Beaten Rangers Fan Was an Iraq War Vet, Purple Heart Recipient


Oh it only gets worse.

Not only was the Rangers fan who was beaten outside of Geno’s on Monday a New Jersey cop, but he's also an Iraq War vet and Purple Heart recipient:  [Daily Mail via Barstool]

Mr.Auricchio got a Purple Heart medal for his services in Iraq and even returned there for a second time after he was shot in the leg, reported NBC New York.


Auricchio suffered a concussion and needed stitches in one eye. His father spoke with NBC New York: [MSNBC]

"He got banged up pretty badly," his father Neal Auricchio Sr., told NBC New York Wednesday. "Stitches in the one eye, and the other eye is pretty puffed up. He went for a CAT scan today, and we're waiting for the results on that."

The younger Auricchio is resting at home with his wife and son, who was born just a few days before Christmas, his father said.


Sadly, this incident won’t do any good for Philly’s national reputation.  

If you're thinking that Auricchio may be far from innocent in this mess (entirely possible), it's worth noting that FOX Philly is reporting the Flyers fans bribed a guy washing car windows to spray water (cleaning solvent?) on the Rangers fans.

Edward Neary, who confessed to the beating on’s Facebook page, now says he didn’t do it. He and his friends laughed about the ordeal on their own pages. Neary later met with police– they believe him.

We'd love to find the guy who originally posted the fight on YouTube…


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  1. Our reputation can’t get any worse so this isolated incident comes as no surprise to me, and does little to change my opinion about my city. If you go to Geno’s after, during or around the Winter Classic, especially at a time when the Giants squeak into the playoffs ahead of the Eagles.. what do you think is going to happen. I sure the Rangers fan had nothing to do with the build up to the fight.. Antagonizing is the same as throwing fists, you just got beat up.. take it like a man and go back up north.

  2. While this is a horrifying act and should not be excused at all, I am going to have to agree with TB. I’m sorry, but you just need to use some kind of common sense in this situation. Yeah, go get a cheesesteak, but maybe you shouldn’t wear your rangers jersey especially in the heart of south philly after the flyers lost to them. Many will get angry at my statement but some part of it is true.

  3. Classless a-holes. Wearing another teams jersey is no reason to get beat up. Antagonizing is not the same as throwing fists. According to police, the idiots in orange paid a window cleaner to spray the rangers fans, so they may not have been antagonizing.
    While I agree it’s not the smartest thing to wear an opponents jersey around Philly, especially after beating the home team, it’s no reason to get beat up. If you run your mouth, perhaps, but so far there has been no indication the NYers were running their mouths.
    I wore a Phillies jersey to Yankee stadium, was treated very respectfully even after the Phillies beat the Yankees.
    3 on 2 makes you real tough.

  4. ck, that’s a ridiculous statemenet. “you shouldn’t wear your rangers jersey especially in the heart of south philly…”
    You have to be kidding me. You’re blaming him for wearing a rangers jersey? People should be able to wear whatever they want, with some exceptions (The “I Hate N*****s” scene in Die Hard 3). There is nothing wrong with wearing an opposing team’s jersey.
    Now, we don’t know exactly what happened before this fight. Maybe the rangers fan was egging him on and did or said something to provoke him, but just because he wore a Rangers jersey in South Philly doesn’t justify a beatdown.

  5. The FB guy is probably going to be getting his ass kicked on the reg now just for being an idiot who made his name known

  6. if I wore gold chains and walked around 16th and Tasker (4 blocks from where I once lived) and I got mugged, which I would in about 2 minutes –
    everyone and their mother would blame me…not the animals who attacked me
    I feel bad for this guy – but jeez louise – get a clue – does he not lock his car doors either?

  7. Dear Johnny, Can you read? I’m guessing you didn’t do too well in comprehension when learning how to understand text. I didn’t blame him. I just said it wasn’t the smartest move in the book.

  8. I can’t understand any of this. What compels people in their 30s to fight strangers on the street?

  9. Schrick Coma – Men especially when drinking seem like they have to prove their masculinity to the world.

  10. Reflect on the fact that we’re lucky to live in America where a fistfight becomes local news, meanwhile in China a kid gets run over and 20 people walk by as it dies and in Africa you could probably decapitate an entire nursery school with a machete and barely get noticed.

