Run Ryan Miller!

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Or at least get under his skin. Again.

Yes! It’s my favorite opposing player: Ryan Miller. And by favorite, I mean the guy I most enjoy watching the Flyers bukkake on. The one who will inevitably turn the post-game media scrum into a bitch-fest of epic proportions (see also: murders, mass comments from spring). 

It’s a bad time of the month for Miller, who, two weeks ago, was knocked out of a game by Milan Lucic (video here— as called by the insane Jack Edwards). Miller sustained a concussion on that play, and after the game, whined:

"Not gonna really get into that, I just stuck around because I wanted to say what a piece of shit I think Lucic is. 50 pounds on me and he runs me like that? It’s unbelieveable. Everyone in this city sees him for a big, tough, solid player… I respected him for how hard he played, that was gutless. Gutless."


Heh– to his comments, not the concussion. Concussions are bad.

On Saturday, in his first game back since being hit by Lucic, Miller was again run– this time by the Predators’ Jordin Tootoo, who went all choochoo (sorry, it’s early) on Miller. Here’s video, which includes NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan reading complete sentences off cue cards as he describes Tootoo’s suspension:


As you might imagine, Miller was none to happy about that play: [Boston Herald]

"There’s a difference between getting bumped when a guy’s going for the puck and guys just taking a run through the crease," Miller told The News on Monday. "You’ve got to show an effort in stopping. If you’re going to come to the net, it can’t be through the goalie.

"You can be on top of the goalie. I have a lot of guys come up, and they stop on top. There’s contact all the time. That’s not what I’m complaining about or what this team is complaining about. I just don’t like to see the full-speed contact."


He’s vulernable right now, folks. And as (@GagneDouze) and (@JostJanet) speculate on Twitter, who do we think may be the first to test Miller? I’m with Janet, and my money is on wedding crasher Scott Hartnell.

Video of Miller’s whiny press conference and his nasally drone, after the jump. 

Flyers-Sabres tonight at 7:30 PM on Versus-NBC Sports-Comcast's whatever the fuck.



7 Responses

  1. Welp, Ryan Miller and his prissy ass coach Lindy Ruff and all the other fag Sabres (minus Leino) got their wish. They bitched and complained enough about the Lucic hit to get Tootoo suspended. I guarantee that Tootoo would not have been suspended if not for the Lucic hit.

  2. If Hartnell does it, he’ll get 3 games. If Rinaldo does it, he’s getting 20. That said… GO FOR IT ZAC!!!

  3. Wait…why run him over? We blitzed him for what 3 goals in the first period last game. Then Enroth came in and shut us down. Leave Miller in, beating him is not our problem, beating back up goalies is.

  4. Shanahan is a lost-in-the-woods buffoon. He’s Colin Campbell 2.0. What a f’ing turd.
    Quick, Shanahan, don the knee-pads for all things Boston.

  5. Do concussions suck? yes. ive had 7 of them. but putting that side millers being such a pussy. he leves his crease to go play a puck with lucic bearing down at full speed. seriously ryan if you cant stand the het get out of the kitchen. welcome to the nhl. its a mans game. so instead of taking shots at someone through the media why dont you confront him? fucking pussy seriously youre the single most overrated player in the entire league. and your michael leighton sized 5-hole cost the US a gold medal. fuckin sieve. i hope hartnell ends your creer tonight because enroth is better anyway

  6. I’ll be honest, at least Miller’s straightforward about this. Last spring, I definitely perceived him as bitchy. Now, he has a valid point, and he has every right to come out and say it. Lucic shouldn’t have hit him square in the head (without trying to stop), and Tootoo shouldn’t have hit him in the crease (without trying to stop). This shit needs to end.

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