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As you may or may not know, HBO's 24/7 shows are nearly up-to-the-minute in their presentation, which is one of the things that makes them so compelling. just posted a brief interview with the show's producer, Dave Harmon, who said that narration and music for tonight's show still needs to be added. 

Some other highlights: Does anybody from the Rangers and Flyers, or the NHL, get a special look at the show before it airs?

Harmon: A couple of League and team people look at the show in the hours before it airs. Primarily as a "second set" of eyes to make sure HBO hasn't inadvertently revealed any competitive secrets from the teams. How many hours or even minutes do you spare between the time the show is 100-percent done and the time it goes to air?

Harmon: The show is completed approximately an hour before air time. But each week is different, depending on the footage and storylines which have developed. Sometimes we have a little more time than that, sometimes less.


Jeez, 24/7 needs a 24/7 (or, more likely, one of those HBO behind-the-scenes things). I'm completely fascinated with how quickly they can turn around a top-notch, hour-long documentary in such short order. Hell, it takes me two fucking hours to cut a two-minute-long Mighy Ducks mashup to perfection. 

I'd also love to be a fly on the wall when people from the Flyers and Rangers get to screen the show. I can just see it now, Paul Holmgren hurling obscenities into his Blackberry: I said it was an upper-body injury, you fucks! Not a concussion– upper-body! And how'd you find out about our lucky coins?! My secrets! My sercrets!!!

Read the full interview here.