UPDATE: What The Hell is Wrong with People? Flyers Fan Involved in Fight Outside Geno’s Gives Himself Up… on Facebook

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Do you remember the video of that fight between Flyers and Rangers fans outside Geno’s after the Winter Classic? Well, the guys over at BroadStreetHockey.com, defenders of all things orange and black, asked their readers to help find the fan who assaulted a man wearing a Ryan Callahan jersey.

They didn’t have to look too far. 

The alleged offender, Edward Neary, confessed his actions… on their Facebook page

Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 9.13.24 AM Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 9.13.24 AMOy.

It seems Edward was about 12 hours behind the news cycle, which had quickly moved from head-shaking bloggers to the mainstream media… and then onto the police, who were looking for those involved. And they didn’t have any leads, either. This was their subject description, which was posted yesterday on the Philadelphia Police Department’s website: Three unknown males wearing Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys.

Yeah, they were searching for a needle in a haystack. Only this time the needle jumped up and told the world where and who he was.

But he didn't stop there.

Neary – who would later remove his comments and change his profile picture – kept commenting on Broad Street Hockey’s Facebook page, and eventually gave up all of his friends, too:

Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 1.32.22 PM

[One name removed, per an email request, which read: To Whom It May Concern: my name is [redacted] and I am requesting that my name be removed from your web page immediately as this is defamation of my character.  I was in no way involved in this incident. Thank you.]

You hear that, fellas? Never let another man lick your girl's tit.

Travis Hughes, who runs Broad Street Hockey, kept digging, an action that proved to not be too difficult, since Neary accepted his friend request on Facebook. From Travis:

According to his Facebook profile, Neary is a 2009 graduate of Father Judge High School. He's also attended the Community College of Philadelphia, his interests are "Money" and "An More Money," and he speaks "Black Speech" and "Brown University." His "favorite athletes" are "Seriously I Will Punch You In The Fucking Face." How lovely.


How lovely indeed. 

Broad Street Hockey turned over this information to police, whom I suspect will soon be contacting Neary and his former friends. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there. It turns out, the victim, who was knocked out (or close to it) by Neary et al., is a Woodbridge, New Jersey police officer. From NJ.com

Woodbridge officials confirmed one of the victims was a Woodbridge police officer who was off duty at the time of the attack.

"He took a severe beating," township spokesman John Hagerty said, adding that the officer was taken to a hospital, where he required stitches to close wounds. Hagerty refused to release the name of the officer, though News 12 New Jersey identified him as Neil Auricchio Jr.



UPDATE: The only thing dumber than confessing a crime on Facebook would be confessing a crime that you didn't commit. 

One of Neary’s friends, Steven Michael McCloskey, chimed in: 

Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 10.11.33 AM

And there's Ed – who will meet with detectives today – in the comments again:

Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 10.12.28 AM

I'm sure the police will find this all very hysterical.

UPDATE 2: Brian Thompson of NBC in New York:


UPDATE 3: The beaten fan was a Purple Heart recipient.

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90 Responses

  1. Enjoy your blanket party Edward. The FOP can do amazing things with sledgehammers and phonebooks.

  2. You can look at the other kids FB pages and they are straight up flamers. Typical Father Fudgepacker NE punks.

  3. I know him, he didn’t do it. he said he did it to dick around, not realizing that this was all like…a thing. I’m sure the people who actually did do it are happy that he said he did it though. not the smartest move on his part, but seeing espn and sporting news (and crossing broad) pick this up and run with it has been pretty funny. although the circumstances that precipitated it (the fight at Geno’s) obviously are not funny. hopefully they find the people who actually did do it.

  4. Unfortunately your retarded friend is probably still going to get raped in the Roundhouse guilty or not.

  5. nobody can be this dumb … i highly doubt it was him
    seriously “he licked my girls tit” and you people really believe that.
    you ppl are seriously morons
    Beez Nutz

  6. Doesn’t it seem like this guy is just fucking around? Nobody would be stupid enough to admit to this and then name their friends too. It’s almost like someone hacked one of their friend’s facebooks and just started messing around.

