Your Mourning Carts: I Took a Private Jet to Canada to Wakeboard and See Mike Richards Wear a Flyers Shirt Edition

Richards_flyers_shirtScreen Shot 2011-07-21 at 4.57.09 PM

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name (Bad name)
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name (Bad name)
Hey, you give love a bad name

– Bon Jovi

Oh the pain.

Never mind the fact that a Philly boys weekend sounds like something a promiscuous community college dropout would have with her friends in Florida, why must Michael Richards continue to torment us? When he was here, he wore nothing but Yankees caps. Now, after being assassinated by Holmgren, he's wearing Flyers shirts. The fuck, Richie?

Shown with Richie and Carts are presumably the other "Philly boys." On the left is Kitty, who was also pictured with the guys during happier times at PPL Park. He's a DJ for our favorite local establishment and sponsor, Drinker's… sooo, I like your shirt, Kitty! Apparently, boat shoes are in, too.

But that's not all, folks. There are also pictures of Carts wakeboarding and the private jet the Philly boys took to see Richie… but you're going to have to get over the jump to see those.


Screen Shot 2011-07-21 at 5.30.19 PM

Miller Lite. Nice.

UPDATE: Nice find by Grace in the comments. The boys also attended Richie's golf tournament. Warning: That link takes you to the Kings page.


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  1. Jillian Shoffstall,
    Died June 23rd, came back to life, then died again July 21, 2011…. thanks a lot
    I refuse to accept this trade, as does my cap Richie

  2. @Jilli Me too! Yea Richie has a back tattoo of the Canadian flag and hockey stick and 2 on his arms!

  3. I thought that was pretty big of Richie to wear a Flyers shirt in public. Shows his history with the team is bigger than an hard feelings at the end.
    And in this pic:
    Doesn’t that guy’s foot make it look like Carter has a big tumor growing out of his belly? I still say, for a guy who hangs out at the shore all summer, he’s still too white. Must be a Canadian thing to either resist tanning or just get sunburnt.
    And @ Brandy 101, many private planes have only a crew of 2, so the Pilot and his #1 (copilot) have to take turns as an FA. I’m sure he’s actually checking in one of his passanger’s baggage. That’s why I gave it up, and will only fly proffeshunally in trade for sex. The jumbos are like flying a bus, and the bizjet charters are like being a limmo/taxi driver.
    Besides, It must be some stoopid Canadian customs thing that every beer bottle has to be checked for proper capping, or something.

  4. Dear Mike Richards,
    Please come back to Philly! I promise I will never yell at you again for wearing a Yankees hat!
    Broken Hearted

  5. 1) I want richie back
    2) Dude on the far left wearing heart of scotland soccer shirt???

  6. where is the rope? I dont understand how he is wakeboarding, and why is he so close to the boat, aren’t they usually farther away?

  7. Its not wakeboarding… Its a small surf board. No straps. You use a rope to stand up, toss it in the boat, and surf the wake. Wake Surfing bruhhhh

  8. The captain (pilot) not Richie is just making sure there’s no pills or drugs hidden in the shitty beer. They say Canada has cheap ass prescription drugs. They’re just trying to be thirfty. Can’t blame them.

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