Bryz Talks Constitutional Rights

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Oh shit.

Ilya Bryzgalov exercised his right to free speech today, something he didn’t do last night, because he was sick (or, my guess– wanted to watch the end of the World Junior Championships gold medal game between Sweden and Russia). Somewhere, Paul Holmgren is nodding in approval of these quotes, which – conveniently – were left out of the Flyers video of the press conference: [via Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence, who was covering some puck today] 

"It’s a free country, right? You don’t want to break my constitutional rights. I have freedom to speak and freedom to be quiet.”


So what was wrong with him? 

“It is a team policy, we not disclose any injuries, so… sickness.” 


Speaking of that video, which you can watch after the jump, hysterics begin at the 20 second mark. Lawrence asked Bryz about getting into a rhythm… only Bryz didn’t understand the question the first two times it was asked, because Lawrence speaks too fast, apparently.

Bryz seems like a good guy, and he’s certainly a likable character, so it makes criticism of him tough. But thus far we’ve seen nothing but troubling signs, both in his play and psyche (or whatever word you choose to use). The term flake comes to mind. 


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  1. It’s schtick coma. The reporter was nervous, so he screwed with him. Me? No habla ingles.

  2. Please, let’s not get sucked into the Benjy Bronk vortex! Leave that for the Stern show.
    Anyway, maybe it’s a dietterry or nutritional imbalance? Maybe the should consult a diettission?
    It could even be the tea he’s drinking. While it’s got lots of antioccidents, it could be loaded with pestisides and shyte, like quiksilver. And quiksilver can make you go nuts, like a mad hatter.

  3. Its clear the guy does not speak nor understand english all that well. He is like that awkward kid that doesnt know how to tell a joke and when he tries to say something funny everyone just stares at him while he has this grin on his face (think about the winter classic announcement he made)
    He doesn’t understand how to handle the media and he just doesnt get it. Philly media is a bunch of pricks anyway. They are a bunch of bitches that when they dont get what they want they attack a player and try to throw him under the bus.
    There is no goalie controversy in Philly, the media just wants to make one. Bryz can be better and he will be, but by hanging on his every word we do nothing but things worse.
    Let him play the game, let him find his groove and stop stirring the pot. That is all Philly media knows how to do is stir the pot and destroy a locker room. I can live without player interviews, I wouldnt care if the media was never allowed in that locker room.

  4. the philly hockey writers are a joke
    Philly hasn’t had good hockey coverage since Morganti was with the Inky and Jay Greenberg was at the DN
    it’s been shit for 20 years now
    they ran Checmanek (sp) out of town after he spoke up when the Flyers lost to Ottawa 4-1 in 2001(?)- they scored two (2) FUCKING goals in 5 games – that’s right 2 (two) goals in FIVE games – and still won a game thanks to Checmanek
    he was the only player on the ice that gave 100% and actually looked like he gave a shit – and when he skated to the bench in game 5 to rip the guys who clearly FUCKING QUIT – the Philly jerkoff media bum-rushed him and made him look like a prick
    and weren’t all the Philly dooshbag writers scooped by ESPN on the Lindros-Clarke friction – apparently out of town writers knew more about the team those idiots
    go tell them Bryz – tell them all to suk ur cok ur humoungous cok

  5. My point is that he’s not nuts, he’s just putting on a facade to keep people away or wrest some control over the situation. The problem is that it’s a turn-off to the reporters, who aren’t going anywhere. Is he really a flake? How would you really now. He’s doing a schtick (you people don’t understand Italian words?)

  6. Bryz will come around. He’s a great personality and has the potential to be a great goaltender. Hopefully Holgrem will address the need for a talented defenseman. Someone like…Shea Weber.

  7. Dear Bryz – STFU and just stop the puck from going in the net like you’re getting paid to do.
    Your teammates, the Flyers organization, and the Philadelphia fanbase.

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