Here’s a Picture of DeSean Jackson and a Stripper Taken at Around 6 AM (EST) Today

Desean_jackson_stripperScreen Shot 2012-01-10 at 12.32.02 PM

Here's more from the Twitter profile of (@HeavenKODDiva), who most likely pisses a much different hue of excellence than what is sprayed on the mound by Cliff Lee every fifth night at CBP:




D-Jac was rumored to be with Mya, so we’ll let you interpret this follow-up Tweet any way you want: 

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 12.33.41 PM


BTW– the next picture in Heaven Diva's gallery is a very NSFW image of an ass… just in case you were wondering, or wanted to yank your spacha during your lunch break, which presumably lasts longer than 20 seconds.

via Busted Coverage, thanks to reader Joe


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  1. did he make sure he doesn’t have a dick
    because she looks like she might have a dick

  2. It’s kind of bad that she spelled his name wrong. Bad spelling gives strippers a bad name. However, I bet she can take a hit better than Desean. It’s time to pay da man, he gotta make it rain!

  3. If I was a famous athlete taking pics with strippers I’m pretty sure I’d at least make sure they were hot and without question female. Stay classy DeSean, still waiting for your first gun/pot charge to make headlines gangsta.

  4. If someone has to clobber the kleenex to that picture of that ass… well, they just haven’t known the interwebz that long.

  5. Stereotyping really worked out for me this time. Just looking at that skank I assumed she had a kid, way more tattoos and knew at least one person who had been murdered. A quick glance at her Twitter page confirmed all 3. I’m sure if you keep going she’ll mention she’s saving up for a new grille somewhere.

  6. He should sell that ugly ass necklace, for some balls to catch passes with defenders around. I bet the dude next to him in this pic has some huge balls

  7. once he gets that new contract – it’ll be white skanks only
    what a shame he gotsta be banging hood rats

  8. Those of you claiming “Deshawn” doesn’t do things for the community need to look no further than this picture. He is clearly supporting Philadelphia Pride Week by posing with this lovely tranny. You won’t be able to see the tattoos when the transexual wears his business suit.

  9. This is living proof as to why DeSean needs to get paid. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate either if this is how I had to get some stank on my hang down. GOOD GOD!

  10. I thought Miami had hotter strippers… Guess the classier joints wouldn’t accept Rosenhaus’ credit card without ID.

  11. BLECH! I’ve seen better looking women in comic books. I for one pity DeSean and his horrendous lack of good taste.

  12. she posted a screen shot of this on her twitter. Of course, the caption had the wrong form of “your” in it.

  13. In her gallery on twitter gallery, she has a picture of her and DMX….I betcha’ he gave it to her…

  14. Kyle, one day I’m going to punch you in the arm hard, twice, for linking Heaven Divas gallery. I’d rather put my Johnson in a bucket of blue claw crabs. Jackson is filthy, straight up. He needs to go. We can’t have eagles players that hang out at the city pounds looking for a good time. That’s a pit bull right there.

  15. What bothers me the most about this picture is not her gut, weave, face piercings, prison tats or walmart swimsuit, but D Jackson wearing a fucking DODGERS hat!

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