  7. even if he didn’t do it, lock him up so we don’t have idiots who think it’s funny to “dick around” and confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

  8. I don’t think it was him but it’s still hilarious that the cops are going to fuck with him for wasting their time. Truly a retard.

  9. “he licked my girl’s tit”…if you read that and still believe that he wasn’t just dicking around, then you’re not much brighter than he is.

  10. And to think some people were mad that you posted this story in the first place, further contributing to the negative philly fan reputation… think they are still mad? I say well done!

  11. Whipper Snappers these days. It’s all fun and games until, uh oh, just sharted in my pants.

  12. Regardless, he’ll probably get in some trouble for falsifying info that prompted police to respond and waste their time. Your friends pretty fucking stupid, and usually those kind of people keep similar company around.

  13. Are some of you guys dumb enough to believe this really is the guy? Everything he says is obviously (although moronic) to get a rise out of everyone, and he does!
    I agree with @wrong, if you read “…and licked her tit” and still thought it was really him, you’re dumber than he is.

  14. Just throwing this out there, all these douchey defenders rolling out the same argument… possibly covering up?

  15. Jeepers Bazeepers! That one hooligan in the Rangers Jersey really took a whopper at the end there.

  16. OMG! wrong’s IP and the comments from Edward Neary’s IP match!

  17. I really hope I win a “Quality Grooming Experience” from American Male… wait what was this post about???
    squeeze em for every penny Kyle

  18. “If you believe my comment, you’re dumber than I am.”
    Dude, I have no clue who this guy is. I went to high school in the burbs. I post here under this name a decent amount.
    My point is, anyone with half a brain and a combined 10 minutes on internet forums in their life know a troll when they see one.
    What person would ever start posting reply after reply with friends names if they truely were the one’s who did it?

  19. Holmgren’s mafia was an accomplice. E Gads! Alert the media!

  20. Seriously… reading stories like this is best done while absolutely fucking BLASTING Kate Smith’s original version of “God Bless America”.
    Screw the negative, highly exaggerated dirty horrible Philly fan mentality. Look at the country as a whole. We’re fucked.

  21. Hahahahaha Yeah, I like “Money an….wait for it….money”. People are soooo dumb.

  22. Track 3 and 4 judge student. Only requirement for a diploma is to show up to 70% of your classes. Unless your kid is in the honors program you are wasting your money.

  23. Of course he’s from Judge, a Bonner kid would never dream of doing something like this……………fuck prep

  24. For the good of our gene pool. Kill this person stealing all of our good oxygen. Even if he didn’t do it, he’s going to reproduce one day and make more versions of himself. Not good.

  25. “new job is cum up got work tomoro and even bigger cum up my fat friend” …
    Does anyone have one of those Universal Transmitters from Star Trek, or maybe a Bablefish I can borrow? I really want to know what that guy is saying but I don’t speak Stupid.

  26. Bottom line. This is parenting gone wrong. What kind of parents allow their kids to act like this?

  27. Sadly, regardless if he did it or not, there are definitley people stupid and arrogant enough to brag about assaulting someone on facebook. There are plenty of people out there that act, talk and have the grammar skills of a 2nd grader like good ol’ Eddy did in his initial comments. Dumbass tough guys with inferiority complexes are capable of the most retarded things imaginable. Even though he probably is fucking around, there is still the possibility that he did do it, shit his pants at the attention, and is just trying to cover his ass now. And if he didn’t do it, I think he still stooped to the same level of stupidity it’d take to write on FB if he actually did it.

  28. I went to high school with the kid and he actually is dumb enough to post all of that. Like he might be the dumbest human on earth. I’m embarrassed to share a diploma with all the fuck ups involved.

