Brent Celek Releases Statement on Car Accident

Brent Celek released a statement on the DUI accident he was a part of (passenger) this morning: [via 6 ABC sports producer Mark Meany]

As far as the events of last night are concerned, the bottom line is I showed extremely poor judgment. I did not know that the person driving the car was over the legal limit, but that’s not an excuse. I put my life in danger and was in a vehicle that put other people’s lives in danger, and that’s just not the way I operate. It will not happen again.


Well-crafted statement. Thankfully, Brent, his driver and others are OK.


6 Responses

  1. Fuck this.
    Why did he have to release ANY statement??
    I’d respect him more if he said nothing.
    Gaybird society.

  2. I’m sure Celek is at his spray tanning joint getting ready for his big b-day party at that sh*t bar he owns

  3. Did he think he was around .04? .06?, maybe .07?
    In other news, the “9:00 BIRTHDAY SHOTS” are still on for tonight!!!!
    Bring your own Breathalyzer!!!

  4. i saw celek’s wife walking down walnut street the other day, she looked like she was on meth

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