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You know, when I watched the Penn State-Nebraska game following a week of chaos at Penn State, I said to myself: You know, myself, if I had to choose one player on that field to punch out, it would probably that bonehead quarterback who keeps underthrowing his receivers.

Between that reality and the Spencer Pratt hair seen in this video, I’d say that not only was I right in my desires, but Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin’s receivers feel the same way.

On Saturday, McGloin and wide receiver Curtis Drake got into a skirmish in which Drake reportedly knocked out McGloin… and sent him into a seizure. 

But not so fast, says McGloin.

McGloin had this to see about the incident:

"Well, I didn’t get punched out, so get your facts straight… I just told you guys what happened. 

Initially I hit my head on the ground, like I said, as we were on our way to the ground, like I said, I don't know what else I can say, it was a freak accident. I smacked my head, I don’t remember anything else. Whether or not another hit was thrown while I was on the ground or not, or what the seizure came from, maybe just hitting my head on the right spot, um, like I said, I don’t know, but I did suffer a seizure from it. Um, but, like I said, I feel pretty well right now."


Yeah, he got punched out. And if he didn’t, he flipped the Pussy Card on Drake for bringing up the possibility that he was hit once he was already knocked out.

Video after the jump.