Morning Puck: Holler If You’ve Seen Ryan Miller’s Undergarments

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 11.49.44 PMHey, what's that caterpillar on your head?

It’s like the Flyers enjoy a 3-0 deficit. On Friday, when they came back from the same score against the Ducks, it was the first time they had done so (in the regular season) in three years. They’ve now done it twice in one week. 

The Flyers beat the Sabres, in overtime, 5-4.

From the Flyers:

Tonight’s game marks the second time in the last week that the Flyers have come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a game. Per the Elias Sports Bureau, it is the third time in team history that the Flyers have accomplished that twice in a single season, it is the quickest they have done so, and it is the first time they have done it with both games coming on the road.  


Both times, Claude Giroux poured a pile of filth on the extra stanza. For realsies, I think last night’s five-hole game-winner took a piece of Ryan Miller’s labia with it into the back of the net.* That goal was Giroux’s fourth point of the night– he now leads the NHL in scoring.

You guys really like him, too:

Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 9.04.15 AM

*I’m going on little sleep, it might get raunchy today.

On to Miller, who came into the game nursing his hormones thanks to taking runs in two consecutive games: The Sabres’ goaltender earned himself the above shiner when Scott Hartnell lifted the puck into his eye (seen here).

That wasn’t the only time his helmet fell off, though. James van Riemsdyk also ripped a slap shot off the forlorn goalie’s head, causing his mask to fly off in hilarious fashion. After the game, Miller opined on some problematic padding:

"Go figure, I got hit with the puck in the eye. I tried putting extra padding in my mask this year, and apparently it’s not keeping it on my head, but it’s been pretty good for puck impacts. But I gotta get a way to make that thing stay on a little bit tighter. But we’ll have to go back to the drawing board on that, because this is too much, and that was dangerous. 

I’m usually down, and guys are pushing, and your helmet can’t pop off or it’s going to get torqued on. So I’ve got to do something about that. But again, I was trying to figure out something to for the impact, like we saw at the end of last year, thicken up the padding, change some things around, and now we have a helmet that’s popped off probably four or five times."


But… but… but…

Poor guy.

Hey, did you know Comcast, Versus and NBC are now one big happy family and Versus is soon going to be NBC Sports and NBC likes promoting Grimm like there’s no tomorrow?

Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 9.15.51 AM

Finally, Hartnell continues to play well… he scored the Flyers’ tying goal, but was more interested in his #hartnelldown count, which tracks the number of times Harts finds himself on the ice throughout the course of a game:

Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 9.26.45 AM

Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 9.36.53 AM

After the game, Harts talked about the count when he spoke with Tim Saunders and Chris Therien. That audio, along with the full game highlights and an ironic lost in the woods commercial from last night’s game, after the jump.

1:00 mark:

Audio courtesy of WIP 

Hartnell by crossingbroad

Bryz commercial from Kyle Scott on Vimeo.

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26 Responses

  1. Funny, Charlie Brown (if that is your real name), I don’t think …I… wrote about either in this post.

  2. And even if he did Charlie, if you don’t like it then don’t read it.Best sports blog in the city.

  3. You failed to mention how Pierre Maguire’s mouth was full of Ryan Miller’s cock last night when he was pitching a shutout but was utterly silent as the Flyers dismantled his, as you put it, “labia” for the next 40 minutes and 2 seconds.

  4. “Ryan Miller’s labia” pure gold wildcat, pure gold. Is there anything better than Lindy Ruff face?

  5. @joe.. thank god someone else noticed that. he was so ‘square’ the for the first 19:58 seconds. that guy makes me want to stab my ears with ice picks when he talks

  6. Yeah, in the interview when Pierre said to G, “Take us into the locker room…” it was waaay creepy

  7. Bryz lost in the woods reminds me of a Bear Grylls episode of Man vs Wild where he gets “lost in the woods” at the beginning of the show and “finds” himself civilization at the end.

  8. I love this site, but some of the references are getting old/annoying. Doesn’t mean I won’t read it.

  9. For any Eagles fans out there who haven’t followed hockey…it’s time to start! Get on the 28-train!

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