  29. So, if he didn’t do it he is a fake coward who will get arrested for wasting the cops time. And he has to be the dumbest homo in all of Philly for confessing to a crime on Facebook. Sounds to me like Ed Neary has Mommy and Daddy issues. Either he was ass raped as a kid, didnt get enough attention when he was younger or is gay and is having a tough time coming to terms with his raging gay hormones. Touching his own penis may not be cutting it anymore, he must want to touch someone elses DONG
    Dr Mantis Toboggan MD

  30. I really hope they catch and prosecute these clowns to the fullest extent, and the idiot that filmed it instead of trying to help stop it should be ashamed.
    We’ll never get rid of the black eye that is the reputation of the Philadelphia Sports Fan until these things stop happening here. Yes they happen everywhere, but it’s never polarized in the national media when things like this happen anywhere else but here. It has to stop. Now.

  31. Everybody friggin relax. Of all the fans, NY fans are the most mouthy punkish fans going. We have no idea how it started, or why. Just that the folks who gave the beat down, wore flyers gear. The media loves to feel indignant about things, and anything negative about philadelphia sports fans is red meat.

  32. @Pat, you are an olympic size asshole to blame the parents of these idiots. Would you suggest they attach a fucking surveillance camers to thier kid’s foreheads. They’re independent adults, retarded of course.

  33. @Mother Judge… HA!!
    I don’t know about you but I always admit to violent crimes on Facebook… especially ones I didn’t do. Fuckin idiot.

  34. i think its funny that the BRDST Guy and other media ppl got all excited like they caught the guy and he was really just fuckin with them.

  35. you have to be kidding me with these young people today (i know i’m sounding like an old man) can’t speak english, no respect for anybody, etc. etc.

  36. The “cover up” is too smart contrasted with the idiocy of confessing to a crime on FB. So I’m inclined to go with the troll theory. Hat tip; and this guy just made giant fools out of BSH.
    And seriously, who really give a crap about the national media thinking we’re all snowball throwing, rangers fan-beating, irving booing hoodlums. Seriously, who. fucking. cares. No such thing as bad publicity.

  37. Scoobily Doo. Why’s we’s be’s allowins the Ranga’s fans to start mellee’s by shovins peoples in the chest piece and thens makins thems outs to be’s ‘Ol Saints Nicks.

  38. He went to Judge, that explains it…kidding on that, I know alot of good Judge guys. This guy was my year and I know who some of them are, let’s just say they’re not setting the world on fire.

  39. I would have whisped that tasty Rangers fan away and did the hibbidy dibbity in a back alley!

  40. I just talked to a friend of mine who graduated from Father Judge a year after this Ed guy. He said all of his friends are punks and have been doing stuff like that for years. He said its true and he is not one bit surprised that it was them who did this. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victim. This is why Philly fans get a bad rap, a few idiots.

  41. I know it is circumstantial, but the guy who hits the fan at :28 sec yells “go to sleep,” which is a phrase used by CM Punk in the WWE. Yes, Philly is full of fans, but his profession of fandom of the WWE is one of the few recognizable or coherent things written on his Facebook account.

  42. Also, to those defending the Flyers fans, it sure looked like a gang beating to me. I doubt they would have been as tough if there were better odds. It was over and the punk came back for a dirty punch. I don’t believe anyone was right in this violent conflict, but that dude was the most wrong.

  43. Of course they were wrong, all I was saying is a group of punks like that ruins all Philly fans reputations and most of us aren’t like them at all

  44. love how everyone bashes judge for one kid even though everyone on this site bitches about how everyone bashes philly for just a few peoples actions. think about it. as if no one immature has ever come out of any of your high schools…

  45. How the hell did these idiots graduate from Catholic school? They can barely string 2 sentences together.

  46. I went to an expensive private Catholic school with a ton of morons, what’s your point? If your folks pay the tuition every year you’re in.

  47. This “figures that Judge kids…” talk is reminiscent of “figures that Philly fans…” I must be the only person who catches that irony though. And you all say he’s dumb.

  48. i went to judge and graduated with him which was a surprise because the kid is absolutley retarded but anyway like i said he’s an idiot he thought it would be funny to write that i highly doubt it was actually him, he just wanted the attention

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