  11. The man fights for our country, yes “our” country’ a place where we should be able to root for whatever team we desire to root for and what does he get, First he gets shot by someone who is legitimately trying to kill him in Iraq only to come to Philly for a hockey game and catch a beat down from some local fucktards that are mad and upset the Flyers lost a game, grow up, it’s a game, the Flyers dont pay your salary so get over yourselves. Now with that said I can’t help but think this guy probably escalated the situation into an unavoidable battle and wearing a Rangers jersey into the belly of the beast didn’t help matters but seriously? Grown men fighting over a fucking hockey game? There is some serious lack or brain capacity going on here folks, this is why “our” country is failing

  12. witnesses at genos report the rangers fans taunting and yelling things like “Flyers suck” and “We kicked your ass”
    while trash talking does not deserve a beat down, he should have known better and brought it on himself

  13. This shit is blown out of proportion. I doubt this was the only NY vs Philly bullshit that happened that day, but it was the only one caught on tape in from t of a Philly landmark that involved a Purple Heart recipient/cop, so now it’s all over the fuckin’ place.

  14. Chunk I would like to back up your claim…I saw a Phillies win in Yankee Stadium with Phillies gear on, but besides playful and good natured back and forth there was absolutely nothing about the situation that made me fear for my safety.
    The actions of these kids are just deplorable and I hope they catch them.

  15. The guy was mouthing off. You could see it in the video. Theres nothing wrong with wearing your gear, but if youre gonna be an asshole and poke the pissed off dogs with a stick, well dont cry when you get bit.
    Also, I had no idea that being an Iraq war vet gave you the right to be an asshole. Good to know.

  16. After the game, there were number of Rangers fans taunting Flyers fans. Funny, you didn’t hear them too much during the game until it was 3-2. On Pattison Ave, one group of 4 Rangers fans would go up in the faces of Flyers fans and yell “You can’t beat us!” or “NY owns your town and teams!”. All Flyers fans did was yell at them but no one threw a punch or threw anything at them.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there some stuff that went down in the lots after the game. And I’m sure someone filmed them and haven’t put them on youtube yet.

  17. I am getting sick of hearing about this… was a man senselessly beaten? yes…. were all involved animals? yes(most likely except the victim), but all the conflicting reports and a video that starts in the middle of a beating, we dont really know what happened, who is to say the rangers fan didnt do something to justify getting roughed up, like spit on somebody, not saying that 3 on 1 is fair… and also other then one comment above that says the rangers fan was taunting the philly fans, there is nothing proving what actually started it. And who is to say that this was a RANGERS-FLYERS thing, and not just a douche-dickhead thing???

  18. block that kick — Those are two different situations. Wearing expensive jewelry around a crappy part of town is stupid and wreckless. Criminals aren’t excused for their behavior, but you don’t have much of a brain if you walk around with bling in that kind of area.
    Wearing a rangers jersey in a perfectly safe area of the city is no grounds for getting beaten to a pulp.Its not that dumb and its not their fault that they got ambushed just because they wanted a cheesesteak. There are tons of locals in every city that support other teams, and getting the shit kicked out of you for wearing a different color makes it seem like gang warfare. Its not– Its a fucking game. As engulfed as everybody was with it, it was just a game. Simply wearing another teams jersey doesn’t excuse anything. Is it stupid? To a degree, yes. But thats no excuse.
    And also..Even if the Rangers fans started it (which its looking more and more likely that they didnt), theres still no reason to ambush them! If someone is badmouthing you over a hockey game…WALK AWAY. Turn the other cheek. Its not that hard, especially when it has to do with a hockey game…A hockey game that doesn’t directly affect you in anyway shape or form. What’re we in 3rd grade? We just beat people up instead of settling it like grown ass men? Anyone putting any type of blame on the rangers fans is ridiculous.

