Get Out of the Way, NHL! Roy Halladay is Throwing on This Field


Simply. Amazing.

Today marks the first day that the NHL will take over operations at CBP. We’re heading down there later to get some shots of the ice build and other construction progress, but this one comes courtesy of's Adam Kimelman. Yes, that appears to be Roy Halladay (who was in town this weekend) long-tossing in the outfield – in shorts – as crews build an ice rink around him. Fucking awesome.

When Kimelman tweeted that photo – saying, Phillies pitching, ice rink building. Just another day in Philadelphia - there was no doubt in my mind that he meant Halladay. I checked with Kimelman, who said he thinks it's Halladay throwing to his Mini-Me, Kyle Kendrick.

You may remember last year, when Doc was beasting around in nine degree weather at CBP, also in shorts. 

A few more via Kimelman and Comcast Spectacor PR man Ike Richman:

Screen Shot 2011-12-19 at 9.51.46 AM



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  1. Hell they should give Roy some skates, pads, gloves and a helmet and get him to play some defense for the flyers…he seems like he’d be one of those guys who is good at eveything he does

  2. There aren’t a lot of athletes who are worth the money they get paid. This guy is one of em. He is freakin amazing.

  3. Just goes to show the various “classes” of athletes in each league….Roy is in a class of his own in the MLB….thank goodness hes on our team!!!

  4. No wonder he can’t handle 100° heat… Maybe he should stop running around in shorts in sub-freezing temps. (No, disrespect, of course. I fucking love that man.)

  5. Chris you are a douche. Giving one run up in the playoffs is awesome. That is a complete non issue, the offense not even scoring 1 to at least tie the game and keep it going is worse. Please don’t watch anymore Philly teams.

  6. chris, i sincerely hope you are kidding, otherwise you are a flaming retard. The phillies managed to scrape together a whopping 3 hits in game 5 and one of the 3 base-runners (chase utley) got picked off trying to steal like a jackass. ps go keep it real at your boyfriends house.

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