If Claude Giroux Could Plow One Celebrity, It Would Probably Be Minka Kelly


Sweet Jesus

Claude Giroux, the Canadian jesus, spoke with Men’s Health earlier this month. The magazine interviewed him about many things, including his recent concussion, Scott Hartnell, and his intense workout routine. But, as you might have imagined, my sick mind focused on the part in which Giroux talked about his social life. An excerpt for your reading pleasure:

C’mon, you’re a celebrity now. That means you can Tweet at other celebrities. It’s time to get an actress to the Wells Fargo Center. Who’d be first on your list? 

Man, probably Minka Kelly—is she still with Derek Jeter or what? I’d invite her for sure. 

Have you had any memorable encounters with women off the ice? 

This one time we were just hanging at a restaurant and this girl came up to me. I’d signed an autograph on her shoulder a few weeks before, and she wanted to show me that she’d gone and gotten it permanently tattooed on her arm. 

Damn. I take it you guys won’t be going back there anytime soon. Where in Philly do you like to eat on your days off?  

I love Buddakhan. They have so much great stuff. Ever since the HBO documentary aired, though, we go to more low-key places. We’ve got lots of young players, so we’ll still go for a few beers here and there, but nothing too crazy. 

So if a 24-year-old hockey player living in Philly isn’t drinking or picking up women on the weekends, what’s he doing? 

On my off days, I just like to just relax a lot, play ping pong, stuff like that. In practice and in games you expend so much energy. Recently we’ve been on the road for about 12 days and the schedule’s been brutal, so we don’t get to go out a lot for long stretches. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last movie I saw.


Minka Kelly– good taste, Claude. Ms. CB’s doppelgänger (hate game, not player).

Sadly, however, Minka might be back with Jeter. It's OK, though, Claude, it's not as bad as the time John Mayberry Jr. had his agent send a creepy love letter to a married mermaid.

Read the full interview with Giroux here.

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26 Responses

  1. I don’t get it…how drunk do you have to be before she starts looking even a little bit like Minka Kelly?

  2. Well I can only imagine that when you run a popular Philadelphia sports blog, the women just flock to your loins.

  3. Claude Gir-who? Haven’t seen him in a while.
    I confess that Ms. CB should consider someone who doesn’t have to blog for living (unless you can promise to sell out like Bill Simmons).

  4. @StevieG I’m talking about the fact that the girl in the picture that Kyle linked (which he conveniently changed to a different one since then) looks nothing like Minka Kelly. They both have brown hair, that’s about it. If we want to play the “What celebrity does she look like?” game I’ll go with a young Jillian Michaels.

  5. haha, this kid is delusional about his entire life. haha deezy, he really changed the linked picture? he must have received some bitching from “minka”

  6. this is an easy one…..ms cb caught you jackin it to this chick so you made up the quickest lie you could think of….good work.

  7. My bad @Deezy.
    I thought you were questioning the pic of Minka at the top.
    I never clicked the ‘doppleganger’ link but you’re right. Twins they ain’t.
    If Mrs CB were a clone of Kelly, this blog would never be updated.

  8. I agree with me fake self (glad that he admits it).
    But Laddie, tell Ms. CB to let up on the tanning bed. Iffin not all her crowses feet are gonna spread all over her face and then body faster than she’d want. I hope your not like me and love her for her inside self (and I mean more than her girlie bits). Admit it, Slappy, do you LOVE her?! Hahahahahaah.
    Yeah, Now with his tastes in dames, Girouxver is even more one of me all time favourite Flyers. Smart of him to have the hots for an older gal (she’s 31.5 according to Wickipeedia). All the girls his age probbly aren’t as expeeriensed, and a guy like him (and meself) need a gal that can do something that no other woman can do hahahahahah.
    But as long as he stays away from Carts’ sloppie secondses (which ain’t easy to do), he’ll do fine. Like you Boyo (and probbly not like me) he seems intent on finding a good gal to stay in the long run with.

    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  9. I just gained so much respect for Kyle by posting a pic of ms.cb knowing hes going to hear it from the commenters

  10. Ms CB is f-ing hot. If it ever doesnt work out with Kyle, the Big Dick Daddy will move right in there.

  11. Terrible decision putting a picture on here. If you need legal representation I’m your guy.

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