:
    The same girl wearing an old alternate black Flyers #22 sweater… Is it for Leino? Knuble?… Tocchet!? (amongst a few others who had that number):
    I think that the Swedish Puck Bunny looks like the Puck Ducky girl:
    More of Puck Ducky here:!/PuckDucky
    Where she gives you her Model Mayhem link; The portfollyo:
    But that girl at top’s not Puck Ducky. There’s something wrong with her jowls. Probabaly didn’t stop The Carts.
    Too bad since they don’t meet again that there won’t be any more Morning Carts. I guess there’s a possibility there may be some in the post season but we know the BJs aren’t getting there hahahaha.
    Hey, maybe soon there’ll be a “Morning Cooter”. Not too regular I hope, and not until he earns it with a championship and not by reputation.
    PS That brunet smilin behind Carts back in the last pick. Hubba. I wonder if she’s smilin cause she’s get ready for some Cartering? Or is it because she’s been Cartered and she’s happy to see him again? Or is it because she’s been Cartered and knows something we don’t about getting Cartered? Hahahah

  9. @Declan um, when have any other players used an injury to party in a box with their friends?
    it would be different if it were an off day for the team.
    but actually, he’s not our problem anymore so it doesn’t matter.

  10. To those who defend Carter…let me just say if I was in the Blue Jackets Organization I would probably want him sitting in the Blue Jackets press box with other teamates (if any) so they could watch the game together and maybe discuss what they see. Now if he normally does and this one time he wanted to just see his friends. Well I am cool with that as long as he was okayed by the team….#teamplayer

  11. @what? Used an injury? Partying? Hanging out with your friends / family when you’re injured is a crime? Pretty sure in every screen shot there is a water bottle in front of him. And if you look closely, Jared Boll (another injured CBJ member) is actually in the box as well. BTW, Chris Pronger was with his wife and kids in a suite as well. Maybe you should take some pictures and start a tabloid site about that.

  12. Also, as a season ticket holder in a box – I’ve watched at least ten games with Riley Cote in our company box while he was a healthy scratch. During last years playoffs, Nik Zherdev and Oskars Bartulis were often in our box when they were scratches as well. Do your homework buddy.

  13. so we were anxious to see if we could find any remnants of the mine now located on Washington State Parks property. It’s on the south side of the Green River just east of Flaming Geyser State Park. Thanks to Gomer’s memory and the sleuthing/bushwacking skills of our team, I think that we did great and now have a pretty good understanding of how this facility all laid out – at least at the big picture level.

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