Is That Lou Williams… Leading?

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We’ve been hard on Lou Williams around these parts, and rightfully so at times. His admission that some of the Sixers went to the Lil Wayne concert (and perhaps partook in other curriculars) the night before a noon tipoff last season didn’t exactly reek of leadership. Nor does his self-aggrandizing documentary. But with the negatives come positives. Lou Williams can rap, he does a lot for charity, and he claims to have diffused an attempted car jacking on Christmas Eve by giving his would-be robber money for McDonalds.

You can add another one to the plus column for Lou Will.

Coming off a tough loss to the Nuggets last night in which Williams saw very few late-game minutes as Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday came up somewhat small, LouWillVille seemingly helped lead a team meeting before practice today. Some quotes via Sixers beat reporter Bob Cooney: []

"We had a meeting of the minds, a little pow-wow just to make sure everybody’s on the same page and to avoid slippage," said guard Lou Williams. "Just to make sure everybody is on the same page. When you lose a game I think it’s important for everybody to sit down and say “OK, are we alright?” just make sure everybody’s on the same page. That was basically it. We had a players’ only meeting just to make sure everybody was happy. Make sure we continue to push forward."

"This is the most success we’ve had in a long time and we’re not planning on letting that go," said Williams. "We can’t afford to lose three or four in a row based on guys not being able to talk out small little things. We lost one, we consider that a losing streak in our building, so we just had to talk it out."


Golf clap. You can generally see right through generic quotes, and these certainly don’t seem to fit that bill.  

There was also no shame in last night’s loss– rather, I’d argue, just some signs that the team is still very young and will have to learn to pull out close games. Perhaps they could do that by taking some cues from bastard (I use that term lovingly) Andre Miller, who showed how late-game poise can be the difference between winning… and blowing by two defenders only to turn the ball over trying to find a covered Andre Iguodala.

Anyway, yeah, Lou, I think you guys are going to be alright.



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