Your Monday Morning Roundup

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Where's Scott Hartnell? At the Disney on Ice display in the King of Prussia Mall. Photo via Wells Fargo Center.

Did you have a good weekend? Probably. You didn’t have to watch the Eagles embarrass themselves (and the city)… they got that out of the way on Thursday. As such, I was able to indulge in my new favorite pastime– morning drinking. Nothing like a few Franziskaners and EPL soccer to get a weekend day started off on the right foot (cue angry, soccer-hating comments). 

Yesterday, Everton fans booed the Stoke goaltender while he being carried out on a stretcher. He was knocked out, briefly, then regained consciousness, played for another minute and collapsed. There was a short-lived he might be dead moment, but that didn’t stop the Brits from booing the delay. And they say that sort of thing only happens in Philly…


A couple of quick notes:

Sports movie quizzo this Thursday at Drinker’s Tavern (2nd and Market). 8 PM. I’m hosting, you’re playing. Look for more details soon.

– Support the only player on the Eagles who doesn’t disappoint and the fight against cancer by picking up Philly Phaithful’s It’s Always Shady in Philadelphia t-shirt. $5 from every sale goes to the American Cancer Society. 

Bill Barber, Bobby Clarke, Reggie Leach and Ilya Bryzgalov will all be signing autographs at BC Sports in the coming month. Click here for details

– Save up to 50% off face value on 4-star tickets (lower level, behind nets) for the Flyers-Penguins game Thursday night. Make an offer with your best price– this thing has gotten tremendous feedback from many of you, so it’s worth checking out right here.


The roundup:

– Photo: Benjamin Cooper Utley.

– Andy Reid was apparently given an ultimatum: Fire Juan or find new job.

– Bruce Boudreau complained about the Flyers diving on Friday.

– The Phillies signed Laynce Nix, the fourth over-30 white guy of the offseason… in case you score those sorts of things at home.

– The Marlins signed Jose Reyes to a six-year, $106 million deal. Your move, Amaro.

– Braves pitcher Pete Moylan ripped Nickelback. Nickelback responded: 

Screen Shot 2011-12-05 at 9.24.43 AM

– maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh –

– Jimmy Rollins was at MSG on Saturday night for the Cotto-Margarito fight. He took this picture with… Star Jones.

– Jerry Sandusky gave a video interview with the New York Times, a move that perplexes most defense lawyers.

SNL dug in on perverted college sex scandals

Obligatory boobs post.

Penn State and Temple received bowl bids. Apparently, the first post-Sandusky canning exercise is a notable event.

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11 Responses

  1. Kyle,
    The first canning event was notable to see just how many ill-informed douchebags would hassle canners because of the Sandusky situation. Apparently, there were a few. Good to know many people DIDN’T think that way, though. They still see THON for what it is- not affiliated with Sandusky in any way and raising millions every year to do good for children with cancer.
    Number 2- The Marlins are going to win the fucking World Series. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again (especially after they sign Pujols). This is their “we go all out once a decade to win the World Series and this is that year” year. It worked for them before, and I think it’s going to work again.

  2. Nickelback blows! I’d rather listen to Justin Bieber sing a duet with Gilbert Gottfried with his nuts in a vice than those no-talent douchebags!

  3. “morning drinking”
    Hahahahahah as long as it’s not razzberry sorbay vodtka hahahahahah.
    You must be 2-3 steps away from entering a 12 step program hahahahahah.
    Seriously, as long as it’s beer and you’re going to be hard at work, it’s OK. Afterall, beer is civillisation’s ORIGINAL energy/carbo-loading drink.
    But stick to the “Is Fearrde Thú Guinness!” (And for thoroughbreds and pregnant women too!)

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