Evan Mathis: If You Want Andy Reid Fired, You’re An Idiot

Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce are not going to make it in this town.

A few months back, Mathis and Kelce approached Occupy NovaCare fans about taking down their Fire Andy Reid signs. Today, the cackling duo was at it again:

  Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 4.54.47 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 4.54.47 PM 

That's a very assumptive if-then statement, Evan. And, Jason, it's “you’re."

It’s not even a big deal anymore, it’s just another sign of how completely unlikable the Eagles are. Why send that Tweet? Sure, we want personality from our coaches and athletes, but they don’t need to be dumbasses. It does an athlete no good to criticize (or in any way say something that approaches criticism of) the hometown fans. None.

Mathis hopped on 97.5 The Fanatic to talk about his comments. Mike Missanelli grilled him.

Some excerpts: 

“If you want to have your best chance to win a Super Bowl, you want Andy Reid as your coach.”

"You look at his track record, it's success. There's not a Super Bowl there, but it's headed there."


On this season:

“The way this year went, it was close to us doing huge things."


So close.

On not understanding the investment fans have with the football team:

“We’re handsomely compensated, but taking a couple decades off our lives.” 


On his Tweet:

“It’s Twitter, I’m on there having fun all the time. If you’re going to take one Tweet, go on there and read the rest.” 


Listen to the interview here.


27 Responses

  1. He’s 100% right and I’ve lived in this town my whole life so believe me when I say there are a lot of idiots here

  2. Normally Mike Miss pisses me off, but sometimes- when he holds others accountable for the bullshit they spew- he makes me so happy.

  3. richy rich –
    Jeff Lurie – Obscenely rich
    Andy Reid – Mega Rich
    All the players – nouveu riche
    all these people are already living the dream – they’re are all rich beyond their dreams – winning or losing does not change that – they are all sated
    NONE of them have “fire in their bellies” their bellies are full – we’re all chasing the dream – they caught theirs

  4. He’s 100% right? Yaya must have been watching a different version of the Eagles over the last 13 seasons than me.

  5. easily the most hated eagles team in history. Boy how i long for the days of trot, dawk, hugh & b west

  6. i love twitter… no longer can you fans spew your hate and not expect the players to respond.

  7. I like how you follow Mathis but not Kelce; I find that funny. I do the same thing.

  8. It’s awesome being called derogatory names by people who make millions of dollars and are broke within a few years after retiring. I also recall numerous times watching defensive linemen run right by Mathis, untouched. Guess he wasn’t smart enough to know who to block.

  9. I find it hilarious how a couple of musclebound morons who’ve been here a couple of hours have the gall to call fans who’ve lived and died with this team for years, if not decades to task for daring to rail at the great and glorious Andy Reid. Is it any wonder this Eagles team is so damned unlikable.

  10. Whether you agree or disagree with the message two players, one a rookie and another signed this year, taking shots at the fans after a disappointing season is classless.

  11. This team needs to be held accountable for what they say. I am a loyal eagles fan. All I can do is cheer and criticize my team. Avant, Kelce, and Mathis need to be fired. IF this team did win a championship, it would be bitter sweet. What player would thank the fans? This is why we LOVED Bdawk, not just because he was a great player, but he loved the fans and played he heart out for them!

  12. I feel like the players on this team have no idea who the Philly fans are. The McNabb teams (Not putting McNabb in there) knew who we were. Players like Trotter, Dawkins, Runyan, Douglas, Westbrook, Tra Thomas, Sheldon Brown….Those guys knew who we were and they played their hearts out. These guys just seem like uninformed douchebags who think they’re better than what they are. Jason Kelce blows, as does Evan Mathis.

  13. Be prpeare for a long rant because I am mega-ticked.
    The 2011 Eagles, in my opinion were the most unlikeable team I have ever rooted for. It looks like the 2012 Eagles are continuing the trend.
    Calling your fan base = not cool. Evan, the reason we want Andy gone is because 53 underachieving players all cannot get fired. If you don’t respect the fan base, we(Philly sports fans) don’t want you …here. You are a free agent, so please leave. If you are back next year, you better hope the defense gets announced during all the home games, because we WILL boo you loudly and proudly. If you are back next year, I will purchase your jersey, and tape the word “IDIOT” over the name plate. I have no issue if you support Reid, but do not insult the people who are funding the majority of your paycheck!
    Jason, I believe you have 2(maybe 3) years left on your contract. I understand you are not going anywhere anytime soon(even though with your attitude, I wish you would go away also). So my advice, shutup, learn the reads on the o-line, and snap the ball to the qb.
    This goes to any other Eagle player who wants to disrespect. Go to management, and ask for your release. I would rather have a poor team that respects us(Philly sports fans) than have a successful team that disrespects us.
    One mega-ticked fan

  14. I don’t want Andy gone. I want Andy to hire a clock manager. I want Andy to hire a new Offensive coordinator, unless it was indeed Andy calling the offensive plays. I’m not sure what to do with Castillo. Take him out back and shoot him, or give him another chance as the Defense did improve over the season under his watch? Ehhh, it’s just easier to shoot him I guess. Deep down I feel Andy is a good coach and one season where there are obvious A-HOLE players not playing up to potential isn’t enough to fire him just yet. Mathis was terrible for us as fans, and to hear HIM of all people talking smack is just another reason to hate him more. I want to like Kelce, because even though he’s also an obvious A-HOLE, he’s developed into a fine player. I WANT to like him, but he makes it tough honestly with his constant negativity towards fans not happy with the season (for obvious reasons). Hey If they didn’t lose the 5, 4th quarter leads this season they’d be 13-3. So the team does have what it takes even if they showed lack of heart, something fans can’t stand. If Kelce would shut up for a season I might just buy his jersey. McCoy jerseys are flying off the shelves, think of why that is, and there is more than one correct answer.

  15. Evan mathis is headed to the hall of fame, he’s not thier yet but… LMFAO! meatheads on twitter, it’s the best!

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