  19. A guy on the radio reported that a Rangers fan in his section was starting shit, mouthing off, but the “scrum” didn’t erupt until Mr. Rangers Fan, threw a bottle at a Flyers fan’s wife.
    This and all the other incidents that were NY-instigated will probably never show up on Youtube.
    That said, Geno’s and Pat’s steaks are so heinous that they could move anyone to violence.

  20. I’m in no way condoning this behavior, but would you wear a Flyers jersey in Brooklyn the night of a Flyers win surrounded by drunk Rangers fans? I for one wouldn’t, because I’m not stupid.

  21. Muscles…Standing outside of pats/genos after any sporting event is perfectly safe. There are dozens of people coming from the stadiums/surrounding area standing around waiting for a cheesesteak. You’re not gonna get stabbed.

  22. I’m talking about that one or two block area that makes up Pats and Genos. And I’ve been there countless times in situations like this…Never once seen something like that. Nothings going to happen on that block at those times unless someone acts like an asshole, like these Flyers fans did.
    And if I were a rangers fan, would I wear my jersey there? No probably not. Again, I didn’t say it was the smartest thing to do…But suggesting that they had it coming to them is ridiculous.

  23. Trash talk is fun, Rangers own us right now, Pats/Genos is safe enough turf. I’ve spent lots of time at Dodger stadium wearing Phils gear and talking a lot of trash (thanks again, Matt Stairs). We said enough that stirred up the thugs within the Dodgers fans, but fortunately it was all within the seats & nothing bad really happened.
    Dude should be allowed to (a) enjoy a cheesesteak while coming to our city and (b) talk some smack about the fact that the Flyers can’t beat the Rangers to save their life.
    Everyone knows all Philly isn’t the douches who ganged up on these guys…the people really perpetuating Philly’s bad image are the shitheads like y’all posting ignorant comments on these posts.
    Sorry, now I’m done. And before you all freak out on my rant, let’s meet in the middle and agree that IF the fight had stopped as soon as the guys hit the ground (a la NHL fights), everything would be copasetic.

  24. It’s not known what the NY folks were doing/saying if anything. My points are, you should be able to wear another teams jersey in any city and not get beat up. Good old ribbing is fine. If you run your mouth, or do something stupid, well then sometimes you pay the price, right or wrong. I don’t condone unnecessary violence, but if you run your mouth, throw bottles, etc. act like an idiot, sometimes you might get smacked around.
    But until the facts are made known, and they may never be, we can’t pass judgement on this situation.

  25. I think the real question here is how do we convince Andy Reid to start eating at Geno’s?

  26. Find the window washing guy give him $20 and show him pictures of the Facebook dickbags? Any real police left in this city?

  27. Yeah the window washer will lead the cops right to the culprits. If that doesn’t work we’ll ask the girl at genoa register who the 3 fat drunks in flyer jerseys were.

  28. This is fucking retarded it doesn’t matter that he was an Iraqi war vet, and purple heart recipient you should resort to violence over professional sports in any situation. I love all my Philly teams 4 for 4 guy, but just because somebody is a fan of another team give me a fucking break. Even if that person is being obnoxious, and I hate all New York teams, and dis like their fan base. But come on that’s part of the fun if everyone supported the Philly teams in the country how fun would that be without heated rivalries. So fucking immature and disgusting than to put it on a public forum such as facebook and brag about it. Dude what are you in middle school go do something constructive like try to get some pussy or lose some weight there’s a couple ideas for you. It’s just people like these fucking idiots who give us a bad name as Philadelphia fans. The true Philly fans don’t resort to violence just the assholes that drink so much they probably didn’t even remember the score of the game.

  29. I hate New York, but what man fights 5 on 2. They were pussies. I agree you probably shouldn’t talk shit in an area that is not your home town. And if you really have a problem with what he is saying, call him out like a man, and have a one on one fight. You’re not a man if you have to knock someone out when the’re not looking at you. Fuck those pussy ass fans.

