In Soviet Russia, Goaltender Don’t Talk to You!

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There are two types of people when it comes to athlete-media debates: There’s the all I care about is how they play get out of the way you brainwashing scriptuals you’re part of the problem people, and there’s the gee, my Russian goaltender is used to a carefree hockey market and I’m beginning to suspect that he’s feeling the pressure of playing in Philadelphia people.

We will likely hear from both in the comments.

Last night, after urinating away the Flyers' 4-2 lead in the span of 25 seconds – and not with the Cliff Lee golden-hued excellence kind of piss, but the putrid, I’ve been drinking coffee and eating asparagus since I’ve woken up kind – Bryz declined to speak with reporters. Or the Flyers declined to let Bryz speak with reporters. One or the other.

Predictably, Flyers beat writers chimed in. Shenanigans!



I’m telling you, angering a group of hockey scribes is like poking a hornet’s next with Max Talbot’s fucking penis— it stings.


Seravalli: []

After last night's game, a team spokesman originally said Bryzgalov was not available because he was receiving postgame treatment in a hot tub. Usually, someone with flulike symptoms would want to steer clear of anything warm.

The Flyers spokesman said he was instructed by general manager Paul Holmgren to "not make him speak" since he was sick.

When asked, Holmgren reiterated that Bryzgalov was ill and that they wanted him to leave the facility as quickly as possible to avoid contaminating the rest of the team.


Dave Isaac: [Philly Sports Daily]

Bryzgalov was not available for comment after the game. A team spokesman said that he was feeling ill and didn’t want to talk to the media. But at 10:45 p.m. he was well enough to tweet about the World Junior Championship where Russia lost 1-0 in overtime to Sweden.

His tweet praised Andrei Makarov, the Russian netminder who came up with the loss. Bryzgalov got his first win in almost a month, but apparently didn’t want to talk about that.


The Tweet they are passively irked by – because it’s unfathomable that a Russian goaltender with a chest cold could have the strength to pick up his iPhone – is this one:


Bryz is talking about the goaltender for Russia in the World Junior Championships. Russia lost last night's gold medal game, which would have been entering the third period around when Bryz was due to speak with the media…

So, it seems we have three options, only one of which is acceptable for a goaltender avoiding his post-game obligations: A) Bryz was sick, B) the Flyers don’t want the media messing with his psyche, or C) he wanted to watch the end of the World Junior Championships gold medal game.

I’m going with option C. And no, that wasn’t the acceptable answer. 

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22 Responses

  1. If JVR did this to support America, there probably wouldn’t be a problem. The man has had some issues in net, but we’re keying in on what’s probably a non-issue.
    At what point will the focus turn to how our D is responsible for more than half the goals we allow?

  2. Bryz needs to get better but only the Seabrook goal was his fault. Regardless he needs to get his shit together NOW

  3. To paraphrase Waylon, don’t ya’ll think this locker room interview stuff was done got out of hand? It has swung to the point where the media feels entitled to the privileges that sports teams gave when they needed the additional press. Capturing video of people at their worst moments isn’t what anybody needs.

  4. …also who the fuck cares if he doesn’t talk after one game…get off Bryz’s pole, it’s one game. The guy has been doling out soundbyte’s all year.

  5. Is it me, or does 90% of the frustration involving athletes/coaches not being available to the media come from the media themselves?
    Specifically after a win, I’m not sure of any fan who cares what the players have to say. We won the game- that is good enough for me.
    Besides, we can basically script these post-game comments ahead of time anyway. G will say something positive about his teammates and talk about staying focused on the next opponent. Lavvy will echo almost the same sentiment. Bryz will make a few funny, bizarre observations and be generally passive-agressive. It’s not news, it’s just talk.

  6. Fuck you Balboa…My country goaltender iz best compared to your mediocre excuse for goalie.

  7. oh the horror…a professional athlete blew off the media with the approval of his bosses and then tweeted something! Fuck off you arrogant a-hole reporters. Half of these hacks never even played the games they cover. These guys troll the locker rooms and harass the shit out of players and then get upset when someone like Bart Scott flips them the bird when he is in no mood to talk. How do these guys treat their wives when they write a shitty column and then their wife asks them “How was work today?” Its the same damn thing. The media is ruining sports.

  8. Is it just me, or do these sports writers sound like a bunch of butthurt pussies everytime something goes slightly wrong? Jesus christ who gives a shit if Bryz doesn’t want to talk, the flyers don’t want him to talk, or he was watching fucking TV? It was the same thing the last time people were bitching when the flyers tried to not let him talk after practices…If hes playing shitty, why bother him? If it helps him play better or focus better, why get in the way of that? Maybe he is affected by the media in some sort of negative capacity. So what? Why does anyone care? If thats the case then I don’t want him anywhere near the cameras, even if hes hilarious. I don’t think judging a guy by his ability to handle our asshole media heads is the right way to evaluate him.
    As a fan, I don’t care if hes the next coming of George Carlin or Rodney Dangerfield. I don’t watch him for his post-game antics, I watch him cause I want him to fucking win. Its obvious hes playing shitty, but I think over the past few months, the media AND Bryz has said all there is to say about whats wrong with him. Some of the media figures in this town, like Panachio, take way too many liberties with their interviews and act like they’re on the team, or that they’re poorly written stories are somehow the greatest thing on the planet. Pisses me off.

  9. Fuck the media. I hope Bryz shoves his stick up Seravalli’s rear end and kicks him head first out the door. It’s not their right to talk to players after the game. I no like-a deese guys. I lika Bryzgoalie though. Bryz, just know the fans of Flyers hockey are all rooting for you. I hope you’re minding the net this Saturday, I’ll be there rooting for you man.

  10. I don’t give a shit if any athlete/coach ever speaks to those dooshbags –
    f them, get a real job – really, you’re living is based on sucking up to jocks and chasing them around the globe to get meaningless quotes –
    for 13 years the dooshes in this town have gathered around Andy Reid every Sunday and Monday to have him treat you like shit and give you half-assed answers and non-answers – you bitch and moan, but you show up and do it again and again and again
    you are Andy’s bitches
    tired of Andy’s schtick – don’t go to his NFL-mandated pressers – seriously – just don’t go – none of you have the balls –
    no one reads your non-stories because we already know Andy said nothing worth reading
    Philly media show some sack !!! time’s yours

  11. If he doesnt want to speak to reporters, then let him be……overblown….who gives a shit anymore….

  12. Hey if he doesn’t want to talk to the media, who half the time ask the most boneheaded questions, after a win I’m fine with that. If he actually is sick, then let him rest. When I’m sick I wanna lay in bed and watch some bad tv. Just leave him alone and enjoy the win. I’m more excited that JVR seemed to have turned it on!

  13. To be honest, I think this story perfectly captures the way the media world has been turned upside down. Kyle, you are a blogger, with a pretty decent following, and my guess is, you don’t go to every game/do post-game locker room interviews. The only way the print media remains relevant is by having the lanyard giving them access. So in essence, I don’t see this as them really complaining about Bryz, but rather over the tiny advantage they still have which is access. Without that access, I doubt there would be any stink over this at all.

  14. The Flyers are obligated by the league to make players available and after this whole episode I think its fair to put a muzzle on this guy for a few games at all cost; including the ruffling of a few media feathers. I love Byrz’s free wheeling broken english speak as much as the next guy but he better learn how to be a professional. Next think you know he’ll be blowing off practice and claiming, “its just practice, give me a break”.

  15. I’m not sure there’s a town that has a bigger set of bitches then the hockey ‘writers’ we have here. Did they all learn from the same Head Bitch, Tim Pistaschio?

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