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The Sixers announced today that Malik Rose will be their new color analyst, replacing Eric Snow… who most likely hasn’t been informed yet because he’s sleeping

The best part of this, as pointed out by our friend Spike Eskin (, is Rose’s current Twitter avatar, a Photoshop of a fan punching Andy Reid:

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Even better:

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Tonight for the first home game, the Sixers will debut their new anthemist, Ayla Brown, a former American Idol contestant (new owner Joshua Harris founded a holding company that own the rights to the show) and Boston College basketball player, and daughter of a U.S. Senator. Yeah, I'm a fan. Go Ayla! 

You can follow both on Twitter: (@MalikRose) and (@AylaBrown). I'd suggest starting with Ayla. Like, now.

Video of Ayla singing after the jump.