  30. No doubt columnists and talking heads with their perpetually razor sharp axes to grind against Philly fans are dancing in the streets after that pack of morons outside Geno’s gave them ammunition to riddle us with….again.
    Doesn’t matter that this sort of barbaric behavior happens at sporting venues from coast to coast and around the world, but we get singled out for exceedingly harsh punishment in the court of public opinion when our fans go off the rails and act like fools. I wish these knuckleheads would stop for a minute and think about the reprecussions of their actions before they decide to do stupid stuff.
    Yeah, yeah, I know. I also wish to win the Powerball Lottery too.

  31. Over the years I’ve seen many a Phillyfan resort to throwing punches at the drop of a hat. Usually for no good reason so this doesn’t surprise me one bit. It’s an embarrassment to the rest of us when neanderthals such as these rear their ugly heads.

  32. anyone who thinks the Rangers fan had it coming must be the same people who blame a rape victim. You would go nuts if a Flyers fan got beaten outside MSG

  33. How does a bitch made pussy like this make it in the U.S. Marine Corps and become a police officer in the first place. Its not like he got attacked my a mob. It was 3 on 2. BFD! Surely he was running his mouth like the rest of the power-tripping jar head Pigs.

  34. Muscles, thanx to you and your link, I just got back from a Youtube induced time warp that led me through the best of the 90’s and my life through an entire fucking decade…the really good news is that, because it’s time travel, it only took a half hour.

  35. Wow what a surprise! Philly at its finest… I have been to every city in this country and Philly has to be the worst of them all (and I was born and raised in Philly) The people are all white trash, close minded, fat, uneducated assholes. And yes, that does go for about 50% or more of the Philadelphia population. Lets not get started on the weather either… RUN LIKE HELL!

  36. I was at the game, and the Flyers fans are shitheads, for the most part. I actually met some a flyers fans that behaved like decent mature adults, particularly the couples, who just seemed to be coming to the game to enjoy some hockey, and also on the subway ride o ut of the stadium, which definitely had me worried due to the down in the gutter rep of the Philly and Flyer fans (reputations don’t really get much worse than those earned by the lunatics in Philadelphia, not even in NY). But to be honest, most of the guys in orange jerseys at that game were drunk, vulgar, and just sad. I was there with my husband and two teenagers, and I was actually thinking, “is this what really impresses the ladies down here?” Sad. And I agree, this country isnt gonna be able to claim the mantle of “greatest nation on earth” for too much longer–every time we have a sporting contest, large numbers of Americans behave like morally depraved and uneducated fools who have a sad need to prove their manhood. Great job Philly! So impressive! I just want to move to Phllly right away and buy cheesesteaks, frequent your businesses, and send my kids to college there.

  37. Hey educated rangers fan…cut the shit. The fans were fine. There’s always going to be a rowdy section or part of the parking lot that acts retarded. You goto any sporting event like this in a major city and that’s what you get. Have you been to a hockey game before? I’ve been to one at MSG and there were NY fans acting like complete drunken fuck ups. You’re going to tell me that the type of behavior you speak of doesnt exist at meadowlands stadium before, during and after every giants/jets game? For every story you and the national airbag media figures have about Philly fans acting foolish, I can counter with one about your oh-so-fucking-perfect city. I was sitting near grown ass mets fans who were making fun of a 10 year old to his face for wearing glasses. My dad saw a giants fan pooring beer on a soldier in uniform one time. How about another giants fan who broke a beer bottle over someones car window in the parking lot, only to be arrested 2 seconds after? This shit happens everywhere. Do me a favor and think before you speak, get off your snooty NY high horse and fuck right off.

  38. American sports fans have a long way to go in terms of bad behavior compared to the rest of the world. In South America they shoot soccer refs. In Afghanistan they still play polo with opposing tribe’s heads. So you may want to back off that statement, “educated”.

  39. Oooo Pete, a fine display of that ubiquitous Philadelphia charm! Lol, ur reply was no shocker 🙂 Fans all across America are bringing us down for sure, as I posted, but Philly occupies the top rung for low class behavior. Do your research slick. Its a pretty universally accepted phenomenon. I wish it was different dude . . . The city does have so much potential!!

  40. An btw “edumacated,” while we should undoubtedly be concerned about poor international standards of behavior . . . if we are to be the “greatest nation, blah, blah, blah” then we’re supposed to be setting the standard.

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