Ruben Amaro and HIS BEARD Answer Your Questions… And No, They Didn’t Like “Moneyball”

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“I did not care for Moneyball. I thought the movie, to me, was a little unrealistic.”

The Big Poker has gone rogue, it seems. The other day, we saw Rube looking a bit unkempt while giving an interview to WIP. Yesterday, Tom McCarthy interrupted our peaceful winter to bring us this exclusive interview, in which Ruben Amaro and his five o'clock shadow answer season ticket holder questions… from their office! 

You can watch all 14 minutes of the interview after the jump, but the best part of this (aside from the Amaro Shadow) is the 5 x 7 of Pat Gillick that Rube has hanging on his cork board. I can absolutely see Amaro pawing at this thing each morning asking for spiritual guidance.

Amaro, never one to step away from the poker table, also says he believes Freddy Galvis "is ready" if the Phillies can't re-sign Jimmy Rollins. Gulp.

Must watch after the jump. Topics include The Muppets, Rube's Stanford education, Rollins, Hamels, Papelbon and sabermetrics.

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10 Responses

  1. “We’d lik to keep Hamels past this year…but as always it takes 2 to tango,so we’ll see.” RAJ.
    So does Hamels get traded this offseason or do the Phils keep him 1 last year and take the 2 draft picks?

  2. They say this team is built around pitching so why would they get rid of our youngest ace??? Halladay and Lee aren’t getting any younger.

  3. Hate to see Hamels go, but with the age/health of our hitting and lack of any real minor league pop I won’t be shocked if he’s eventually traded.

  4. oh crap McCarthy hanging with Rube. I guess we’re stuck with his happy horsecrap for another year. when’s his contract run out?

  5. Can someone just transcribe the Q&A for those of us at work who are bored, want something to read, and obviously can’t be blasting sound nor wear earphones?

  6. Dave you get rid of your youngesst ace pitcher because he is probably looking for the moon,sun, stars and an asteroid or 2.
    Offer Hamels the same deal you gave Cliff Lee 5 yr/$120M. If he balks then you have to be prepared to trade him now or go all-in 1 more year and take the 2 picks or possibly keep negotiating with him next offseason
    If Rube offers anything less than Cliff’s deal then by all rights Hamels should test the free agent market.

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