Bryzgalov Tweets Picture of Thermos He Will Be Drinking Out of Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 8.36.01 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 8.36.01 PM
Oh my. 

Earlier today, Ilya Bryzgalov’s odd media session (video here) informed us all that the Flyers’ $51 million experiment had hit its first measurable snag. 

Sergei Bobrovsky, whose inconsistent play at the end of last season was a major reason why the Flyers are paying Bryzgalov that $51 million over the next nine years, will start tomorrow. That reality will embarrass both Bryzgalov and the Flyers in front of millions of NBC viewers.

Where will Bryz be? His words:

“Make sure I not forget in the morning my thermos, put some nice tea [in it] and enjoy the bench.”


At around 6 p.m. on Sunday night, he tweeted the above picture of that aforementioned Thermos. Perhaps in Soviet Russia goaltender have dark sense of humor…

Without hyperbole, the Winter Classic is the biggest and most watched game of the NHL's regular season. Some would even argue it’s more important to the league, from a marketing standpoint, than the Stanley Cup Finals. As such, one might expect the league’s most notable offseason acquisition, and the star of HBO’s 24/7, to be given the start. 

Bryzgalov made us concerned when he said he was lost in the woods. He made us uneasy as he repeatedly suffered through bouts of giving up soft goals. He freaked us out when he talked about how he – at times – hates hockey, and when he came awfully close to telling HBO cameras that he gets homesick during road trips.

All of those are factual statements (subjectively speaking…), and none are ones you want to read about a goaltender charged with stabilizing a position that has been overlooked for the past 30 years.

We’ve hinted at the prospect of a goaltender controversy for the past month or so, but we didn't think it could become a reality. Not this quickly, at least. Tomorrow, though, when the puck drops just above second base at Citizens Bank Park, it will very much become a reality. But hey, what would a celebration of Flyers hockey be without a humongous goalie controversy?

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  1. This is not a controversy. Bob is the better goalie, so he’s getting the start. When Bryz gets hot again, he’ll get starts.

  2. From the Lavvy’s standpoint it’s another game and another oppourtunity to get 2 more points. So it’s a no brainer and an non-controversy to go with the hot goalie. Screw any embarassment Homer and Snider would feel. And hopefully it sends a message to Byrz to forget all this Micky Mouse bullshyte with 24/7 and the rest of the media, and just be a top-notch goalie and go out and play his arse off game-after-game. Christ almighty it’s that simple.

  3. By the way, that’s a nifty thermuss. I wonder what kind of tea he’ll drink. I’m fancying a green oohlong or maybe some sliver needle right now. Of course, there’s Irish breakfast tea. He wouldn’t be in this mess if he drank some of that before his starts.

  4. Gotta love Lavy for making the right call. If the Flyers lose tomorrow, one could say the Rangers have our number. They need the win and the 2 points. Gotta go with Bob. Good call coach. Go Flyers!

  5. There will always be a goalie controversy in Philly because the media is filled with a bunch of idiots. None of which understand hockey nor care to do anything other than just stir the pot. I didnt hear anything good about Bryz when the Flyers were on a 7 game win streak and had gone like 14-2-1. NOTHING. This is just another game for Lavs as mentioned in a previous post. Bob is playing well so he gets the start. Is there controversy in Vancouver? Buffalo? Loungo and Miller have had very bad seasons and very slow starts. It happens. New player in a new conference. Oh and by the way EVERY player misses their family when they travel. In Phoenix he traveled more because of the schedule and location of teams so that means NOTHING. If you did 24/7 with any other teams and family came up they would say the same thing or something along the same lines. Get a clue, Philly will always be on top of the goalie position because its drilled into our brains. Its like going a season without hearing about the Eagles santa snowball incident…its never going to go away…Thank you media…

  6. As I posted in an earlier article on Bryz, at the Winter Classic in Boston the guys in front of us wanted to trade Tim Thomas for a sack of used hockey pucks, and a season and a half later he almost single handedly won the Cup for them. Goalies get hot and cold, and Bryz is cold right now so Lavs made the right hockey decision. Bryz is still a very good goalie and hopefully he is saving his best stuff for March-April, when Flyers goalies historically start letting in shots from center ice.

  7. This isn’t Bryzgalov’s first rodeo. If Bryz is back to starting four out of five games in a couple of weeks, this will be forgotten. Lavy is using this to show that paychecks aside, the better performers play.

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